Faux Painted Floor Runner

Faux Painted Floor Runner


Can we talk punctuation for a minute?

What happened to the extra space after the end of a sentence?


A sentence that used to look like this.  With another sentence after it.  With two spaces after the period. Now looks like this. Now everyone types sentences with a single space. Doesn’t it look a little crammed to you? Doesn’t it make your sentence look a little like it forgot something?

What happened?

Where did the extra space go and why didn’t anyone tell me about it.

Good thing there are still exclamation points!!!!

I needed them for this faux painted rug project! :)Continue reading




You guys rock.


It’s been a busy week around here.  We dreamed a little dream and then we decorated for the Fourth with a giveaway. Then we decided we all loved Yorkies and painted a sign and yesterday we decorated a table three different ways and had another giveaway.


And my favorite part?  The part that made me smile and laugh and nod and say YES in all capital letters?

The songs you suggested in the comments.

Best playlist ideas ever.

If you are looking for a few songs of summer, you can see them all in the comments…..here.Continue reading

How To Style a Table Three Different Ways

How To Style a Table Three Different Ways


If you like looking at things from a new perspective and styling ideas and lots and lots of pictures….

….today is going to be fun.

I’m partnering with Kirkland’s today to style this simple pallet top table three different ways using items from Kirkland’s and shopping my house.

If you have been reading this blog for more than five minutes you know I am always up for a challenge.

So I couldn’t just show you a simple picture with everything in place.

I had to show you how I styled it.  The process.  Where I started.  What went first.  What went last.


Every. Single. Step. Of. The. Way.Continue reading

Love You to the Moon and Back

Love You to the Moon and Back


We have a new addition to the farmhouse.

A tiny little Yorkie with the sweetest brown eyes and furry brown hair.

And like all really good dog stories, we didn’t find him, rather, he found us.

He needed a home when his owner fell ill and couldn’t care for him any more.Continue reading

Easy Fourth of July Decorating Ideas (and a Giveaway)

Easy Fourth of July Decorating Ideas (and a Giveaway)


this post is sponsored by Arctic Cove

When I was little I spent a Fourth of July dressed up as Betsy Ross.

I would give my right arm and one of my molars if I could show you a picture.

Trust me.

It was amazing.

We celebrated the Fourth at the Cape and I was in a parade pulling Sally Pitcher in a red wagon and dressed in a long turn-of-the-century styled gray gown with ruffles and a mob cap and an attitude.

At the risk of stating the obvious….

…I’m pretty sure I was waving a flag.

And I spent the parade telling any one who would listen that I invented it.Continue reading

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream

Have you ever had a dream?

You know.  Something you want more than anything.  Something that almost seems impossible, but you dream it all the same.  Something deep in your heart that makes it beat a little faster when you think about it.  And sometimes when the day is rough and the road is long and the light at the end of the tunnel seems an eternity away….

….you pull that dream out of your pocket.

And imagine.

And envision.

And hope.

And in that instant, with your dream in hand….

…..suddenly the world is a better place.Continue reading

Thistlekeeping (and an Exciting Announcement)

Thistlekeeping (and an Exciting Announcement)


Can we still be friends if I state the total obvious here?

Having an actual live plant in your house makes you feel amazing.

Amazing that it breathes new life into your decor.

Amazing that just a little bit of living makes everything seem fresher.

But the most amazing thing of all?  That the plant is still around here two weeks later. :)

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Easy Tip To Create a Container Garden

Easy Tip To Create a Container Garden


My company is officially in the house.

And the back porch is ready and waiting and looking like it’s going to audition for farmhouses gone wild.  I added a few pillows and some sweet tea and created a container garden.

It was easy.

I just followed the formula.  If you have ever been around gardeners or worked in a florist shop or a garden center, this post will not be news to you.  You’ve probably heard of the basic container garden formula before.

I wish I could tell you I invented it.

But I didn’t.

It’s been around forever and it’s a simple three-step process to creates variety and height and diversity in a container garden.

There are three basic steps:  the thrill, the spill and the fill.Continue reading