A Fathers Words of Wisdom

A Fathers Words of Wisdom


I grew up in a household full of love and joy and creative individuals….a band of merry men….

…..led by the merriest of them all.

My father was the heartbeat of our home.

He knew every single element on the periodic table and every detail of the revolutionary war and could sing every verse of the Battle Hymn of the Republic in a perfect tune he strummed out on his guitar.  He was witty and funny and kind and generous and when he talked to you….

…he had the amazing ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the room.

And that you could climb mountains.

Probably backwards…..carrying your brother in a wheelbarrow. :) Continue reading

How to Build a Plank Wall With Shelving

How to Build a Plank Wall With Shelving


If you have a house the size of a small planet and your closet has been featured on lifestyles of the rich and famous and you have an entire room in your home devoted to your shoes….

….this is not the post for you.


Definitely not.

Please come back tomorrow.

Because today’s post is all about making the most of every square inch of your room.  It’s about living large on a budget and how to create a wall that only takes 4” of space to add depth and architectural interest and first place in the wall hall of fame.

This wall could party with the best of them.

And here’s how we built it.

(trust me…..it’s so much easier than it looks).Continue reading

My Most Embarrassing Moment (Times Nine)

My Most Embarrassing Moment (Times Nine)


I missed you.

I mean….seriously….three days without a blog post?  Is that even right?

That’s a lifetime in blog land or in the life of a caterpiller.  Take your pick.

And spending the last few days rubbing elbows with the rich and famous at the Haven blogging conference and driving to Atlanta and back….

….is absolutely no excuse.

Does it help if I wrote about 20 blog posts in my head when I was there?

My fingers were itching to type and tell you all about it.Continue reading

The Best Gray Paint Colors In the Universe

The Best Gray Paint Colors In the Universe


One day you are going to be standing in front of the paint chip section in the paint store…..paralyzed with indecision because you come to the undeniable conclusion….

…..that a gray is not always a gray.

I know….totally earth shattering.

And that sometimes a gray looks perfect in the store….so you gleefully order a gallon and rush home to paint your dining room…..

…..only to realize that it’s too pink.

Or too green.

Or too light.

Or too dark.

And you will hang your head and sigh with frustration.

That sigh is EXACTLY why I wrote this post.

Because all grays are not…..nor ever will be…..created equal.

And I’ve spent more hours painting grays on a wall than I even want to think about and along the way I’ve learned a few things.

So here….in no particular order….

….are 5 of the best gray paint colors in the universe.Continue reading

How to Create Inexpensive Wall Art

How to Create Inexpensive Wall Art


Just in case you are wondering what we are wearing here at the farm…..

….I just bought a jumpsuit.

I know….right?

I’m a little all about myself right now.

And I’m not sure if jumpsuit is what it’s called any more or if it’s are so 2013 or if people who have children in high school should even be seen at the mall in a jumpsuit or stirrup pants….

…..because I don’t care.

I walked out of the dressing room yesterday at New York & Company looking a little like Ginger from Gilligan’s Island sans the height and the red hair and the palm trees and told myself how amazing I was….

…..and proceeded to promenade around the store like I owned the entire chain.

And if you were there.  If you happened to be in the New York & Company store yesterday at the mall around 4:00pm….I’m sorry about the dance next to the clearance rack when I found the pair of cork wedges.

Blame it on the jumpsuit. :)

And now back to our regularly scheduled post.Continue reading

Before and After Beach House Bedroom

Before and After Beach House Bedroom


I finally finished the beach house bedroom.

And after every board was hung and every piece painted and every curtain sewed and hung and every pillow placed…..

….I took these pictures in the middle of a hurricane.

Hello, Arthur. :)

cape cod bedroom makeover

There’s so much more to the story….but before I begin….

….let take a trip back to remember where we started.

Before Arthur.

Before the winds and the rains and a gloomy horizon……when we started at the very beginning.

We arrived at the Cape two weeks ago to sunny weather and blue skies and a bedroom that looked like this.Continue reading

O Beautiful For Heroes Proved

O Beautiful For Heroes Proved


Have you ever sung all the verses of America the Beautiful?

It’s starts off with spacious skies and amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties and fruited plain.


And poetic.

And majestic.

Lyrics that paint a descriptive picture of this beautiful country that we live in.

But what about the rest of the story?

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Cape Cod Beach House Tour

Cape Cod Beach House Tour


When I started blogging they had this thing called Wordless Wednesday.

Do you remember it?

I’m not really sure who started it….but every Wednesday bloggers would simply post a picture like this one I just took for the beach house tour.

Beautiful, wonderful, amazing pictures….

….without any words.

beach house entry

And then we all would jump from one another’s blogs and look at the beautiful pictures and be all inspired in the middle of the week and leave comments like….”amazing pictures” and “wow….what a wonderful scene.”

Or something equally clever.

And everyone would be wordless and inspired all at the same time.

Except me.Continue reading