Paint Stick Christmas Tree

Paint Stick Christmas Tree

I know what you are thinking.

But let me assure you… paint sticks were mooched in the making of this paint stick Christmas tree.

No-mooched paint sticks.

It’s kind of my thing.Continue reading

Christmas Home Tour 2014

Christmas Home Tour 2014


BSHT Christmas 2014 Graphic

Merry Christmas friend.

So happy to have you here today for a Christmas tour of the farmhouse.  If you’re hopping over here from Bliss at Home….welcome.  

It’s nice to officially meet you.

Me?  I’m in the middle of watching the Hallmark movie about the girl who gets a job as Santa Claus and falls in love with the head of the menswear department at the store where she works but he has absolutely no idea that she’s playing Santa and he keeps going to Santa (who is really the girl dressed up) and asking for relationship advice.

Confused?  Oh good….me, too.

And I can’t decide which is more random…that no one in the entire movie questions the girl’s obviously fake Santa voice….

….or the fact that the guy in the movie keeps asking Santa Claus for dating tips. :) Continue reading

Seven Handmade Gift Ideas and a Giveaway

Seven Handmade Gift Ideas and a Giveaway

Every year I exchange handmade gifts with my brothers and sisters.

We began the whole handmade gift tradition over 10 years ago when we were just starting our families and our creativity far exceeded our wallets.  At first we started small with some felt flowers and handmade soap, but over the years the handmade gift exchange has grown to an event of legendary proportions.

These are not your grandmother’s handmade gifts.

No doilies allowed.

Unless they are hand-crocheted from quilt threads that traveled across the west on a covered wagon.Continue reading

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen


Hello cold, wintry December morning.

The day ahead is full to the brim of activity and spilling over with to-do lists.

And what’s on the list?  Are you curious?

Here’s my mini list of what my December day brought to me (and a little Christmas decorating in the kitchen).Continue reading




Last night we went to the varsity basketball game.

Date night.

I mean….after all….we’re from Kentucky.  Around here basketball is serious business.

I stood by the front door all bundled up against the fog and the cold and waited patiently for the troops to get ready.  M..y husband walked up and took my hand and smiled down at me underneath all the layers with those twinkling eyes.

I smiled back.

And as we stood there in the foyer smiling and twinkling…..

…. I heard a sigh behind me.

One of the twins stood there tapping her foot and rolling her eyes at us.

“Good thing we are going with you to the game,” she said with all the authority a twelve-year-old can muster.

“Because I really think you guys need a chaperone.” :) Continue reading

It’s All About That Ceiling and 10 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

It’s All About That Ceiling and 10 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas


It’s all about that ceiling.

‘Bout that ceiling.

‘Bout that ceiling.

No kidding. :) Continue reading

Brownie Banana Split Pizza

Brownie Banana Split Pizza


When we jumped from the city to the country I had no idea of all the fringe benefits awaiting me.

For example, I live in a county full of bakers.

Good, mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth, recipes-passed-down-from-generation-to-generation with extra butter kind of bakers.

The church potluck looks like something out of food network gone wild.

And makes it so hard to remember…..

…..that I really should be eating broccoli. :) Continue reading

Handmade Gift Idea:  Hand Stitched Notebook

Handmade Gift Idea: Hand Stitched Notebook


If you’ve ever met my sister… know I am totally stating the obvious when I tell you that she’s amazing.


On the amazing scale if 1 is a really good hair day and a 10 is finding all the cute tags and wrapping paper that you bought last year for 90% off….

….she’s a 25.Continue reading