My Five Favorite Pillow Projects

My Five Favorite Pillow Projects


I was so excited to be asked to co-host My Favorite Things, a series hosted by Jennifer from Dimples & Tangles, Kris from Driven by Decor, Lisa from Shine Your Light, and Pam from Simple Details.

This month we are talking pillows.

When I went back and researched all the pillow projects I had ever created on the blog, I discovered two things.

1.  I have a plethora of pillow DIY’s.

You could say a myriad.

Or a multitude.

Or simply a lot.

2.  I think my pillows are all about my house.

And vice versa.

But enough vocabulary and pillow self-reflection.

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Thistlekeeping on a Monday.

Say it isn’t so.

What is this world coming to?

Next thing you know we will all be painting our upholstered furniture and making pillows out of flour sacks and covering our walls with pallets. :)

I’ve been traveling and couldn’t get the post out on Saturday, so I thought it might make a Monday a little brighter.

Mondays can be tough.

So here’s a little bit of sunshine for today.Continue reading

Spring Door Decorating Ideas

Spring Door Decorating Ideas


This post is brought to you by Kwikset.

Are you a front door or a back door house?

A front door house is a little fancier.  There’s usually a living room right off the entry that’s clean most of the time because no one really ever eats Captain Crunch in there.

A back door house is a little more all about coming on in and having sweet tea.  There’s usually a recycling bin and some bikes stacked up and Christmas wreaths that have to be put up in the attic you have to wade through to get to the entry way.

If you had to choose, which one would it be?

Which door is your house?
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A Moment Like That

A Moment Like That

If I had a dime for every baseball game I have sat through, I could buy a tropical island in the south pacific.

I’ve sat through baseball games in the rain.

And the cold.

And the sunshine.

I’ve seen runs and hits and slides into home plate and bunts and outs.

I’ve sat through games with a team in the depths of despair because they were down by 14 runs.

I’ve sat through games with a team with hit after hit, scoring runs like they were hot cakes.

And through it all, there’s one thing I’ve learned.

There’s always baseball tomorrow.Continue reading

What Is Farmhouse Style? (and a Giveaway)

What Is Farmhouse Style? (and a Giveaway)


  This giveaway is sponsored by Kirkland’s.

I’m always talking about farmhouse style on the blog.

You probably noticed.

Maybe because I live in a farmhouse and was farmhouse and galvanized metal and fruit-pickers baskets and white farmhouse platters before they were ever in style.  Back when AquaNet hairspray and shoulder pads that look like they might belong in their own branch of the military were a thing.

To me farmhouse means home.

And kicking off your shoes.

And sweet tea.

And chalkboards and measuring cups and burlap curtains and old chippy signs from the side of the road and mismatched chairs.

That’s what farmhouse means to me.

But what about you?

What does farmhouse style mean to each of us?  Continue reading

Spring House Tour Yard Sale Style

Spring House Tour Yard Sale Style


Happy Monday.

I’m sure it’s spring home tour sharing day somewhere and today I wanted to take a walk through mine.


Except I wanted to do things a little differently (this is the part where you nod your head and tell me you are not surprised).

If you were to stop by for a tour, I tell you how happy I am that we are friends and I would get you some sweet tea (or water if you preferred) and I would take you through the rooms and give you the yard sale tour.  You know, the one where I tell you where everything came from and how I made it or got it at a yard sale and what I would buy at a yard sale season if I only had $5.00 and that yard sale season is starting again and we should go some Saturday.

Hold on.

Let me get you a glass of tea.

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Sunday nights have been tough around here.


I mean Masterpiece is really trying.  They ended Downton Abbey and then to try and make it up to us they gave us like a Downton Abbey the remix and Downton Abbey at an awards show and the best of Downton Abbey the review.

And as many times as they repackage Downton Abbey, just between us…

….it hasn’t been the same.

But I think things may be looking up.

You might want to tune into PBS this Sunday, because I just saw that Mr. Selfridge is back in town. :)Continue reading

Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Buying Windows

Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Buying Windows


This is the second installment of the great window adventure.

You can read all about where we started here.

When we left our heroine she was sharing what lurks behind the shades in the family room.

To catch you up to speed, her hair was amazing.

The windows were not.

Enter the hero of our story, Window World.  I’m partnering with them on the adventure to learn all about the window ordering process and what to look for and how to figure it all out and I have to start this episode by saying thank you to all of you.  On the last post you gave me some of the best advice in the comments.  You can read all that advice here.  I was so inspired by you that I put on my investigative hat and took notes and did some research and had lengthy conversations and texts with the owner of my local store and came up with a list of what I’m thinking about for the space.

I started by learning from all the mistakes of those that had gone before.  Sometimes before you know what you want, it’s important to figure out what you don’t want.

So here’s my list.

Here are the eight mistakes not to make when buying windows (accompanied by some pretty pictures to add a little inspiration to the subject).Continue reading