So You Think You Might Like to Blog?

So You Think You Might Like to Blog?


You know what’s funny?

I write a blog.  I take pictures for a blog.  I tell stories and create projects and decorate rooms for a blog……

….but I never really talk about blogging.

So when Ursula from Made by Carmona contacted me to see if I wanted to be part of a series with bloggers sharing their advice on what they have learned from blogging….

…..I wasn’t sure.

I wondered if any of you were interested in learning about blogging?

Or if you have ever thought about starting your own blog?

Or maybe you’ve started a blog and you are looking for a little inspiration?

If not….I’m distracting you with pictures from around the farmhouse.

If so….

.…this blogging story is for you.


My blogging journey began two years ago with lofty aspirations….along with extra pumpkins and not a tree skirt in sight.

For the first six months….I never thought about making money or that my toes might not be interesting to people or that there might be giant opinions about my bathroom….

….or that blogging could ever be a business.

Month after month passed as I skipped down the yellow brick road of blogging with the tin man and the scarecrow….until one day I came to a fork in the road….

…and I decided to attend a blogging conference.



I went solo.

All by myself without any peeps.

(total aside:  if you are ever going to attend a blogging conference…..peeps make everything so much better)

The first night of the conference began with a cocktail party for all the attendees.

So I put on my new outfit and teased my highlighted hair and walked my blinged-out-flip-flop-self downstairs and into a dark room filled with people I had never met before in my entire life.

I was wearing these amazing earrings and I had these brand new business cards that I had printed off at Wal-Mart that I thought were extra fancy….and so with a smile and a confident toss of my brilliantly coiffed hair….

…..I walked up to the first group of bloggers I saw.


They asked me my blog name and I handed them my business card and grinned…..and waited for the fun to start.  This is the part where we were all going to hug and talk blogging and give each other ideas and hold hands and become best friends forever.

Maybe not.

Maybe not even close.

They weren’t impressed.

They looked at each other with that look that spoke volumes…..that said that they had never heard of me.

They gave me a cursory glance and looked over my head to see if someone more popular was around.



I stood their awkwardly for a moment as my hair and my outstretched business card wilted just a little.  And then….undaunted….I soldiered on.  I approached another group of beautiful people laughing and talking and becoming instant best friends…

…..and it happened again.

And again.  And again.  And again.

Until my confidence was shattered.

Until inside I shivered.

Until I wanted to take my earrings and flip-flops and big box business cards….and go home.

But instead….I gathered my tattered pride and my bedraggled hair and with my head held high….I went up to my hotel room….

….and sat and cried.


Mid-cry….I decided to listen to my voice mail.

There was one from my children.  They were calling to wish me luck… ask me how much fun I was having….

….and to tell them about all the new friends I had met.


It made me cry harder.

It made me wish I had ordered my business cards from a fancy online store.

It made me wish my blog was funnier and brighter and more creative and…and….and….

….just better.


And then I stopped mid pity party.

Because why?

Why was I worried about my blog being better or more creative or funnier or more than it was…..

….because I was there.


I was in the house. 

I was there…..with my stories and my waving hands and my giggle and my joy.

And me, myself and I were better than any blog post could ever hope to be.


And so the next day I marched myself downstairs with a sparkling set of flip flops and a new attitude….

….and then I laughed and danced and listened and storied my way through the conference.

Maybe it was the flip flops.

Maybe it was the new perspective.

Maybe it was the joy bubbling out of me for the next 48 hours.

Whatever the reason….on the last day…..I sat on the front row and appointed myself to approach the sponsors and thank them for hosting the conference.

Like I was on the greeting committee.

Like I was someone important…..someone with a voice to be heard and a story to tell….

….like I was me. :)


The moral of this blogging tale?

Remember there is only one you….and that you is special and wonderful and creative and amazing.  And the blog that you write will be your voice and your story to tell…

….so tell it with confidence and joy.

And if you ever attend a blogging conference….

…perspective and a little blinged out footwear can make all the difference. :)

Confessions-Kariann copy

If you have ever thought of starting a blog….be sure to join us tomorrow for a complete list of resources to help you start your journey.

If you are reading this….and you have a resource that you think would be helpful to other bloggers….stop back by tomorrow and link up.

Confessions of a Newbie Blogger3

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