Yesterday I had a to-do list longer than the Mississippi river.

I started strong with good intentions.

And ended snuggled up under a blanket next to the fire with a cup of coffee watching Enchanted.

It’s hard to get motivated when it’s seven degrees.

But today is a new day.

Today I’m making that list and checking it twice……

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Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover

Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover


This is the duvet cover in the upstairs guest room.

I love duvet covers.

I loved them when I saw one long ago on an episode on HGTV where they featured a duvet cover on a bed and I thought to myself that it was genius and I wondered how you say duvet…..

….and where in the world can I get one?

It was right about the time I discovered sisal rugs.

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Is That an Amazing Right Under Your Nose?

Is That an Amazing Right Under Your Nose?


I took a break from rearranging all the rooms downstairs yesterday to check the updates that were beeping on my phone.

Have you been on social media lately?

Just between us….you might want to press the pause button.  It’s a little overwhelming.


Everyone is making resolutions and promising to eat right and get organized and snack on broccoli and start a new diet and grow their own grain and make bread from homemade flour….

….and fly to Tahiti.


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What I Found Under the Christmas Tree

What I Found Under the Christmas Tree


Over Christmas break I bought a pair of velvet red pants.

I know….right?

I’m kind of all about myself.

Oh….and I said “I Do” again to the same set of twinkling brown eyes.

And was on Channel 8 News in Dallas.

And as thrilling and amazing as all that was…..

….nothing compared to the excitement of the annual family handmade present exchange.Continue reading

Top Ten Reader Favorites from 2014

Top Ten Reader Favorites from 2014


2014 was amazing.


Like I can’t believe it’s over and I’m still pinching myself and how in the world did I ever get lucky enough to write a blog like this and get to drink coffee and create projects with all of you everyday amazing.

But the best part?

I know that 2015 is going to be even better.

There’s so many incredible things in the works that I can’t wait to share with all of you.  Fun collaborations and videos and projects and trips and shows and conferences and room makeovers and…and…and…and….

…and I need to buckle my seat belt because we are off and running.

But for today I wanted to take a look back at the year that was.

Here’s the top 10 reader favorites from 2014 according to Google analytics.

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Sometimes You Find a Reindeer

Sometimes You Find a Reindeer


Every year on the day after Christmas my sisters and mother and I  have a tradition that we never miss.

We shop the after Christmas sales.

Because hope always springs eternal and you never know what you can find on a 75% off rack.

Like the time I scored all the glitter reindeer a tree could ever wish for marked down from $6.99 to .19.

Now the glitter has faded and turned a strange shade of pewter and the reindeer have lost an antler or two and several of the reindeer decided the weather was too warm and left for the north pole….

…..but does any of that really matter?

For .19 I think I got my money’s worth. :)

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The Great Change-Up

The Great Change-Up


This is a sponsored post is brought to you by CREE LED light bulbs.

Right now I’m in the middle of a project.

Actually right now I’m typing this post in a house full of the sounds of the song YMCA blasting on the video game Rock Band for the 256 time since December 25.

And I wish I were exaggerating.


Have you ever tried to write a post before when all you can think about is…..

“Young man there’s no need to feel down.

I said….young man pick yourself off the ground.

I said,….young man ’cause you’re in a new town.

There’s no need to be un–ha–ppy.” 

But I digress.

The project?  What is 2015 is bringing to the table (literally)?

I’m switching all the rooms around on the first floor.Continue reading




Happy random Saturday to you.

And now for today’s Fashion Public Service Announcement:  Have you seen the new sweaters that everyone is wearing that have the lace at the bottom?

You know.

The amazing ones.

Did you know you can buy a shirt with lace at the bottom and layer it?  I saw them yesterday when we were shopping and had a fashion light bulb moment.


And if you are a fashionista just humor me….

….and act like this is news to you, too. :)Continue reading