Wood Slice Christmas Tree

Wood Slice Christmas Tree


How to make a wood slice Christmas tree

(or the easy, simple tutorial you’ve been waiting all season for)

Step 1:  Visit a Christmas tree farm to cut down your tree

Spend an hour trying to find the perfect tree.

Not too tall.  Not too wide.  Not too Charlie Brown.

Find the tree.

Celebrate by drinking free cider from the gift shop.

Sip cider and wonder why all the elves are wearing stirrup pants.Continue reading

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas


This weekend I fell head over heels in love….

….with Elvis Presley.

Seriously, y’all.

He is the bomb diggity.

Somehow I missed the whole Elvis thing growing up and by the time I arrived on the scene the original Elvis was a distant memory replaced by impersonators in white sequin suits with sky-high, greasy, pompadour hair-dos and tinted sunglasses jumping out of airplanes and always saying, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”

Can you understand why I wasn’t impressed?Continue reading

It All Begins With One

It All Begins With One


When I was younger, I went on a tour of an underground cave.

After all, my father was a geologist and he considered underground caves and igneous and metamorphic rocks and shale and limestone outcroppings by the side of the road part of our basic education.

There’s nothing like being interrupted in the middle of a the Bangels song on your Sony Walkman to stop and listen to an enthusiastic lecture from your father on sedimentary rock formations.


If you are a sassy teenager with aqua net hair and stirrup pants, when you’ve seen one outcropping of sedimentary rock…..

…you’ve seen them all.Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from the Newest Member of the Family

Happy Thanksgiving from the Newest Member of the Family


About a week ago a tiny set of furry paws with bright sparkling brown eyes showed up on the steps of the gatehouse.

We don’t really know where how he got there.

Maybe he had gotten lost and separated from his mother.

Maybe someone dropped him off.

Maybe he was at the end of a long journey.

None of that mattered to us….

….we were just happy that he was there.
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Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Settings

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Settings


It’s almost here.


Turkey Day.

Annual Permission to Wear Your Stretch Pants Holiday.

Does it get any better?

Family and friends and laughter and conversation and giggles and smiles….

….all topped off with turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie.


Thanksgiving at our house is just a party waiting to happen.

And to get your home ready for the holiday….Homes.com recently challenged me to create some easy place setting ideas for Thanksgiving.

So here’s four creative ideas for Thanksgiving table settings.Continue reading

Make Sure Your Village Always Has a Story Teller

Make Sure Your Village Always Has a Story Teller


hospitality// n.  Friendly and generous treatment and entertainment of visitors and guests

Thanks Webster….perfect dictionary definition.

But what does true hospitality really mean?

Beyond the dictionary.  

Beyond the cookie cutter answer.

Beyond the simple definition.

I have a story for that (Of course I do.  You knew I was going to say that….didn’t you)

….oh and there’s a little Christmas decorating to keep the story company. :) Continue reading





Random thoughts on a cold Saturday morning.

Just add coffee.

1.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a really good hand cream?  I’ve tried almost everything and my hands look like I was around when Columbus discovered America.

2.  The sweetest kitten showed up on our doorstep.

Once my children saw him, he became a member of the family.

His name is Nash (as in Steve…the basketball player).

3.  I love singing “Let it Go” at the top of my lungs in the car.

Preferably with the windows rolled up. :)

4.  Don’t you think the idea of an entire Christmas tree covered in nothing but snowflakes sounds so pretty?

5.  Is it wrong if I’m hooked on the Hallmark channel?

Even if I can figure out the plot in the first five minutes.

I can’t help it.

Nothing makes me smile more than a happily ever after.Continue reading

Lamps Plus Gift Guide and a Giveaway!

Lamps Plus Gift Guide and a Giveaway!


When I was growing up we had a red plate.

And when you got an A on a test or lost a tooth or won a blue ribbon for the hula hooping contest or finished second in the multiplication bee….you couldn’t wait to get home because you knew that sitting at your place at the dinner table….

….would be the red plate.

Your mom would serve dinner and you’d look around the table at everyone else eating on plain white plates.

Bless their hearts.

And you knew that you knew that you knew….you were special.

I mean after all

….the plate said it. :) Continue reading