Some Are Silver and The Other Is Gold

Some Are Silver and The Other Is Gold


Can I ask you one of the unsolved questions of the universe?

And maybe it’s not really even unsolved.

Maybe every one else has already figured it out…..

…..and I’m the last to know.

But seriously…..I just want to know why?


Why….when you take a trip and wash your car and pay actual money at the car wash because you want it to sparkle and shine….and then when you arrive at your destination somehow….between here and there…..

….every bug in the universe ends up the front grill of your car. :) Continue reading

There’s Something Fishy About That Scale

There’s Something Fishy About That Scale


I spent the last few weeks getting ready for the beach.

I mean….seriously…..just between us…..

….it’s an undertaking.

Can I get an amen?

I highlighted my hair and doused myself in fake tanner and bought some face bronzer and found some new red lipstick….

…..and apologized profusely to the nail tech during the first pedicure of the season. :) Continue reading

Five Easy Painted Projects

Five Easy Painted Projects


Yesterday my eleven-year-old daughter asked me if I had ever heard of Pinterest.

“It’s this site, “ she told me in an excited voice.

“You won’t believe it.  It  has cute hairstyles and ideas for gluing stuff onto an iPad and Fourth of July ideas for desserts and posters you can make with from candy and sayings like “You are a Lifesaver” and “Don’t Snicker….but I think You’re Great.”

And then she paused mid-sentence.

And stared.

And I could almost see the light bulb going off over her head.

“Mom,” she said with wide-open eyes.  “You could totally get some ideas off there for your blog.”

I didn’t say a word.

I just laughed inside and then smiled a smile that let her know her whole Pinterest idea was brilliant…..

….and I wish I would have thought of it first. :)

Here’s five easy painted projects I’ve created…… (and pinned, too) . :)


Painted Dresser



Monogrammed Welcome Mat



Painted Table Runner



Painted Wall Treatment



Stenciled Concrete Pavers




Okay… the super-exciting-like-you-can’t-even-believe-it news department….

…..remember back at Christmastime when my brother first started making these pallet wood letters to help save money for his adoption?

First he opened an ETSY shop and started selling them and then I put them on the blog and you bought tons of them and then this letter got pinned about a million times.

Oh….and then…..

ETSY email

….and then his shop was just featured in the ESTY national newsletter.


The national newsletter.


I am so proud of him and so happy for their family.Continue reading

Faux Succulent Wreath (and the Rest of the Story)

Faux Succulent Wreath (and the Rest of the Story)


I want to talk about how to make this super simple faux succulent wreath….

…..but first I’m totally going to go all Paul Harvey on you.

And tell you the rest of the story…..

outdoor decorating ideas

…..behind this picture. :) Continue reading

Three Simple Tips For Better Photos

Three Simple Tips For Better Photos

This sponsored post on Three Simple Tips for Better Photos is written as part of a collaboration with Bing.

Someone wise once said, “Photography takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master.”

Truer words were never spoken.

When I started this blog I was taking pictures with a camera that you threw away.

Remember those?

And while my throw-away camera was perfect for vacation and documenting various important events and the occasional picture of the cats…..

…I realized that it wasn’t going to cut it for blogging.

So I began to teach myself with hours and hours of practice and lots of trial and error….

….specializing in the error department. :)

And after a year and a half of learning and growing and trying…..

…..I wanted to share a little of what I’ve learned and share three simple tips for better photos.Continue reading

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas:  Cookie Crumble

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas: Cookie Crumble

If you are stopping by from My Sweet Savannah for the Fourth of July DIY party….welcome! 

I’m so glad you’re here!

This is not just a post about fourth of July dessert ideas full of red and white and blue topped off with blueberries and strawberries….

…it’s really about life handing you lemons.

And turning around and making lemonade.


And in life….when you have big Pinterest plans and you fall flat on your face and your cookie crumbles….

….you pick yourself up….dust yourself off….

….and make dessert.  :)Continue reading

Life and Smashed Bananas

Life and Smashed Bananas


When I was younger and planning out my life…..

….I simply knew that my children would be perfect.

Kind of a cross between the Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family….

…..except better.

(I mean….seriously….Marcia, Marcia, Marcia)?

My children would be brilliant.

And play an instrument.

And speak seven languages and recite the entire preamble to the Constitution and win the spelling bee at school and know their multiplication tables before they could walk….

….and never, ever, ever fight with their siblings. :) Continue reading