Reclaimed Wood Art

Reclaimed Wood Art



Dear Jane Austen,

You had me at hello.


How did you know how much I adore novels written about England in the 1800’s with dukes and earls and estates and governesses and tapestries and English garden parties and afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches?

It’s like you wrote them just for me.

And Mr. Darcy?


All cool and calm and totally autocratic with a sleek gray exterior….but ready to sweep a girl off her feet in an English gazebo in the rain with amazingly styled curly wet hair and an immaculate waist coat.


Who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy?


I mean….you did a good job with Charles Bingley and his winning smile, perfect manners and that incredible wavy hair…..and even the most scrupulous of readers has to admit that George Wickham does look dashing in his military uniform.


But in the end…it always comes back to Mr. Darcy.


It was a Pride and Prejudice kind of day when I created this mantel with its reclaimed wood art.

A little romantic.

A little gray.

But definitely worthy of cucumber sandwiches, afternoon tea….

…and a walk in the rain with an immaculate waistcoat. :)

Reclaimed Wood Spring Mantel Art

Reclaimed Wood Spring Mantel Art


Step 1:  Find a couple of old fence posts

Pick them up from the pasture.

Don’t have a pasture?

Lowe’s will do.

Dig around until you find a few that look like they have been at the party too long with extra weathering.


Step 2:   Cut fence posts into small rectangles

Cut rectangles 2 1/2″ wide by 4″ long.

Mark a point in the center of the top of the rectangle.

Make two diagonal cuts from that point to form the “roof” of the house.

Repeat step 2 to make 9 additional houses.


Step 3:  Cut strips of fence post

Each strip is 36″ long and 2 1/2″ wide.

We used eight strips to create the piece we created.

Cut a smaller board and attach to all the strips of fence post to create a wood rectangle.


Step 4:  Hot glue the houses to the board

Flip the board over so the front side of the boards show.

Place the houses where you want them on the board.

I placed them approximately 3 inches apart.

Hot glue in place.


This is such a fun project.

Who knew an old fence post could turn into a work of art?

Even though snobby Caroline Bingley would probably turn up her nose at it.

Pride and Prejudice.


Sense and Sensibility.

Absolute perfection….each and everyone.

Jane Austen….just in case no one has told you this in the last one-hundred years….

….you are such a rock star.

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