Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix


Yesterday I smelled football in the air.

There’s nothing like it.

When I got married….my limited knowledge of football included yelling for touchdowns and planning out super cute outfits to wear to the game.

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 (bird plate wall tutorial if you want to make one of your own)

I spent yesterday afternoon listening to the gossip from sixth grade.

It was a steady stream of conversation.  Like who liked who and what so and so said……and who was going with who.

And that the teacher started at the end of the alphabet for class leader.

And that Monday they were serving chicken nuggets.

Super important life changing information.

Good thing I didn’t miss a word. :)

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Sometimes All You Need Is a Pair of Stinky Shoes

Sometimes All You Need Is a Pair of Stinky Shoes


This is the week that school started.


Can we still be friends…..

……if I tell you I’ve been waiting for this week all summer?

Every time I picked up a pair of flip-flops off the floor or washed stacks of bowls etched with dried-on fruit loops or sorted through wet beach towels left in the back hall or swept up tiny pieces of paper scattered all over the floor or gathered up the stinky tennis shoes from every corner of the house…..

….I sighed.

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Decorating With Barn Wood

Decorating With Barn Wood


If you live in the country….

…..you probably know someone with an old barn.

Or someone who is about to tear down a barn.

Or someone who has stacks of barn wood or barn doors or barn ladders or barn troughs…..

…..just lying around.

Usually next to the spare washing machine parts.

barn wood ladder

In our county….any one who is ever trying to get rid of something calls us.

Usually it’s something no one else wants….like old windows or old doors or barn ladders or spools or old tires.

Except me.

Or maybe some of you.

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Beach Bedroom Makeover (and a Giveaway)

Beach Bedroom Makeover (and a Giveaway)


Remember this room?

It all started with the perfect white paint.


If you have ever tried to find a white paint before….you understand the impact of that statement.


Can we all agree and pinky promise and nod in understanding and tell future generations…..

….that all white paint is not or ever has been….the same.Continue reading

Never Let a Can of Pringles Come Between You and Your Dreams

Never Let a Can of Pringles Come Between You and Your Dreams


Tomorrow has always been my favorite day.

It’s the day where I get everything done.

You know.  As in….

Tomorrow I’m going to get healthy.

Tomorrow I’m going to exercise.

Tomorrow I’m going to eat right.

Tomorrow beets and broccoli and cauliflower will be my new favorite food.

Tomorrow, tomorrow…..I love you tomorrow…..you’re only a day a way.  


For me…..usually my much-anticipated-constantly-promised-over-achieving tomorrow…..

…..never arrives.

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Trash to Treasure:  Fruit Crate Hooks

Trash to Treasure: Fruit Crate Hooks


Okay…..in totally random news that has absolutely nothing to do with hooks made from fruit crates…..but I let Friday pass without sharing it….

…..they have a new menu item at the county fair.

From the people who brought you funnel cakes and giant turkey drumsticks and caramel covered popcorn and bubble gum cotton candy (are you getting hungry yet)…..there’s a new county fair snack in town.

Deep-fried Doritos.

Ummm…..aren’t they missing something?

Hasn’t someone already come up with that idea?


Last time I ate one…..it was a fried corn tortilla chip.

And besides…..why waste your time and energy on Doritos……

….when there’s stacks of Oreos around. :)

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Painted Striped Dresser

Painted Striped Dresser


I was thrift store shopping before thrift store shopping was cool.

That sounds just like a song. :)

And my favorite part about the whole thrift store shopping this…..

….is the thrill of the hunt.

There’s nothing like it.

When you are a thrift store shopper…..hope always springs eternal.


You sift through random tea cups and old clocks and swag curtains from 1970 and blue ducks wearing straw hats…..

….and you almost give up hope.


Until suddenly….the skies part and the sunshine pours in and as twenty-seven angels sing the Hallelujah Chorus…..and you find it.


An IT like this small dresser I recently found for only $2.50.  It was dark brown and dingy with extra dings and dents and spider webs thrown in free of charge.

And here’s how I transformed it into a striped dresser with a little paint and FrogTape®. Continue reading