PS Look What I Did With My Dining Table

PS Look What I Did With My Dining Table


I wish you could come over for coffee.

We have 247 things to discuss.

Like did you watch Downton Abbey last night?  And aren’t Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes the cutest couple on the universe?  And I’m so happy for Bates and Anna (except didn’t she look like she had way too much Meryl Norman base on) and that lady that came to blackmail Lady Mary was on my last nerves and good for Edith I hope she will finally be happy and Daisy needs to calm down.

And if you’re going to be in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Friday, January 8 I’d love to meet you.  I’m having a fabric launch party and I’m giving away fabric and notebooks made out of the fabric and note cards made out of the fabric and we’re serving cookies that look like the fabric and partying like it’s 2016.  Which of course it is.  Stop by The Quilt Asylum in McKinney (right off the freeway at the Virgina/Louisiana exit) from 6:00-8:00pm.

And I found the best bobby pins that stay in your hair and come in polka dots.

And I am going to be on television in Nashville.

And I made you the cutest free printable for January at the end of the post.

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Did anyone else get a Fitbit for Christmas?

I didn’t know that much about them until every seventh grader in a 125 mile radius decided they wanted one.

Apparently Fitbits are a thing.

The goal is to get 10,000 steps before the end of the day and now everyone around here is racing and jumping and running in place and walking the halls just to get to 10,000 steps first.

I had no idea a band could turn you into a marathoner.

Maybe I need to get one. :)Continue reading

Forever Looks a Lot Like That

Forever Looks a Lot Like That


Wednesday was my anniversary.

It ended up looking extraordinarily un-anniversary like.

It truly tried to be an anniversary.  A celebration.  A day to remember the incredible day I got married.

It really, really did.


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A Heartbeat In Every Line

A Heartbeat In Every Line


My father was a geologist.

And with every trip and every car ride and every journey to a new state or mountain range or coastline, it was inevitable that he would excitedly exclaim and point and swerve the car to the edge of the road to show us an outcropping.

Or layer of shale.

Or a metamorphic or an igneous or a sedimentary rock.

And with great protests and eye rolls and shared glances, we would all stop what we were doing and begrudgingly listen to the rock lecture.

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Top 10 Posts of The Year

Top 10 Posts of The Year


I just ran the numbers and looked up the top posts of 2015.

And it’s official.

You like paint.


Four of the top posts were about paint, paint and more paint.  Who knew?  And that made me think.  Should I post more paint posts in 2016?  Are there things about paint you wish you knew and wanted to ask someone who wears lipstick and new fancy bobby pins she got for Christmas?

And can I follow up that query with another question?

Are there any other decorating posts you’d like to see in the new year?

Because I have 10 purple finger nails that would love to write them.

In the meantime I’ll be photographing the handmade gifts from Christmas and posting the top ten posts from this year.

And here the are counting down from 1 – 10.

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Random thoughts on an after Christmas morning.

1.  Our house doesn’t look like this now.

It’s hot here.

Like this snow would melt in five minutes kind of hot.

2.  I went to see the movie Joy yesterday.  I’d give it a seven.  The story is great.  But it’s slow going.

3.  Remind me next year to put red lipstick on before family photos.

4.  And I can’t WAIT.  Like capital letter wait… show you the family handmade presents from this year.

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A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish


Merry Christmas Eve.

Can I add an extra merry?

I know it’s a busy day full of family and friends and running and going and general merry-making.

But I wanted to press the pause button for a second.

Just a second.

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Four Super-Easy Last-Minute Gift Tag Ideas

Four Super-Easy Last-Minute Gift Tag Ideas


State of the Christmas update.

I did it.


Back when Hark the Herald Angels thing wasn’t really a thing yet, I made Christmas resolutions and almost stuck to most of them.  Which is really, really good for me.  Most of the time I forget I even made a resolution.

I ordered gifts online.  Check.

I wrapped as I went.  Check.

I planned five last-minute parties when I said I was only going to plan one.  Almost check.

I listened to Christmas music every day.  Check.  (although just between us….if I hear Baby It’s Cold Outside one more time my hair is going to curl all on its own)

But most importantly?  I paused.  I slowed down every now and then.  I laughed really hard.  I looked at more Christmas lights.  I drank more hot chocolate.  I added mini-marshmallows whenever I could.  I sang more carols.

And I tried to spread a little joy wherever I went and remember the reason for the season.

Because that’s what Christmas is truly about. :)

And now….if you are wrapping gifts today…’s some super-easy, last-minute gift tag ideas just for you.Continue reading