You Know Your Place Setting is Southern When…. (And a Giveaway)

You Know Your Place Setting is Southern When…. (And a Giveaway)


My friend, Kristy Woodson Harvey wrote a book.

It’s called Dear Carolina.  I read it months ago and I couldn’t put it down.  As in stay-up-all-night-when-you-should-be-sleeping-and-glance-at-the-clock-at-3:45-in-the-morning-and-wonder-where-all-the-time-has-gone kind of book.

It’s about a beautiful designer named Khaki who is a blogger with an incredible sense of style and it follows her incredible, poignant journey to becoming a mother.  So to help promote the book, we thought it would be fun if we partnered with Mikasa and challenged some bloggers to create a table decorated from the perspective of Khaki, the southern designer.

So with much fanfare and milk glass….

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Five Simple 10 Minute Organizing Ideas

Five Simple 10 Minute Organizing Ideas


I have a cabinet in my house that attacked me last week.


I’m so not even kidding.

Like something out of a horror movie.

I opened the doors to get a plastic container for left-overs and two pitchers, four lids, a foil pan that used to cover a casserole and 47 tiny spice jars reached out and bit me.

Do you have a cabinet like that?

Oh good.

Because my cabinet needs friends. :)Continue reading

FREE “I Hope You Dance” Printable

FREE “I Hope You Dance” Printable


If this blog could have a theme song, “I hope you dance” would be it.

There’s something about the words that resonates with all of us.

About a month into writing this blog I posted about my tiny twins and their twirly whirly skirts.

Here’s an excerpt from where it all began:

Yesterday one of the twins asked for a twirly whirly skirt. 

I guess twirly whirly skirts are all the rage if you are nine and Hannah Montana is your fashion icon.  

I saw her outside one day. 

Arms lifted to the sky.

Blonde hair floating in the wind.Continue reading




Theodore Roosevelt was brilliant.

In between being president and riding with the rough riders and speaking softly and carrying a big stick….

….he said something that has stuck with me forever.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Everyone experiences it.


At some time in everyone’s life, we all encounter a situation where someone is smarter or funnier or richer or wittier or more stylish with better hair and a house that dirt wouldn’t show up if you paid it to.  And we all compare ourselves.  And feel smaller.


You are amazing.


Don’t ever forget that the you that you are is so bright and funny and witty and clever and unique and special and wonderful and shines so brightly….

….that the rest of have to wear shades. :)Continue reading

And He Rescued Us Right Back

And He Rescued Us Right Back


Five months seven days and twelve hours ago I signed all four kids up for camp.

All four chicks leaving the nest for an entire week.

At the time I thought I was brilliant.

A week of lazy days spent lounging and twirling my hair and eating bon bons and reading War and Peace?

A week of date nights and witty conversation and dancing the night away?

The future was so bright I needed shades.Continue reading

Burlap Bingo Card Pillow

Burlap Bingo Card Pillow


I took this picture this morning.

Just about an hour ago.

I literally couldn’t help it.  I had other plans for this post that involved photographing this burlap bingo pillow on the back porch with coral and white pillows and then I was drinking my coffee and staring at the morning sun peeking over the back meadow and it was so beautiful.

A simple morning in the country.

And I ran with bare feet and blonde hair flying clutching my bingo pillow across the green grass to photograph it here.

Just so I could send a little bit of the morning sunshine and smell of green grass and crickets chirping to you.

bingo card burlap

Here’s a little closer view of the pillow.

I made it with a stencil my incredible, funny, creative, junky friend Donna sent me.

And when the stencil showed up at my house, I knew it would make the perfect burlap bingo card pillow.

Here’s how I made it (and some stenciling tips along the way).


Start with burlap

Please remember that all burlap is not created equal.

You want to choose a nice burlap for this project.  Be a little choosy with your burlap and pick one with a close weave and a warm, burlapy color.

The tighter weave will hold the paint so much better.

bingo card stencil

Here’s the stencil

I chose the larger size stencil for the pillow.

Cut out the burlap around the stencil to size your pillow.

The stencil already has an edge (see all that white) so you don’t want to leave too much of a border.

I left about an inch on all sides.

Then cut another piece of burlap to match.


Transfer the design using a stencil

Here’s a few tips for making sure your stencil turns out perfectly.

1.  Less paint is so much better. 


Dip your brush into the paint and blot on a paper towel.  Then blot some more.  Then when you think you don’t really have any paint on the brush, you’re ready.

Repeat after me.  Less is more.  Less is more.  Less is more (except when it comes to lipstick).

2.  Pounce the paint.

Use the brush up and down straight on and tap it over and over and over again.

Don’t wipe it side to side, that will push paint under your stencil.

Bingo card stencil on burlap

3.  When you have finished applying the paint, pause.

Look at your stencil to make sure all the paint is applied evenly.

Make sure you didn’t put more paint on one side of the stencil than the other.

You cannot go back once you remove the stencil.  Don’t even think about it.  You’ll want to think about it.  Don’t.

4.  Wash your stencil when you are done.

Like immediately.

Like don’t pause.

Take the stencil and spray it down.

You might want another pillow or sign or gift for someone for Christmas and you’ll thank yourself later when you pull out the stencil to use it.

burlap bingo card pillow

Sew the pillow.

Sew the black pom pom fringe to one piece of the burlap.

Or not if you’re not a pom pom fringe type of person.  No pom pom judgement here.

Then sew both sides of the burlap together with the stenciled side facing inward.

Make sure to leave an opening when you sew it.  Turn right side out, stuff and stitch close.

how to make a burlap pillow

Here’s one more look at the pillow.

And the back meadow.

This post was brought to you by Thursday morning.

Preferably with a meadow, sunshine and bare feet. :)

PS  I just found this post from over three years the first time I photographed a piece of furniture in the field.  It made me laugh out loud and shows nothing’s really changed around here.

PPS  If bingo cards aren’t really your thing, you can see all Donna’s other stencil designs here.

Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh (With a Little Help From My Friends)

Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh (With a Little Help From My Friends)


Yesterday my husband had what I’m sure he would consider one of the more exciting opportunities this year so far…..

….helping me re-decorate the bathroom.

I know what you’re thinking.

We lead a very, very exciting life.

And you would be right. :)Continue reading

DIY Burlap Table Runner

DIY Burlap Table Runner


When the new year rolls around and January 1 rolls out the red carpet….

…..some of my friends adopt a word of the year.

Have you every tried it?  Doesn’t that sound incredible and purposeful and a great way to start off the year with a little inspiration?


Except every year I began the challenge, I discovered that a year is a really long time to date a word.


January I’m totally in.  February I’m starting to lose steam.  And by March I’m so over it.

Ironically my word this year was “resolute.”


And we all see how that’s working out.  :)Continue reading