Industrial Farmhouse Cutting Board DIY (and a Brilliant Idea)

Industrial Farmhouse Cutting Board DIY (and a Brilliant Idea)


Have you ever worked on a project before and you couldn’t exactly figure it out?

I mean… knew it had potential.

You knew it was almost there.

You knew it could be amazing.

But no mater how hard you tried and worked and adjusted and twisted and turned, you just couldn’t exactly figure it out.

And so you pressed paused and thought for 12 minutes….

…and all of a sudden life handed you a brilliant idea.

Oh good.

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The View From Home

The View From Home


Yesterday we had the annual power washing festival.

You know.

Where you lug out the power washer and the water hoses and start spraying off the winter coat of green and gray and cobwebs and bugs the house has collected since November….

….and somewhere along the way you get wetter than the house.

This is what it looked like when we were done.

The rugs and furniture and porch are soaked and sparkling clean.

The trees are just starting to leaf out and the daffodils are poking up their heads through the bits of grass and the sun is setting over the meadow and sending sunbeams to dance across the painted deck.

Spring is here.

So in honor of spring and the festival and sunshine, I’m sharing my newly power washed view and a little story again about going home.

I couldn’t help it.

Joy made me do it. :)

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This has been a fun week.

We’ve had out of town company and built a pergola in the side yard and watched six baseball games and discovered what vocal fry is and talked about what happens when a tree falls in the yard and how to totally fake clean your house in 14 minutes.

And somewhere between the catches in the outfield and figuring we needed cement for the pergola, I discovered something.

My house is almost ready for summer.

But me?

Not so much.

So I’m drinking extra water and I think I scheduled broccoli for supper.

I’ll keep you posted. :)Continue reading

The Best Piece of Furniture For a Small Space

The Best Piece of Furniture For a Small Space


This is not a sponsored post.

Not even close.

This is an I-didn’t-have-a-lot-of-space-in-the-gatehouse-and-I-wanted-to-find-something-that-would-make-it-work-and-live-large-and-wait-until-you-see-what-I-discovered kind of post.

A just because post.

An I’m so excited I have to write it kind of post.

The kind of post where we have coffee and breakfast and tell each other how amazing our furniture is.

Oh good….you too?

I’ll go first. :)Continue reading

How to Faux Clean Your House in 14 Minutes

How to Faux Clean Your House in 14 Minutes


We’ve all had the phone call.

You know.

The phone rings and you pick it up and it’s your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s mother who is having a jewelry party and she wants to drop off a catalog for the event next week.

Or it’s your mother’s co-worker’s sister’s aunt who needs you to teach the Sunday School lesson and she wants to leave the book at your house.

Or your daughter’s cheerleading coach is dropping her off after practice and wants to talk for just a minute.

Just a minute.

Or your neighbor wants to stop by and discuss the last episode of American Idol over coffee.

And you hang up the phone and look around and realize your house may or may not closely resemble the latest episode of Hoarders.

No worries.

You totally got this.

All you need are 14 minutes and some of my proven tips to faux clean your house for company.Continue reading

It Might Be Like Totally For Me

It Might Be Like Totally For Me

Have you noticed that there’s a way of talking that’s taking over the airwaves and the internet and the local news media?

It’s kind of random and sometimes annoying and it sounds liiiiikkkkkkeeeeee thiiiiissssss.

When someone talks like this, the words at the end of the sentence just trail off….

… if the speaker is kind of bored with life.

As if they can barely summon the energy to finish what they are saying.

I just found out it has a name.

It’s called Vocal Fry.Continue reading

The Tree Whisperer

The Tree Whisperer


Yesterday I read where super successful people spend 12 minutes of every day thinking.

12 minutes spent not on their phones or making lists or watching television or meeting with other super successful people in private planes over the Atlantic ocean.

I thought I would try it so I went to the Gatehouse to think.

And I thought and thought and thought and thought and thought….

….and discovered two things.

1.  Thinking for 12 minutes is a lot harder than it looks.

2.  I think in stories.

Like this one that I’ve told a version of before.

About the history of a tree.

And the family that loved it.Continue reading

Thistlekeeping (and a Giveaway)

Thistlekeeping (and a Giveaway)


(psssst….if you’re looking for the giveaway….it’s at the end)

I’m not sure when painting a room became my favorite thing in the world next to being a mom.

Maybe it’s the transformation.

Maybe it’s the slate wiped clean thing.

Maybe it’s because when you swipe that roller or brush that brush across a surface, you can see change right before your eyes.

Whatever the reason, my red lipstick and I are spending today in paint heaven.

We are in the process of completely making over our local community center and painting the trim and the walls and the spaces and adding furniture and planting flowers.

Now if I could just keep it out of my messy bun. :)Continue reading