Painted Gray Armoire

Painted Gray Armoire


painted gray armoire project

I have worked on this painted gray armoire  a 1000 times… my mind.

In my head…..I’ve painted it white and distressed it. Seriously. And then the next day my mind started painting it red with khaki stripes. And right after that… mind was back at work again…. painting it black with silver leaf doors. And then cream with an orange chevron pattern. And then my mind had this total internal struggle because I read somewhere that chevron is so not in any more and I wasn’t even sure if orange was on the approved chevron list.


Have you ever had a project like that? You know. One that you thought about and thought about and thought about……

…..and never did.


I’m sure you had your reasons. Maybe you just wanted to think about it. Maybe you didn’t have the right paint brush. Maybe Dancing With the Stars was on and you had to vote for the prom king and queen on Twitter. Or maybe you had to wash your hair. And then one day you woke up and realized that if you added up all the hours that you spent thinking about the project…..

… could have painted 100 armoires.


This week I didn’t have the right paint brush and Dancing With the Stars was calling my name…..and I did have to wash my hair. But this was the week that enough was enough… I took the plunge and painted it. Now this is what it looked before. Pretty. Simple. I liked it. I just thought I might like it more if it was black or red or orange or white.


But in the end….I went with gray.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray to be exact.

Are you surprised?

I love that color.


Then I painted a white damask pattern on the doors, hung a few wreaths and added some moss urns. And it only took me an afternoon. Can you even believe it? All that mind-painting for hours and hours and hours…..and it only took an afternoon for the project. :)

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