Notes On a Back Porch

Notes On a Back Porch

screed n back porch


In my e-mail I have 31 folders.

Some of them are fancy with fancy names.

Like “Recipes I Hope One Day I Have the Courage to Make” and “Promotional Ideas I Should Have Thought Of” and “Stories I Want to Tell Someday.”

Folders so fancy that I want to add $5 dollar words to the titles like “plethora” and “myriad” and “amalgamation.”




Some are reminder folders.

Some folders are things I hope to accomplish one day.

Some are just folders with clever ideas I found.

31 folders…..almost all of them fancy.


So fancy that f you opened them you would know immediately that they were one step away from an Ivy League folder education.


screened in porch


And right between where fancy folder and even fancier folder are having a conversation…

…there is one a little folder….tucked away where no one would really ever notice.

No fancy title.

No ivy league pretentiousness.

Just one small folder….

…..called ‘Notes.”





Such a simple name for something so wonderful.


You see….when I read a comment or an e-mail or something so extraordinary that I want to remember it.

To treasure it.

To file it away so I won’t forget.

I tuck it away in my “Notes” file.


back porch table


Sometimes it’s things that are funny.  That make me spit out my coffee and make my eyes water and bring out this extraordinarily odd laugh that sounds like those old men who used to sit in the balcony on The Muppet Show.

Sometimes it’s  things that make me cry.  That bring tears to my eyes because of the sincerity and vision of the writer.

Sometimes  it things that make me want to reach across the thousands of miles of blog land and take someone’s hand and say… touched my heart today.


And sometimes…

…’s something that gives me wings.

black iron piece


But every one of those comments is treasured and filed away because someone somewhere took a moment to encourage, to inspire, or to simply share their heart.

And I want to remember.

Each and every one.


So when storms appear on the horizon.

Or when my day is dark and dreary and I need a glimpse of a silver lining.

When something happens that is cruel or hurtful or mean.




When faced with life’s challenges….I simply open my e-mail and rush past the fancy and fancier ivy league folders to my safe haven.

My little folder called “Notes.”

And I pause…and catch my breath….and then open the e-mails and sit on my back porch and read and read and read.

And then read some more.

Until my heart is full.

Full to the brim of the words and thoughts and sentiments that someone….in a fleeting moment….took time to write.


iron piece


And it gives me the encouragement I need to continue on my path.


But now I’m changing the name.

Changing it to something that will make all the fancy folders sit up and take notice.

So that one day they will tell their children about the little folder that could change the world.


Entitled….“Things That Make My Heart Smile.” :)


PS  I am sharing this over at Rhoda’s today.

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