Pennant Flag Pillow and Go Kentucky!

Pennant Flag Pillow and Go Kentucky!



I was raised on football.

Every Friday night was spent with field goals and touchdowns and cheerleaders and marching bands and the bright stadium lights shining onto the field….

….and kissing your boyfriend under the bleachers. :)

I can still remember the championship game where our team kicked the field goal in the last 20 seconds and won the game by one point.

We screamed and yelled and danced in the stands and raised our hands and cheered until our voices were hoarse.

And for that brief moment we were all united in victory.

I know that it’s all about how you play the game….

…..but sharing the winning makes it all the sweeter. 


And then I moved to Kentucky…..

….where basketball is king.

I don’t think I’d ever been to a basketball game before.

I vaguely knew that there was a ball and a basket and you scored two points and the players were always extra sweaty.

But when in Rome…..or the beautiful countryside of the bluegrass state…..

….it’s always a good idea to follow along with the Romans.


So basketball became my game and I entered the world of three-point shots and shot clocks and boards and amazing dunks and the last 30 seconds of a game that last an eternity…..

….and the amazing dream team that thought it could.

If you don’t follow college basketball….tonight Kentucky plays for the championship.  The road has been a rocky one and full of naysayers and those who didn’t truly believe.

But they made it to the end.

And tonight I’ll be watching and cheering and screaming and yelling….

….and kissing my boyfriend to celebrate.  :)

Go big blue.


How to Make a Pennant Pillow



scrap fabric for back


needle and thread








PS  In the exciting news department….

….I just got back from the headquarters of Better Homes and Gardens.


Here I am lined up for the competition with the other competitors.

We all had to take an IKEA dresser and put our own spin on it.

I went with color…..of course.

More on all this tomorrow. :)

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