Spring House Tour Yard Sale Style

Spring House Tour Yard Sale Style


Happy Monday.

I’m sure it’s spring home tour sharing day somewhere and today I wanted to take a walk through mine.


Except I wanted to do things a little differently (this is the part where you nod your head and tell me you are not surprised).

If you were to stop by for a tour, I tell you how happy I am that we are friends and I would get you some sweet tea (or water if you preferred) and I would take you through the rooms and give you the yard sale tour.  You know, the one where I tell you where everything came from and how I made it or got it at a yard sale and what I would buy at a yard sale season if I only had $5.00 and that yard sale season is starting again and we should go some Saturday.

Hold on.

Let me get you a glass of tea.

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Sunday nights have been tough around here.


I mean Masterpiece is really trying.  They ended Downton Abbey and then to try and make it up to us they gave us like a Downton Abbey the remix and Downton Abbey at an awards show and the best of Downton Abbey the review.

And as many times as they repackage Downton Abbey, just between us…

….it hasn’t been the same.

But I think things may be looking up.

You might want to tune into PBS this Sunday, because I just saw that Mr. Selfridge is back in town. :)Continue reading

Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Buying Windows

Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Buying Windows


This is the second installment of the great window adventure.

You can read all about where we started here.

When we left our heroine she was sharing what lurks behind the shades in the family room.

To catch you up to speed, her hair was amazing.

The windows were not.

Enter the hero of our story, Window World.  I’m partnering with them on the adventure to learn all about the window ordering process and what to look for and how to figure it all out and I have to start this episode by saying thank you to all of you.  On the last post you gave me some of the best advice in the comments.  You can read all that advice here.  I was so inspired by you that I put on my investigative hat and took notes and did some research and had lengthy conversations and texts with the owner of my local store and came up with a list of what I’m thinking about for the space.

I started by learning from all the mistakes of those that had gone before.  Sometimes before you know what you want, it’s important to figure out what you don’t want.

So here’s my list.

Here are the eight mistakes not to make when buying windows (accompanied by some pretty pictures to add a little inspiration to the subject).Continue reading

7 Things I Would Buy At a Yard Sale If I Only Had $5.00

7 Things I Would Buy At a Yard Sale If I Only Had $5.00


Around here if you want something new for your kitchen, you go yard saling.

I googled it to make sure I spelled it correctly and discovered according to the urban dictionary yard saling is slang for when you are skiing and you’re on the slopes and you lose your hat and goggles and skis and poles.  And when you wipe out you shout YARD SALE.


Not exactly.

I’m talking about when you see a sign and it says GIANT FAMILY YARD SALE in all capital letters and you follow the successive directional arrows down winding roads until you turn the last corner to discover a broken down washer, a basket of old t-shirts and a Christmas tree and realize the capital letters might have misrepresented themselves.

It’s yard saling season.

Hope springs eternal.

And if I only had $5.00 to shop, here’s what I would buy.Continue reading

Two For the Price of One

Two For the Price of One


You know when you go to a yard sale and you find the perfect basket that’s missing a handle and a little lopsided, but you know that you can make it perfect with spray paint and some imagination. So you tuck it under your arm and you poke around at the yard sale a little more and find a random drawer for only $2.00 because no one really knows what to do with a drawer without a dresser to go with it.

But you do.

You know what to do with a drawer because you just saw on Pinterest where people were taking random drawers and making them into organizers on the wall.  So you walk up to the owner of the yard sale with kind of a pitiful look on your face and hold out the broken basket and the drawer and tell her you only have $2.00 and if you bought the basket would she throw in the drawer for free?

And she shrugs and says yes and you smile inside and skip off into the sunset with your treasures.

Two for the price of one.

That’s a lot like this post.  I was in the middle of a photo shoot yesterday and I finished and had all these amazing flowers and I had tossed a few on the table and I looked at them and was so totally inspired to create a little flower art and add some quotes about spring.  I made them for you and you can pin them or save them to your ipad or computer for inspiration or print them off or make them your home screen or fold them into a paper origami centerpiece.  Just a little spring gift from me to you.

But we couldn’t just have beautiful spring flowers with quotes.

This is story central.

So because it’s spring and I’m feeling mushy, I added one of my favorite love stories, too.

See what I mean?  Two for the price of one.

Now where did I put that drawer. :)Continue reading

Classic Farmhouse Monogram Banner Printables

Classic Farmhouse Monogram Banner Printables


One time I had to take a personality test for a class at school.

You know, the ones where they list dozens of adjectives and they ask you to choose which ones resemble you and then there are lists of questions like “Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full?”

I think that’s where I figured out I’m a glass half-full type of person.

I’m all about sunshine and happiness and joy and rose-colored glasses and seeing rainbows after a storm.

99.96% of the time.


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DIY Ombre Hexagon Wall

DIY Ombre Hexagon Wall


Remember when I posted the room with the hexagon wall?

And everyone asked me how I created the wall and I explained that I used paint and FrogTape and then you told me you might need a little more explanation than that.

Today’s the day.

And it involves math.

All those years ago when your geometry teacher was trying to explain area and circumference and the Pythagorean Theorem otherwise known as the fundamental relation between three sides of a right triangle and you rolled your eyes and wondered when you would ever use any of this stuff.

Welcome to the wonderful world of math disguised as a hexagon wall.

Here’s the DIY where we figured it all out.Continue reading

The Mane Event

The Mane Event


I spent the week organizing the office at the gatehouse and sitting through middle school cheer try-outs.

I watched and encouraged and got water bottles and found the perfect headband and helped with the motions and listened.

Listening was the hardest part.

Especially when she tells you that part of her wants to stand-up and shout the cheer from the roof-top and make sure the motions are sharp and wear a cute headband and try her back handspring even if she needs a spotter and part of her wants to stop and not even try and not worry about making it and just cheer from the stands.

Trying out for something you really, really want can be really scary.

I get it.

And so I listened.

Because I understand more than she will ever know.

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