Beach Sign

Beach Sign


I can’t decide what I want to write this post about.

Does that ever happen to you?


As I was painting this sign to go into the guest bathroom….I was thinking.

Thinking about what I wanted to say.

And there were so many random thoughts….so many things to tell you….that I couldn’t just pick one.


So in no particular order….here are the random thoughts from a wooden sign painter.



Random Thought Number 1:   How many projects can you make from one $4.99 gray paint sample from Sherwin Williams?

I think I’m approaching Guinness World Record status at this point.

I painted parts of an entire alphabet project and parts of a 22 canvases for the Pass It On Project and parts of a vintage toolbox filled with book page flowers and parts of a kitchen hutch and the “beach” in this wooden beach sign…..

…..using this paint sample.

And I still have a 1/4 of the can left.


It’s like enough all ready.

There should be a warning label about this sort of thing.


Random Thought Number 2:  Why did my husband think that the board I used for this sign should be used for a shelf?

He carried this board in yesterday and told me he was making a shelf for the closet.


Everyone knows that you don’t really see boards you use to make shelves in closets and you should always use non-cute boards for closet shelves.

And this board was definitely cute.



It was way too cute and had much loftier aspirations than simply to live its life as a closet board.

It wanted to live a good clean life and graduate from a four-year college and make its parents proud with its new career as a beach sign.

And look at it now.

It just goes to show that the sky is the limit for a good-looking, clean-living, college-educated piece of lumber.



Random Thought Number 3:  Does a beach sign only work in the summer?

Will I feel weird in December when I stare at the beach sign and perhaps even more importantly….has the beach sign exhausted its ability to transcend from season to season?

Maybe I should have just made an all-seasonal sign like:


or “Sailing”

or “Bless Your Heart.”

A real confidence booster of a sign if I ever saw one.



Random Thought Number 4:  Why is my family always auditioning for this blog?

They saw me working on this project.

Actually they were trying to brush their teeth while I was photographing it.



So they start in.

Random things like “Why does the arrow point that way?”

And “Which beach are you talking about?”

And to prove they actually are reading the blog….I heard this real zinger “You need to get out your Lee Press-On-Nails to get this sticker off the board.”



They have to understand.

This is a high-class operation.

I’m not sure where they got the impression that these posts aren’t finely crafted pieces of literature.



And my family should know better…..

…….random thoughts or comments like that are never going to make the blog :)

PS  I couldn’t help it.  I laughed so hard I almost spit out my diet coke this morning.  My wonderful, funny, creative, incredible workroom creator friend sent me this in an e-mail this morning after he read the post.

And I had to share his brilliance.

“No wonder my lumber is so expensive!  College loans!  I need to start shopping in the “dropped out of high school/thinking about taking the GED” section of the lumber yard.”


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