The Little Fabric That Could

The Little Fabric That Could


When I started this blog I didn’t really have a dream.

I was just a girl living in the middle of nowhere with a family and old farmhouse at the end of a winding road.

I started a blog to meet all of you.


I like home decor.  You like home decor.

I like DIY.  You like DIY.

I like stories.  You like stories.

Let’s be friends.

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER in a million years dreamed (and even if you had told me I wouldn’t have believed it) that I would be standing in the middle of thousands of people at quilt market promoting a fabric line.


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Easy 10 Minute Fall Decorating Idea

Easy 10 Minute Fall Decorating Idea


Can I tell you something about myself?

Something I don’t really talk about or share or discuss with many people.

But after all we are friends and I feel like you will understand.


{deep breath}  {inhale} {exhale}

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The Basket Heard Around the World

The Basket Heard Around the World


People always ask me what it’s like having twins.

Is it hard?

Is it overwhelming and are they different and how do you handle it and is it really a challenge?

And I always tell them it’s double.

Double the joy, double the work, double the responsibilities, double the drama…..

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The House That Talked

The House That Talked


Remember the story of my friend Esther and Alabama and the house that dreamed?

I have an update.

I felt it was important to state that in a declarative sentence because just between us….

….sometimes I forget to finish out the story.

It’s just like my house.

I’m so busy updating and painting and moving furniture and rearranging rooms and announcing that I’m decluttering that I forget you aren’t my next door neighbor.

So let’s have coffee together and catch up.
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What the Bookcase Whispered To Me

What the Bookcase Whispered To Me


I’m all about a make-over.


So let’s say you are all about a make-over too and someone gave you a cubby bookcase like this and challenged you to transform this cubby bookcase into anything you wanted.


The sky’s the limit.

What would you do?

What about a coffee table?  Or a plate storage rack?  Or a bench?  Or a three-dimensional chalkboard?

Oh good.  That’s exactly what I thought, too.


Except I didn’t make any of those things.


…..I made it into this.
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Fall Decorating and a Zombie Rescue

Fall Decorating and a Zombie Rescue


Have you ever watched that show “What Would You Do?”

You know.

The one with the host who hides hidden cameras and then puts people in awkward situation and films their reactions to random things and sometimes they totally do the right thing and pay for the toy for the little child who’s mother can’t afford it and sometimes they just raise their eyebrows and walk away.

There are days when I feel like I’m about to be the star of that show.Continue reading

One Little Tour Deserves Another

One Little Tour Deserves Another


Today I feel like the mail man.

You know.

The one who delivers the rain come sleet or snow or hail or high water.

Trying to post this post today has been like climbing Mount Everest.  As I was driving to a remote location in search of internet and coffee in the middle of nowhere, I was trying with every fiber of who I am to count my blessings and remember why living in the country is so wonderful.

I had plenty of time.

Driving five miles an hour on a winding country road with the defrost on at full blast because of all the frost on the ground behind an international harvester will give you new perspective on things.

So today, from a frost-covered-no-internet-gas-station-coffee-still-trying-to-count-my-blessings-corner-of-the-world, I thought it fun to take a moment to visit some house tours I’ve shared on the blog before.

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The Superhero of DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorials

The Superhero of DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorials


To the untrained eye this simply looks like a post about fabric pumpkins.

But it’s not.

It’s a post about finding a solution to an obvious problem.

It’s about facing pumpkin adversity and coming out the victor.

It’s about trying, failing, getting up, dusting yourself and your pumpkin off….

….and getting back into the game.

Can you tell I’ve been watching a little football lately?

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