Pom Pom Pillow:  Christmas Tree Style

Pom Pom Pillow: Christmas Tree Style



The twins came running in the other day and promptly announced that Jingle….our elf on the shelf….

….was boring.

“Mom….umm….why does Jingle just sit there on the bookshelf?” they asked in unison.

I looked at them in confusion.

“Jingle doesn’t just sit in one place,” I said.  “He moves around.”

“I mean yesterday he was up in one of the kitchen cabinets and today he was hiding behind the basket on the bookshelf.”

Please know that I said this proudly…..with an air of someone who was truly thankful that Jingle had not only remembered to show up….but that he had traveled around the house in only two short days.

Jingle had done his part.

End of discussion.


Until one of the twins continued with, “But he just sits there.  That’s it.  Other people’s elves are wearing superman capes and hanging from the ceiling and getting into the refrigerator walking on the butter and riding roller coasters and eating all the left-over Halloween candy.”



I said nothing.

If I wasn’t mom of the year…..actually what I wanted to say was….


Isn’t it called ELF ON A SHELF?

Not “ELF wearing a superman cape”.

Or “ELF leaving footprints in the butter”.

Or “ELF on a roller coaster”.


And where did all these over-achieving elves come from?


So I stood there silently while the twins exchanged a look that spoke volumes and sounded like……why is our elf so lame and our mother doesn’t get it and why do we have to live in the same house with a book-shelf-sitting-elf…

….and I thought it was the end of it.


Until I found a hand-written note in the kitchen addressed to Jingle next to a plate of snacks and a Snicker’s bar that read:

Dear Jingle,

Here’s some snacks for you in case you get hungry and don’t want to sit on the shelf any more.

It might be fun if you tried to do something silly.

Check with your friends.


the twins

Looks like Jingle might be tiptoeing through the butter after all. :)


Hope your elf on a shelf is behaving and you are looking for a fun Christmas project!

Here’s instructions on

how to make a pom pom Christmas tree pillow.



white pillow case (I bought mine at IKEA)

pink pom poms

fabric glue


pink thread


Step 1:  Glue the pom poms to the pillow

Stagger the pom poms in a triangle pattern.

Glue with fabric glue.

You could also sew them on if you were feeling a little more industrious.

But mine held up fine with the glue (use extra glue just to be sure).


Step 2:  Sew on a spool

Continue gluing the pom poms until the tree is the size you want.

Let dry according to directions.

Sew a wooden spool on for the trunk.

Insert pillow form.


My sister actually created the first Christmas tree pom pom pillow.

She used burlap and tea stained pom poms.

A little more neutral….but just as fun!  :)


PS  I’ve been decorating the farmhouse for Christmas in colors like this.  You can check out all my inspiration (and the most beautiful photos) over on my post at the Lamp’s Plus blog today.


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