I’m Not Sure I’m Ready

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready


We spent last week school shopping for pens and pencils and dry eraser markers and folders and notebooks and spirals and post-it notes and pencil sharpeners.

Can we just pretend like we didn’t?

It was fun and we checked off the list and filled the cart and I like a polka dotted locker shelf as much as the next person.

But you see.

I’m not sure I’m ready.

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Seven Simple Burlap Projects

Seven Simple Burlap Projects


Someone just told me that burlap really isn’t a thing anymore.



Say it isn’t so.

(insert me weeping and sobbing and pounding the floor and moving to a place where people recognize the value of a utilitarian fabric)

And this is the part of the story where I go all Olivia Newton John and grab my leather jacket and permed hair and come hither stare and buck convention….

….and tell burlap that it’s the one that I want.

The one I really want.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

Can we just decide that we don’t follow trends and that burlap is so easy to work and no-sewable and throw caution to the wind and decide that what the world needs now is a few more burlap projects?

Who’s with me?

Here are seven of my favorites worthy of a standing ovation.

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The Sound Of Fountain Music

The Sound Of Fountain Music


This post is sponsored by Aquascape.

I’ve always wanted to have a fountain at the house.

I love the sound of water and it’s such a great addition to a patio and looks super fancy….

…but mostly so I could work it in conversation.

Things like, “What did you do today? Me?  Oh, I spent the morning curled up with a good book by my fountain.”

Or “Sorry I’m late.  I just couldn’t tear myself away from my fountain yesterday.”

And my favorite, “Let’s go out to dinner.  I was going to cook, but I lost track of time listening to fountain.”

Before I tell you where I got the fountain and the five point zero minutes it took me to install it….

….I want you to hear what it sounds like.

Here are a few sounds from my back yard to yours.
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Five Tips for Sharper Photos

Five Tips for Sharper Photos


When I started this whole blog thing I had a camera that you throw away.

You know.

The kind that was yellow and you took all the pictures and turned the little dial at the top manually and when you got to 25 you took it to Walgreens.

And two days later (or an afternoon if they were having a special) they gave you your pictures back.

I occasionally took some pictures of my family at an event with awards or holidays that rhymed with mistmas…..

….but I never, ever took any pictures of my house.

Until I started a blog.

And now, four and a half years later I’ve learned a little about pictures and taking them and lighting and sharpening and just in case you were graduating from yellow camera school, I thought I’d share them with you.

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Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  I’m starting on my handmade Christmas present journey.  I’m going all Laura Ingalls and getting the gifts finished before the first snowfall.  I decided I’m making this to wrap them with.

2.  Now that we are finished with basketball camp and cheer camp, we are back to school shopping today.

3.  I’m in the middle of the mostest funnest room renovation ever (how many times have you heard me type that before).  You know I decorate my house yard sale style so I’m heading out this morning to follow yard sale signs to find the perfect dresser for the room.

4.  And lastly,  you are rock stars.

Every last one of you.

I read what you wrote on this post and I laughed and cried and cheered and gave the comments a standing ovation and this thankful heart can never thank you enough.

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Leaving a Joy Trail

Leaving a Joy Trail



Why is it that words of positive affirmation sprinkled with a little more positive affirmation sometimes are forgotten and swept aside….

…..for the sake of one negative comment.

Why does a single negative statement override hundreds of positives?


Who even gave the negative permission to take up residence and start ordering rent-to-own furniture?

I’m the first one to say “brush it off” and “who cares” and “remember how amazing you are” and “they probably still have maroon shag carpeting in their home.”  

But when it happens to me?


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Four Things I Didn’t Realize About Window Installation

Four Things I Didn’t Realize About Window Installation


 This post is sponsored by Window World.

It’s official.

We have new windows at the farmhouse.

They came last week and installed them and finished up while I was still cleaning up all the debris around the house.

And the result?


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So Close to Not Procrastinating

So Close to Not Procrastinating


I’m almost half-way through writing the book.

(Just between us I cannot even believe I just typed that sentence).

It took me a couple of weeks to figure out a writing system, but once I did everything got so much easier.

Here’s my book writing system.

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