No Sew Valance

No Sew Valance


See those no sew valances in window of my kitchen?

The ones that fit perfectly inside the window and look like someone who is super professional with all kinds of tailoring skills created them?


Those valances.

I totally made them up.


I had to.

I was having a party the next day and I was cleaning and getting ready and trying to randomly use these stain pens on my floor so everything would look super shiny and wishing that there was a yard sale with more white plates for a $1.00 and I was standing in the middle of the kitchen cutting up cucumbers for the dip tray….when at that very moment…

….I decided I needed valances.


Has that ever happened to you?

Have you been cutting up cucumbers and trying to fix the scuff marks on your floor right before a party…..

…..when you decided you absolutely had to have valances?

Before the party.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I’m so glad you understand.

Except then you might have remembered that you live 45 minutes away from the closest fabric store and you didn’t have any fabric so you contemplated cutting up sheets or drop cloths or a tablecloth or a runner to make the valance….and then the heavens parted and the angels sang……and you remembered this amazing Pottery Barn slipcover you had.

A Pottery Barn slipcover doesn’t have a lot of fabric.

But it was there.

And it was free.

And the party was right around the corner.

That’s where all the no-sewing and the inventing part came in. :)



fabric (or table-cloth or slipcover or table runner)

staple gun

1 x 2 board

screws (to attach the valance to the window)


Step 1:  Measure the inside of the window 

Measure from inside molding to inside molding.

Cut a piece of 1 x 2 board to fit using the dimensions of the inside of the window.

My board was 36″ long.


Step 2:  Cut a piece of fabric to use as your valance

Determine the length of your fabric.

My window was 36″ from inside to inside.

I added an additional 6″ of fabric for each pleat (and a little extra to wrap around the end of the board.

That made my fabric 48″ long.

Next….I decided where I wanted my pleat to go and measured equal distance from the edge of the board so the pleats lined up.  Then I folded the fabric in approximately 3″ on each side and stapled.

After I stapled my pleats….then I stapled the rest of the fabric to the board.

When I got to the ends…I had already ironed a crisp edge and stapled it over the end of the board.


Step 3:  Fold over the board and attach to inside of window

Fold the board over so the stapled side is facing the top of the window.

Attach the board to the top of the window with screws.

Arrange valance so it hangs properly.


quick tips:  I used the hem of the slipcover for the bottom of the valance so my fabric was already hemmed.

You could always use heat bond tape to make a hem….or even glue it.

I also pinned the sides of the valance with thumbtacks to make it fit the sides perfectly.

The party was amazing.

The cucumbers were delicious with Wal-Mart dip.

My floors looked super shiny.

And my used-to-be-a-slipcover-totally-made-up-at-the-last-minute-valance…..

….stole the show. :)

PS  Looking for more window inspiration?

Here’s an easy inexpensive way to make $5.00 curtain rods or how I created the faux transoms over the windows.

PPS  Looking for the link to the light in the kitchen just click here!

(please note that this is an affiliate link)

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