Winter Decorating Idea:  DIY Drop Cloth Pom Pom Pillow

Winter Decorating Idea: DIY Drop Cloth Pom Pom Pillow


Hello friends.

How’s coffee?

Meet my sewing machine.

My mother gave it to me when I graduated high school and she got it from a lady who had sewed for fifty years.

It doesn’t do anything fancy.  It doesn’t sew zigzag stitches or monograms or loop stitches.  It doesn’t let you set a pattern and walk away while it sews it.  It doesn’t double stitch or triple stitch or fancy stitch or have a help center you can connect to on the machine.

But what it does is so much more amazing.

It sews a straight line.

Year after year after year after year it sews straight line after straight line after straight line without ceasing.

And it make the most amazing drop cloth pillows with pom poms.Continue reading

DIY Leather and Wood Bath Caddy

DIY Leather and Wood Bath Caddy


It’s the last chapter in the handmade Christmas gift installment.

Good thing.

It’s almost February.

Of all the wonderful incredible handmade gifts I got like the leather mason jar mug or the star made of maps or the wood stereo speakers or the linen scrap house pillow….

….I think this one was my favorite.

Maybe because it’s the one I use everyday.

Maybe because the combination of wood and leather fits so perfectly on the tub.

Or maybe it’s because I saw it online for $168.

I think it’s because handmade is so much better every. single. time.Continue reading




This was the view out of my front door last night.

Hello snowmagedon.

It was really pretty and romantic and sweet and snowy and Pride and Prejudice like….

….for about five minutes.


Until we tried to pull out of the drive way to get milk and bread and realized that our four-wheel drive was stuck and spinning its wheels.

And then all of a sudden a sentence I never imagined I would ever say came out of my mouth.

Cat litter….I love you.Continue reading

When the Rest of the Story Is So Much Better

When the Rest of the Story Is So Much Better


I have the most wonderful, incredible, amazing friend Andrea who loves dogs.

Like if-you-only-had-one-blanket-and-it-was-cold-give-it-to-your-dog kind of love.  Or your last drink of water.  Or the shirt off your back.

You get the idea.

In other words, her dogs are her family.

And ever since I have known her she has been on a mission to rescue every single dog on this planet and just between you and me….

….that is a really big job.


Really big.Continue reading

DIY Silver Leaf Balsa Wood Tag and Some Kitchen Organization Ideas

DIY Silver Leaf Balsa Wood Tag and Some Kitchen Organization Ideas


This post is sponsored by Kirkland’s.

(you can see how I made this recipe wall here and the plate rack here)

Monday was not the day the kitchen looked like this.

Not even close.

Neat and clean and organized and a place for everything and everything in its place.

As I’m typing this post, I’m thinking I should have taken pictures of the mess.

Because Monday?

Monday was the day this kitchen COOKED.Continue reading

A Giant Sale:  20% Everything and FREE Shipping

A Giant Sale: 20% Everything and FREE Shipping


Can we please interrupt this sale for just a moment?

Please tell me you watched Downton Abbey last night.

That wedding.

Two people who have loved each other for so long in such a sweet way without letting the other know finally stand at an altar and pledge their troth.

And the church.

And her coat.

And that schoolhouse reception with the perfect place settings and banners and tiny cakes and the surprise guest.

And the first kiss.

I can’t even.

And now back to our regularly scheduled sale. :)Continue reading




Random thoughts on a cold about to be basketball watching Saturday.

1.  Tulips are my jam.

2.  I just signed on for an amazing project in Nashville in the fall.  I’ll give you a hint.  It involves designing and a house and ceilings.

3.  I want to break up with January.

4.  Why does coffee taste so much better in a mug that’s monogrammed?

5.  I mentioned I found the best polka dot bobby pins and then forgot to tell you about them.  They are called Jane Tran and you can get them online.

6.  I tried an experiment yesterday.  I smiled at random people to see if they would smile back.

Most of the time they did.

And when they didn’t.  I kept smiling anyway.

I figured they needed an extra grin. :)Continue reading

DIY Wood Speaker (No Electricity Needed)

DIY Wood Speaker (No Electricity Needed)


Okay, so two days ago this happened.


That’s my phone.

It was almost like slow motion when it fell.  I was standing at the front door in the dark, trying to find the key to the front door and simultaneously holding the mail, a drink from McDonald’s, the straw wrapper from the car, my purse and a book tucked under my chin.

And as I turned key over key over key over key and shifted my stash and shifted again….

….something gave way.

I was so hoping it was the straw wrapper.Continue reading