Have you ever heard a dog sneeze?

Yesterday I sat on the floor of the kitchen playing with our little yorkie when all of a sudden he shook his head.  And then he shook it again.  And twitched his nose and let out a whinny that sounded like Secretariat crossing the finish line at the Kentucky Derby.

I stared at him.

Such a big noise and production for such a little snip of a dog.

And then he did it again.

I couldn’t help it.  Right there in the middle of my kitchen floor a reared my head back and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then he looked at me and scolded me with a tilt of his head for being rude.

And watching him scold me for laughing at him for sneezing at me….

….made me giggle all over again.Continue reading

Sometimes It’s the Wood Slices That Do All the Talking

Sometimes It’s the Wood Slices That Do All the Talking


Have you ever heard of the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman?

I read it years ago and it’s kind of a game changer.  The premise of the book is that everyone has a way that they show love and everyone has a way that they receive love and there are five different love languages and different ways we communicate.

Here are the love languages from the book.

In no particular order.

1.  Words of Affirmation

2.  Quality Time

3.  Acts of Service

4.  Receiving Gifts

5.  Physical Touch

For example, my love language is Words of Affirmation.

You probably guessed that.  Some people are bi-lingual.

Not me.

I’m kind of all in on the words of affirmation department.Continue reading

Save The Date (and a Giveaway)

Save The Date (and a Giveaway)


I’m so excited I want to dance the lawnmower in my living room and shake my purple toes and hula hoop across Kentucky.  I’ve been working and hoping and planning and dreaming for this day for over four months now and it’s almost here.

Can I get an exclamation point!

Maybe one more !  and a couple of friends !!!!!

But I digress.

Let me start at the beginning.  I love shopping.

I’m not picky.  I shop thrift stores and estate sales and the dollar store and the side of the road and that table in the front aisle at WalMart with the 75% off snorkels and tic tac toe sets.

I’ve been known to spend an afternoon with a slurpee and a shopping cart when everything goes 90% off after Christmas.

But I’ve never had my own shop before.

I’ve never had my own collection of everything I really loved all in one place.

Until now.Continue reading

DIY Pinecone Acorn

DIY Pinecone Acorn


Sounds that I heard when I was making this DIY pinecone acorn project on the screened-in back porch.

In no particular order.

1.  Crickets chirping.

2.  Birds tweeting.

3.  The sound of an international harvester chugging down the road.

4.  The wind rustling though the trees.

5.  Cows lowing.

6.  Me singing the third verse of “Away in the Manger.”  With acorn project choreography.

I couldn’t help it.

Blame it on those lowing cows. :)Continue reading

Hello Harp Design Company

Hello Harp Design Company


Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn yoga pants and yesterday hair and spent a Saturday watching a Fixer Upper Marathon.

You, too?

And that is exactly why we are friends.

If you’ve watched Fixer Upper, there’s always a part in the show where Joanna is working on the kitchen or office or backyard and she decides that she needs this incredible one-of-a-kind-over-the-top desk or table or kitchen island or front door and she drives across town and walks into the shop of this amazing, creative carpenter and draws a sketch out of the design and he nods understandingly and then at the end of the episode the perfect piece of furniture shows up at the house.

This is that shop.

Clint’s shop.

Harp Design Company.Continue reading

Painted Furniture Project and Are You Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

Painted Furniture Project and Are You Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

I decided yesterday that I’m officially not smarter than a seventh grader.

Have you seen their math?

I was barely hanging on when we when through long division with decimals.  And my eyes started crossing when they said the word fraction.

But now?

Did you know that sometimes 2x x 4x can equal 8x?

But not always.  They were trying to explain to me that sometimes it can equal z.

Or maybe another random letter of the alphabet.Continue reading

To All the Falls I’ve Loved Before

To All the Falls I’ve Loved Before


This is the winding road that leads to Thistlewood….

….and this isn’t even the post I was going to write today.

I had a story and a project and when I went to post it, I sighed and stared at it and decided it wasn’t enough and wanted more.

I wanted fall.

I wanted color and texture and leaves and pumpkins and a crisp morning with the smell of fall in the air waiting for the bus with a steaming cup of coffee in my hand wearing an old gray tattered sweater and laughing at an ant joke.

So today I curated my favorite fall pictures from blogs gone past rated from 10 to 1.

Kind of like a best in show.

It’s a little random.  I know…..right?  But today I’m following my heart and if you like fall as much as I do…..

….this is the post for you.Continue reading

Fall Home Tour 2015

Fall Home Tour 2015

I am so excited and honored to be part of Finding Home Farm’s fall tour today.

If you are stopping by from Jones Design Company, welcome.  

So nice to meet you.

Enjoy the tour.

Have you ever had a day where your  to-do list stretches around the block?

You try and get it all done.


You try and try and try and try, but for every item that you check off, you add two more.

And somewhere… the middle of all that trying…..

….you have a brilliant idea. :)Continue reading