How to Tackle It Like Macaroni

How to Tackle It Like Macaroni


The other day I found a trail of macaroni and cheese stuck to the kitchen table.

I’m not sure exactly how it unfolded or what the events were that led up to it….

…but Lewis and Clark would have been proud.

The trail started at one end with a few lone pieces and dripped and drabbed bits of cheese and noodle remnants from one side of the table to the other.

And then?

It looked like the macaroni eater discovered the trail and in a valiant attempt to clean it up….

….smeared giant cheese swirls all over the table.

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Have you ever split an infinitive?

Whew.  Oh good.

Me, too.

In the never-ending attempt to try to write the best blog possible and learn more about life in general, I turned in a post to a professional grammeratician.  It was brutal.  I was doing all sorts of things I had no idea were wrong.  Like leaving two spaces after a sentence and misplacing a modifier and not spelling out the word inch and splitting infinitives.  Just between us, when I read the evaluation, I wasn’t even sure what an infinitive was.  I researched the subject and according to grammar 101 an infinitive is the word (to) + (the simple form of the verb).  Like “to run” or “to read” or “to paint” or “to write.”  Infinitives are the chameleons of the grammar world.  They can be nouns or adjectives or adverbs.

And I was splitting them.

No more.  I promise.  From this day forth I’ll give those infinitives the respect they deserve.

I want to creatively write like I’ve never done before.


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The Happiness Dare

The Happiness Dare


I almost didn’t read this book.

My friend sent it to me and it arrived on a day when my hair looked amazing and I had just finished making twig spheres out of leftover sticks that had washed up in our driveway during the flash flood and I was wearing the summeriest red nail polish called Cajun Shrimp and in the most amazing of news….

….I made it to the twins’ orthodonist appointment on time.

I wasn’t sure I needed a book about happiness when I was already on a happiness marathon.

I remember opening up the package, looking at the super cute cover, turning to the first page and getting distracted when someone here asked me what a complex fraction was.  So I closed the cover, told myself I would get back to it later and take the happiness test that was in the back and did the next best thing to reading it….

….I decorated with it instead.

It sat on my coffee table for weeks helping the other books decorate the family room.

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Best Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Best Thrift Store Shopping Tips


The other day I was visiting my friend and we were laughing and telling each other that we needed to bring stirrup pants back and that Saved By the Bell was the best show in the universe and should we start wearing scrunchies again.

And mid hair accessory conversation, I noticed her table.

It was chippy and distressed and had character and personality and joie de vivre.

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Running With Pumpkins

Running With Pumpkins


Today is the first day of school.

I’m consoling myself with coffee and trying to pretend like my hair actually has a style and distracting myself with pumpkin pictures.

The twins lined up for their first day of school picture in front of the house and they grinned and giggled and looked so full of life and teenager that I wanted to cry.

And the dogs and cats and I stood on the front walk and smiled watched them drive away and waved goodbye.

But on the inside?

My heart was running after them like the wind.

Here’s one of my favorite running stories ever.

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How To Make a Wood Shim Flag

How To Make a Wood Shim Flag


This project was designed in cooperation with Elmer’s.

This summer I’m in a country contest with my brothers and sisters and their families.

My mother hosts the competition and we all choose countries and whoever picks the country with the most gold medals wins cash.  You can’t choose USA and there’s other random awards for number of medals and guessing the exact amount of team scores and so on.

Somehow I slept through the country choosing.

By the time I figured out what was happening, China was gone.

Russia was gone.

Brazil was gone.

Australia and Japan and Hungary and South Korea and Canada were gone, too.

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I’m Not Sure I’m Ready

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready


We spent last week school shopping for pens and pencils and dry eraser markers and folders and notebooks and spirals and post-it notes and pencil sharpeners.

Can we just pretend like we didn’t?

It was fun and we checked off the list and filled the cart and I like a polka dotted locker shelf as much as the next person.

But you see.

I’m not sure I’m ready.

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Seven Simple Burlap Projects

Seven Simple Burlap Projects


Someone just told me that burlap really isn’t a thing anymore.



Say it isn’t so.

(insert me weeping and sobbing and pounding the floor and moving to a place where people recognize the value of a utilitarian fabric)

And this is the part of the story where I go all Olivia Newton John and grab my leather jacket and permed hair and come hither stare and buck convention….

….and tell burlap that it’s the one that I want.

The one I really want.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

Can we just decide that we don’t follow trends and that burlap is so easy to work and no-sewable and throw caution to the wind and decide that what the world needs now is a few more burlap projects?

Who’s with me?

Here are seven of my favorites worthy of a standing ovation.

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