Simple “Pumpkin Rolls”

Simple “Pumpkin Rolls”

Pumpkin Rolls in a Cornucopia

Did you know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?

Can you even believe it?

Doesn’t it just seem like we were watching fireworks and swatting mosquitos and eating hot dogs and singing God Bless America yesterday…..on the Fourth of July?


But you see….I knew Thanksgiving was right around the corner.

It was hard to miss.

For the past week our local news station has shown “The Week In Weather” in the mornings with a dancing turkey graphic on Thanksgiving day.  The turkey dances all around and kind of squawks and wiggles and shimmies and shakes his tail feathers….all over November 22.

And the best part…..he’s wearing a pilgrim hat.


Pumpkin Rolls


Really, Channel 6….

…..a pilgrim hat?

Isn’t this the time of year when turkey’s are supposed to make themselves scarce?

Maybe even go ingcognito…..disguised as a rhinoceros or a tyrannosaurus rex or a penguin.

Not here.

Not in Kentucky.


Here our turkeys are auditioning for commercials and getting agents and worrying about being typecast and dreaming of their name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Impressive Kentucky turkeys….each and everyone.

I’m actually interviewing  a few later this afternoon…..

……and I can’t wait for them to meet my Thanksgiving table :)



Pumpkin Rolls

(I used frozen rolls from the freezer section (so much easier)….but I was inspired by this recipe)

(Don’t tell the turkeys, but these deserve a starring role in your next Thanksgiving production)


Pumpkin Rolls


Step 1:  Purchase a bag of Rhodes Bake ‘n Serve Dinner Rolls

Coat pan with non-stick cooking spray.

Place rolls on pan and cover with plastic wrap.

Let rolls rise for two hours.


Pumpkin Rolls


2:  Slice edges of dinner rolls

Uncover plastic wrap from rolls.

Using a sharp knife, slice seven to eight sections of roll, leaving the center intact.


Pumpkin Rolls


Step 3:  Press hole in the center of roll

This is where you will insert your stem.

Re-cover with plastic wrap.

Let rise for an additional one to two hours.

Check to make sure your holes are still indented.  If needed, press again.

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.


Egg Wash


Step 4:  Coat rolls with egg wash

This gives your pumpkin a nice shiny coat.

Then bake rolls for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.




Step 5:  Cut whole pecans into thirds

Insert a third into the center of each pumpkin roll as your stem.


Rolls Made to Look Like Pumpkins


Pumpkin rolls.

From my macaroni and cheese Thanksgiving kitchen to yours.

And all the Kentucky turkeys here at Thistlewood wish each and every one of you a wonderful, joyous, blessed Thanksgiving day.

Happy Happy Turkey Day  :)



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