A Sneak Peek and a Fun Announcement

A Sneak Peek and a Fun Announcement


This is me….

….being dark and mysterious.

Because you know me and how mysterious I am.


Super mysterious.

And me and my super mysterious self have been waiting to tell you some exciting news.

For two whole months I have kept my mouth shut without saying a word.

Okay….maybe the occasional word to my mom and my sister-in-law and my best friend…..

….and a couple of random people at Wal-Mart.

But other than that it’s been mum’s the word.Continue reading

How To Make a Paper Feather Wreath

How To Make a Paper Feather Wreath


Remember the time that I wanted to make a book page wreath….but I couldn’t bring myself to cut the pages of the book…..

…..so I made it from scrapbook paper instead.


I promise you….not a page of a book was harmed in the making of this wreath.

You see….I had the idea for the wreath and the book open to a page ready to cut the feathers out.  I was cutting them out from top to bottom on the page because I thought it might be fun to read the story as it went around the wreath….

…but something stopped me.

I looked at the book….and the open pages looked right back at me.

As if to say….

….girl.….have mercy….there aren’t too many of us left.Continue reading



Sometimes all it takes is one step and one sign….

….to change the world.

My friend Tricia sent me the story behind this sign.

It’s an amazing one.


A story full of hope and joy and wonder and a celebration of the artist in all of us.

To see the entire collection…click here.Continue reading

Little Moments Like That and a Fun Pillow Idea

Little Moments Like That and a Fun Pillow Idea


Do you remember that song by Brad Paisley….”Little Moments Like That”?

It’s the little imperfections….it’s the sudden change of plans

When she misreads the directions…and we’re lost but holding hands

Yeah……I live for little moments like that….

I live for little moments

When she steals my heart and doesn’t know it

Yeah……I live for little moments like that

Who knew?

Who knew Brad Paisley was such a brilliant philosopher?

Before I was married….when I was younger….I spent afternoons watching Hallmark movies and planning Barbie weddings and drawing endless hearts and doodles…..

.…I thought love was all about big romantic gestures.

Just like in the movies.Continue reading

How to Stamp Silver:  Make a Stamped Spoon Box Handle

How to Stamp Silver: Make a Stamped Spoon Box Handle


In the land of a million text messages…..

…the hand-written note is king.

The other day I got a simple thank you note in the mail and I stared at it and wondered.could this actually be an antique one day?

Would future generations find it….

…..and marvel that anyone ever took a pen and wrote on paper?

E-mails and texts and Facebook messages get the job done.

They communicate.

They transmit.

They convey.

But a hand-written note?


It does all that and so much more….

….with incredible character and style. :) Continue reading

Striped Canvas Art :  She Sent Me What Party?

Striped Canvas Art : She Sent Me What Party?


Hello from “She Sent Me What?” headquarters.

I’m participating in a fun challenge….where a group of bloggers all purchased thrift store finds and sent them to each other.  We were supposed to think outside the box and create a project and style it in our homes.

My project journey looked a little like this:

1.  Get item in mail.

2.  Exclaim with great joy when I spy the amazing tea towel with it’s intricate hand sewn stitchery.

3.  Come up with a one-of-a-kind totally over the top idea for the tea towel.

4.  Project crash and burn.

5. *sigh*

6.  Watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 to clear my head and search for inspiration.

7.  Realize the housewives all have more problems and make-up and sequins than I could ever dream of in my entire life.

8. Pour myself a cup of inspiration.

9.  Come up with nothing.

10.  Make this canvas.


I’ll go ahead and save you the trouble and say it for you…..

…this project is a total bless your heart.Continue reading

Get the Look:  Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

Get the Look: Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

Disclosure: I was compensated by eBay and Style Coalition for this post.  But all collections and opinions are 100% mine.

I wish you could have seen the kitchen when we started.

Or when we were in the middle of construction and there was only a pipe in the floor and layers and layers of indoor/outdoor carpet and vinyl.

I didn’t really take any before pictures.

Or during pictures.

You see….I didn’t write a blog then….

….and the only camera I had was the kind you threw away after you used it. :) Continue reading

How To Build a Spool Bookcase

How To Build a Spool Bookcase


I titled this post…..”How to Build a Spool Bookcase.”

I wanted to call it….How I Found a Spool in the Middle of the Aisle at the Home Improvement Store and Despite the Incredulous Stares of the Surrounding Employees and My Husband I Overcame Disbelief and Dismissiveness to Create a One-of-A-Kind Bookcase For My Front Entry.

But that title seemed just a little long.

Just a little. :)

If you would have been a fly on the wall that day you might have heard a conversation that went a little like this:

Me:  (finding the spool just sitting in the middle of the aisle and running towards it like it was the Hope diamond) :  Excuse me…..excuse me…..is this for sale?  Seriously? 

Store Employee(turning around to see what I’m talking about)  The spool?Continue reading