Trash to Treasure:  Fruit Crate Hooks

Trash to Treasure: Fruit Crate Hooks


Okay… totally random news that has absolutely nothing to do with hooks made from fruit crates…..but I let Friday pass without sharing it….

…..they have a new menu item at the county fair.

From the people who brought you funnel cakes and giant turkey drumsticks and caramel covered popcorn and bubble gum cotton candy (are you getting hungry yet)…..there’s a new county fair snack in town.

Deep-fried Doritos.

Ummm…..aren’t they missing something?

Hasn’t someone already come up with that idea?


Last time I ate one… was a fried corn tortilla chip.

And besides…..why waste your time and energy on Doritos……

….when there’s stacks of Oreos around. :)

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Painted Striped Dresser

Painted Striped Dresser


I was thrift store shopping before thrift store shopping was cool.

That sounds just like a song. :)

And my favorite part about the whole thrift store shopping this…..

….is the thrill of the hunt.

There’s nothing like it.

When you are a thrift store shopper…..hope always springs eternal.


You sift through random tea cups and old clocks and swag curtains from 1970 and blue ducks wearing straw hats…..

….and you almost give up hope.


Until suddenly….the skies part and the sunshine pours in and as twenty-seven angels sing the Hallelujah Chorus…..and you find it.


An IT like this small dresser I recently found for only $2.50.  It was dark brown and dingy with extra dings and dents and spider webs thrown in free of charge.

And here’s how I transformed it into a striped dresser with a little paint and FrogTape®. Continue reading

How to Jump

How to Jump

About seven years ago we took the leap and moved from a very large metroplex to the country.

We closed our eyes….took a deep breath….

….and jumped.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Or just wait for the book. :)

I get asked all the time if it was easy to jump to the country and why we did it and if it was challenging to adjust and how we supported ourselves….

….and were we able to survive without a Target?Continue reading

Five of My Favorite Summer Paint Colors

Five of My Favorite Summer Paint Colors



Today I”m so happy to be teaming up with Sherwin-Williams today to showcase some of my favorite summer paint colors.

You see…..I love to paint.


I would rather paint a room than fix a pot roast any day of the week.

Usually I’m all about neutrals.  I’ve already shared my favorite gray paint colors and my favorite white paint colors.

But today?

Today is about fun and summer and sunshine and lemonade and green grass….

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Happy summer from the country.

This is what my friend brought me yesterday.

Summer squash and cucumbers and tomatoes.

I think I’m going to try this fresh salsa recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

Except without the onions…..and extra jalepenos. :) Continue reading

How to Build a Shutter Wall

How to Build a Shutter Wall


A long time ago in a land far away we created this wall in the upstairs guest bedroom tucked under the eves of the attic.

It is still one of the projects that people ask about and pin and send me e-mails full of questions on how to make it.

And I’ve never posted a tutorial on how to build a shutter wall.



Mostly because I just made it up as I went along.

Seriously.Continue reading

How to Grill Corn (Perfectly)

How to Grill Corn (Perfectly)


If you have followed this blog for more than two minutes….you may have heard….

….I live in the country.

I might have mentioned that before.

A few 100 times.

How to Grill Perfect Corn-on-the-Cob

And where I live….we really don’t have drive-through diet cokes or Target or movie theaters or fast-food restaurants or four-lane roads…..

…..or stop lights.

Except the kind that blink yellow.

And we only have two of those. :)

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The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper

The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper


Before we begin.  Before we discuss the best way to remove wallpaper….I’m adding a disclaimer……

…..I’m not a professional wallpaper remover.

Not even close.

I never went to wallpaper college or studied up or took a class on the ins and outs of pasted on paper.

But what I am… so much better.

I’m the girl who bought an old farmhouse in the country that had rooms and rooms and rooms of brightly patterned walls….

…..and I removed that wallpaper from every single one.

I think that qualifies me for a wallpaper Phd. :) Continue reading