Totally random thoughts on an official fall morning:

1.  Did you watch the first episode of Survivor?

If you did….please tell me what you think about the whole family v. family thing.

It literally made me cry.

2.  Don’t you think that your mother always ends up being right?

Mine gets smarter with every year.

3.  Is there a cut-off age for headbands?

I really want one that looks like this.

4.  Hallmark is already rolling out the Christmas movies.

My couch and cup of hot chocolate just told me that this….

….is the best television programming decision ever. :) Continue reading

Ten Minute Decorating Ideas:  Wood Block Fall Banner

Ten Minute Decorating Ideas: Wood Block Fall Banner


  Autumn Corrected Banner

Dear 10 minutes,

I am so glad you were well spent yesterday.

All 600 seconds of you.

Because I had a mantle without a banner and fall was in the air.


I was almost (this close) to pulling out the leg warmers from circa 1990 and adding lace to the top and going all Flashdance with my fall decorating.

Good thing I ran out of time. :) Continue reading

The Day I Was Amazing

The Day I Was Amazing


Blogger Home Tour Button

If you are visiting from White Buffalo Styling or Charming in Charlotte on the Fall Home Tour….welcome!  

It’s nice to meet you.

If this is your first time to the blog…before we get started on the room tour….

….here’s just a few things about me you might need to know.

1.  I almost always…..even with jogging pants…..wear big earrings and red lipstick.

2.  I’ve had  a few fashion disasters.

3.  I tell stories.  Like how I’m the talk of the county when I’m supposed to be showing you my home tour.

4.  I like to talk and wave my hands around and I love neutrals and I live at the end of a winding country road in the middle of nowhere.


I’m 100% random…..

…..with a whole lot of bless your heart sprinkled on top.Continue reading

Four Ideas For Inexpensive Halloween Door Decorations

Four Ideas For Inexpensive Halloween Door Decorations


Just in case you were wondering…..

….I’m not that into scary Halloween door decorations.

Like eyeballs in a punch bowl?  

Or things that pop up from coffins?

Or light-up skulls that talk?

No thanks.  I’ll pass.

I like my pumpkins smiling and my decorations noise and coffin free. :) Continue reading




Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  Am I the last person on the planet to discover Zumba?

I totally felt like I was on So You Think You Can Dance.

2.  I’m going to the Chapel Market again this year.

And wait until you see what we’re making (really ambiguous hint:  it’s for Christmas).

3.  Do you add anything to your coffee that’s low calorie….but tastes delicious?

I’m trying to find a new hot drink for fall.

4.  Are you aware they make almost full-body Spanx?

Total almost-super-model game changer. :) Continue reading

The Day I Was Almost a Fashionista

The Day I Was Almost a Fashionista


In a vain attempt to try to bring my wardrobe into the year 2014…..

…..I have been reading fashion blogs.

For someone who buys her t-shirts at Wal-Mart….it’s been a little intimidating.

To say the least.

It’s a whole other world of glamorous, stylish people who effortlessly mix florals and stripes and wear at least five bracelets and use terms like “statement necklaces” and “boyfriend jeans”….

….all while perching precariously on six-inch high platform shoes.

But I’ve learned so much.

I’ve learned that everyone should own at least one pair of black jeans and plaid shirts are a current trend and that you can mix menswear with ruffles and a peplum can truly be flattering….

….and everyone should own a blazer.

Absolutely, positively brilliant.

I know….right?Continue reading

Let’s Go Shopping Together

Let’s Go Shopping Together


I once wrote a post about shopping the 500-mile yard sale here in Kentucky.

It was called “I Wish You Could Have Been There.”

I talked about finding milk glass and vintage silver and mismatched furniture and random architectural pieces that you know you have the perfect home for…..

….if only you could think of it.

It was an amazing journey and full of treasure hunting and bargains and vintage, chippy bits of joy.

And I wish we could have shopped together.

Well….guess what?

Now we can. :) Continue reading

Fall Decorating Ideas (and a Thank You)

Fall Decorating Ideas (and a Thank You)


Do you remember the commercial from Dove that ran last year?

It featured women who sat behind a curtain and described themselves in great detail to a sketch artist.  He asked them about their facial features like their chin and their hair and their eyebrows and cheekbones and so on.  They described themselves as they saw themselves to the artist.

He never saw them.

He simply drew the picture from what they described to him.

Then….each woman was briefly introduced to a stranger….someone who had never met her before.  And after a short visit…each woman left and the stranger was asked to describe the woman he or she had just met…..

… the exact same sketch artist.Continue reading