My Five Favorite Wood Sign Projects

My Five Favorite Wood Sign Projects


I spent the weekend painting a sign for the imagination room.

It’s four feet long and two feet wide and full to the brim with letters turned this way and that way and painted in colors that will make you smile.

I painted it the sign because I couldn’t find exactly the sign I wanted anywhere.

Has that ever happened to you?

You have the perfect sign in your mind and you know what colors you want it to be and you about the size of the sign you need and you know that you know that you know….

….in all the stores in all the world, there has to be a sign like the one you’re looking for.


Except there isn’t.Continue reading




Random thoughts on a Saturday morning.

1.  I’m sorry I’m late with Thistlekeeping today.  I was helping Cinderella get dressed for the ball.  Literally.  One of the twins dressed up as Cinderella for a birthday party and I sang “Lavender’s blue dilly dilly, lavender’s green” all the way to the party.  Just doing my part to help her get into character.

2.  The peonies are blooming.  I cut dozens and dozens and dozens of them to fill the house for a fun house tour I’m participating in with my friend, Julie.

3.  Someone told me this week that I smile when I talk.  I can’t help it.  Sometimes I have so much to say and the smiles have to come along for the ride.

4.  The second season of Poldark is arriving in June.  Nothing goes better with summer than long hair and ocean cliffs.

5.  And I’m flying on Wednesday to Salt Lake City to promote the second fabric line.

And I’m scared and worried and nervous.

So friend to friend, can I ask a favor?

Can you send a few flying-in-the-air-and-arriving-safely-there-and-back prayers my way.  :)Continue reading

Ten Flower Printables For All Your Summer Projects

Ten Flower Printables For All Your Summer Projects


You know when you go into a deli and you want a sandwich and you wait patiently in line and then you finally get up to the counter and they ask you what you want.

And you say a sandwich.

A simple sandwich.

And the behind-the-counter person says white or wheat and then heated or not and then comes the meat choices and the cheese choice and the vegetable choices.

Choice after choice after choice after choice.  And you feel overwhelmed and sigh….

….and dream of peanut butter and jelly.

This post is a little like that.

I started off with some simple flower printables and then I decided to make the printables into water color printables and then I started making pillows.Continue reading

I’m Falling For You

I’m Falling For You


I spent yesterday taking pictures for Yankee Candle’s candles that are coming out for fall and I thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek.

When they first mentioned fall, I took a long look outside at my hydrangea and my peonies and my green grass and my acres and acres of summer….

….and my heart fell.

How in the world do you photograph fall in summer?

And then I remembered a spot on our property with an old brick oven that used to be used for outdoor cooking.

Add some pumpkins and you might imagine there’s a hayride around the corner.Continue reading

How to Paint a Wood Floor With Diamonds

How to Paint a Wood Floor With Diamonds


Just for sake of conversation, let’s say that you are making over a blank slate into an imagination room.

And let’s say the blank slate has gray wood floors.

What’s a imagination room maker to do with all that gray wood?

Paint it with diamonds, of course.

But not just ordinary diamonds.  Not the kind that look like two triangles put together.  Because why in the world would you put simple diamonds on the floor when you can create jewels like the kind Marilyn Monroe wore?

And then what if you took the diamonds that look like jewels, not ordinary diamonds and transformed them into a pattern to look like flowers?

Could it happen?

Would it be possible?

Why not?

This is the imagination room after all. :)Continue reading

Practicing My Lines

Practicing My Lines


It was a Mother’s Day of epic proportions.

I got coffee and a People magazine with a picture of Prince Harry on the front cover.

And fancy earrings that sparkled when I laughed.

People cleaned their rooms and smiled at me all day and mowed the lawn and went to the grocery store without complaining and helped me pick out Gatorades and wrote me notes that said things like “thank you for giving me pep talks every single day and thanks for decorating the room I’m currently sitting in” and “thanks for Taylor Swift car concert sessions and giving me ‘just because’ hugs.”

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My mother showed up for everything I ever did.

Every play.  Every assembly.  Every concert.  Every student council speech.  Every soccer game.  Every Miss Mayfair pageant.

Every.  Single.  Thing.

I think I thanked her in eye rolls.  And told her that no one else’s mom was there and was she sure she had time and did she really need to be there and I would be fine if she didn’t make it.

But she never listened.

Instead, when I opened the curtain or walked into the room or lined up on the field, she would be there in the front row with a camera and a big smile on her face listening to every word or note or paragraph or recitation…..

….never ever missing a thing.

I never really understood why.

Until I became a mom.

And now I’m the one on the front row of baseball games and cheerleading events and basketball games and assemblies and concerts, spending last night covered in pink and green and blue and yellow dust from the Relay For Life Color Run dancing the Electric Slide with my daughters.

So to my four children….I love you and I’m on the front row and remember….

….I’m fluent in eye roll. :)Continue reading

It All Started With A Can of Paint

It All Started With A Can of Paint


Several months ago I was contacted by Sherwin-Williams to participate in National Painting Week 2016.

If you’ve followed along with the blog, you’ve seen other rooms I’ve created for them.

Like this one.

Or this one.

Or this one.

But this time Sherwin-Williams wanted to try something different.  Something bigger.  Something better.  Something much more amazing than a simple room makeover.

They wanted me to make over a space in my community.

A space with a view just like this.Continue reading