Before and After Beach House Bedroom

Before and After Beach House Bedroom


I finally finished the beach house bedroom.

And after every board was hung and every piece painted and every curtain sewed and hung and every pillow placed…..

….I took these pictures in the middle of a hurricane.

Hello, Arthur. :)

cape cod bedroom makeover

There’s so much more to the story….but before I begin….

….let take a trip back to remember where we started.

Before Arthur.

Before the winds and the rains and a gloomy horizon……when we started at the very beginning.

We arrived at the Cape two weeks ago to sunny weather and blue skies and a bedroom that looked like this.Continue reading

O Beautiful For Heroes Proved

O Beautiful For Heroes Proved


Have you ever sung all the verses of America the Beautiful?

It’s starts off with spacious skies and amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties and fruited plain.


And poetic.

And majestic.

Lyrics that paint a descriptive picture of this beautiful country that we live in.

But what about the rest of the story?

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Cape Cod Beach House Tour

Cape Cod Beach House Tour


When I started blogging they had this thing called Wordless Wednesday.

Do you remember it?

I’m not really sure who started it….but every Wednesday bloggers would simply post a picture like this one I just took for the beach house tour.

Beautiful, wonderful, amazing pictures….

….without any words.

beach house entry

And then we all would jump from one another’s blogs and look at the beautiful pictures and be all inspired in the middle of the week and leave comments like….”amazing pictures” and “wow….what a wonderful scene.”

Or something equally clever.

And everyone would be wordless and inspired all at the same time.

Except me.Continue reading

Beach Inspired Bedroom Makeover

Beach Inspired Bedroom Makeover


In the words of the incredible talented Julie Andrews….

“Let’s start at the very beginning.  It’s a very good place to start.”

And so…

.…..this is where the beach inspired bedroom makeover started.

This is what the room looked like when I arrived.

beach inspired bedroom makeover

There was a bed and simple white curtains at the windows….a blue accent wall and mis-matched bedding with a beautiful brass gold headboard.

A blank slate waiting for the next chapter to be written.

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Celebrate Creativity


Happy random Saturday greetings from the beach.

I’m so moving here….

….right after I win the lottery and write a book on the adventures of all the lost socks in the dryer.

Can we still be friends if I tell you…..

…..that the sun is shining and the ocean breezes are blowing and it’s 73 degrees. :)

Oh good……because friends give friends amazing (super simple) ideas for the Fourth of July.

Like this flag dessert from Celebrate Creativity.

Recipe is found here.Continue reading

Some Are Silver and The Other Is Gold

Some Are Silver and The Other Is Gold


Can I ask you one of the unsolved questions of the universe?

And maybe it’s not really even unsolved.

Maybe every one else has already figured it out…..

…..and I’m the last to know.

But seriously…..I just want to know why?


Why….when you take a trip and wash your car and pay actual money at the car wash because you want it to sparkle and shine….and then when you arrive at your destination somehow….between here and there…..

….every bug in the universe ends up the front grill of your car. :) Continue reading

There’s Something Fishy About That Scale

There’s Something Fishy About That Scale


I spent the last few weeks getting ready for the beach.

I mean….seriously…..just between us…..

….it’s an undertaking.

Can I get an amen?

I highlighted my hair and doused myself in fake tanner and bought some face bronzer and found some new red lipstick….

…..and apologized profusely to the nail tech during the first pedicure of the season. :) Continue reading

Five Easy Painted Projects

Five Easy Painted Projects


Yesterday my eleven-year-old daughter asked me if I had ever heard of Pinterest.

“It’s this site, “ she told me in an excited voice.

“You won’t believe it.  It  has cute hairstyles and ideas for gluing stuff onto an iPad and Fourth of July ideas for desserts and posters you can make with from candy and sayings like “You are a Lifesaver” and “Don’t Snicker….but I think You’re Great.”

And then she paused mid-sentence.

And stared.

And I could almost see the light bulb going off over her head.

“Mom,” she said with wide-open eyes.  “You could totally get some ideas off there for your blog.”

I didn’t say a word.

I just laughed inside and then smiled a smile that let her know her whole Pinterest idea was brilliant…..

….and I wish I would have thought of it first. :)

Here’s five easy painted projects I’ve created…… (and pinned, too) . :)


Painted Dresser



Monogrammed Welcome Mat



Painted Table Runner



Painted Wall Treatment



Stenciled Concrete Pavers