Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Ideas


A couple of months ago I came to the realization that….

….I have this mildly annoying habit.

I hum to myself.

All. The. Time.

I mean….of course….I don’t think it’s annoying at all.

But I’m me.  I’m the hummer, not the one being inadvertently hummed at and I never even notice that I’m doing it.

Do you have a habit like that?  One minute you’re decorating a table and the next minute you’re humming all the verses and the chorus from “Let It Go” from Frozen….

….and you never even noticed you hummed a note.Continue reading

How to Paint a Table to Look Distressed

How to Paint a Table to Look Distressed


In other news here at the farm…..

….my mother has discovered  emojis.


You know….all the little smiley faces and winking smiley faces and dancing turkeys and grinning pumpkins that you add to your text or e-mail.

And I love my mother.

She raised me.

And just in case you were wondering….she’s always right.  

But Nana, it’s time to calm down and remember….

….a little emoji goes a long way. :) Continue reading

My New Favorite Camera Lens BFF

My New Favorite Camera Lens BFF


A while back I attended a photography class at Haven.

It’s where I first met Layla….definitely my finest embarrassing moment.

At the class they talked about aperture and focal points and the rule of threes and about a million and one other things to take amazing pictures.  I don’t really remember much about anything else because I got distracted trying to figure out the wall treatment in the room and redesigning it in my mind for the upstairs room.


But the one thing that stuck with me.

The one thing I remembered…..

…..was this amazing camera lens they talked about.Continue reading

Cranberry Fizz Mocktail

Cranberry Fizz Mocktail


Just in case you were wondering…..

 ….football is alive and well in Alabama.

I completely understand.

I’m from the south where we take our football very seriously.

I was raised on first downs and field goals and touchdowns and two point conversions…..

…..and I once watched a Friday night football game wearing a mum the size of a small planet.Continue reading

Going to the Chapel With Superman

Going to the Chapel With Superman


This weekend at The Chapel Market was amazing.

If you were there and I met you….just know that I adore you.

It was even better than last year.

And so much easier.

Because this year I brought an assistant who was faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive and who could leap tall buildings with a single bound….

….my oldest son Denton.

Thistlewood Farms - The Chapel Market Photo

Here’s superman in all his glory.

He unloaded the car and set up the tables and put together the Christmas tree and hung the baskets and cut out tags and carried boxes and stacked t-shirts and drew on chalkboard trees….

…and promptly developed an entire inventory system for us in a matter of minutes.

And made everyone’s day just a little brighter with that smile.Continue reading

Painted Porch Project

Painted Porch Project


Once upon a time there was a porch.

(Don’t you love a story that starts like that?)

Except this porch was a scary story.  I would tell everyone to go in the front door…just so they’d miss the porch.  It was peeling and flaking and in terrible condition.


It took “distressed” to a completely new level.

And now?

Now it’s all about itself.  It’s waving people in from the driveway and throwing tail-gate parties…..

….and showing off its transformation at porch fashion week (can you tell I’ve been watching Project Runway)?

And here’s the DIY for the painted porch project.Continue reading

The Smile of a Rock Star (and a Free Printable)

The Smile of a Rock Star (and a Free Printable)


Most mornings I wake up all the sleepy heads in the house and sing “Rise and Shine”….

…..and tell them they are rock stars.

Just in case they forgot from the day before.

Just in case they were wondering.

Most of the time they simply roll their eyes and sigh and ignore me….

….but I know they hear it.

rock stars

I think I started the whole rock star thing when fourth grade began getting a little tough….which turned into an even tougher fifth grade and now we are knee-deep in sixth grade….

….the very toughest of all.

Navigating sixth grade is kind of like Survivor where they put you on the island with a piece of flint and a few sticks and leave you to figure the rest out.Continue reading

Birch Bark Wreath

Birch Bark Wreath


I started this birch bark wreath project with grandiose ideas.

I was driving down the road behind an international harvester (where I spend most of my time) and I got the brilliant (or so I thought) idea to make my own wreath.

You see….when I featured the pallet letter…I photographed it with a wreath.

A wreath that I get questions about all the time.  

So why not make it?


Except….see the thing is….this doesn’t exactly look like the wreath I posted.

Not that it’s bad to look at.  I think it’s kind of cute.  It’s just that the other wreath is totally Brad Pit….

….and this wreath is a little like the boy you sat next to in class who spent all that time drumming on his English book with his drum sticks.

It’s trying really hard to impress you….

…but if it asked you to the homecoming dance you’d have to think twice.Continue reading