Next Up at the Odditorium

Next Up at the Odditorium

I instagrammed my toes.


And I can hear you.

I can hear you asking….why?

Why?  Why?  Why the toes?

And maybe even raising your eyebrow in the process.


It’s simple.

(1)  Right now I  instagram anything that moves and

(2)  I wanted to submit this post to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Ripley’s is famous for the world’s longest fingernails and a fish with two heads and a bearded lady and the Lizardman.

But I never saw a feature on the world’s longest toes….

                              …..probably because I had never submitted these.




I am short and stubby.  Nothing wrong with that.  Martha Washington was short and stubby and she turned out just fine.

Now…..I try to be a glamorous stubby person.

I wear lipstick and sunglasses and highlight my hair.

I try to wear toe-disguising flower flip-flops.

But no one who knows me would ever, ever, ever call me tall or extraordinarily long.

Until they took a gander at these toes.



So with a shaky economy and gas approaching $5.00/gallon…..I’m banking on my toes to be my ticket to fame and fortune.

So if any of you are heading to Orlando to the Ripley’s Odditorium.

Tell them I sent you.

Or you could e-mail me for an autographed picture :)

PS  If the toes are a bit too much for you…..please head over here where the sweetest blogger EVER is featuring my house tour today.

PPS  If you want to learn how to instagram….click here.

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