None of the Above

None of the Above

Laundry room


A little less than a month ago I asked you for a big opinion.


And 631 of you gave me one.

You are my heroes.


I needed your help with where my wayward railroad sign should go.

And you voted on four options:











Choice B (over the chalkboard) won…..hands down.

Now, I love Choice B.

And Choice B was truly a great option.


Choice B had the whole transportation thing going on.

I liked the idea of the train and the chalkboard and the giant clock I was going to hang in the center of the window turned chalkboard and the whole general railroad station reference.

It really made sense.




But I forgot to tell you.

There was another choice.

As in Choice E.

As in none of the above.

laundry room cork board


Meet my Choice E.

My none of the above.

Meet my laundry room.


Basket with a ruffled shower curtain


I guess in the end…..I had to put it where I needed the most inspiration.


The place where I am currently working on submitting my lint collection to the Smithsonian.

Where all the piles of laundry go when they want to have a night on the town…..

…..and where the unmatched stinky socks are buying time shares in a high-rise apartment in the sky.



With four children….the laundry can get a little overwhelming at times.

So in order to keep the sock partying to a minimum…..I spend a lot of time here.

And there are days when I feel like I need to take up residence with a sleeping cot and a bag of coconut M & M’s.



So on behalf of the laundry room, I did want to tell you how much I truly appreciated all the big opinions on the fate of the wayward railroad sign.


Thank you so much.


And if you get an unsolicited e-mail from one of the socks about the high-rise apartment time shares, just be careful…..

……I wouldn’t want them to take you to the cleaners :)

PS  Oh wait…..forget submitting the lint collection to the Smithsonian…..maybe I’ll just use my lint to make these.

Or not :)

PPS  So many of you asked about the ruffled shower curtain….here’s a great resource (please note this is an affiliate link):

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