Spoon Necklace

Spoon Necklace


How to Make a Spoon Necklace

The other day we had a yard sale.

We sold a claw foot bathtub and an old trunk and a Ho Ho Ho pillow and two chairs missing spindles and a bunch of old trophies and a yellow train track set and box full of cassette tapes.

High dollar stuff.

Aren’t you sad you missed it?

And during the frenzy of shopping activity…..

……my mother told everyone about my blog.


The lady buying the chairs with the missing spindles looked remotely interested.

And then we had a run on the Christmas mugs and the moment was gone.

Stamped Spoon Necklace

That’s my mother.

Cheerleader.  Coach.  Teacher.  Nana.

Occasional saint.

Fan of Emily Post.

Expert granola baker.

Prom dress-maker.

And full to the brim of unsolicited opinions.

And I adore her….opinions and all.


Here’s the perfect gift to make for the granola-baking cheerleader in your life.


How to Make a Spoon Necklace




spoon (at the risk of stating the obvious)

steel stamping block


silver stamps

jump ring


Silver-stamps Step 1:  Remove the handle of the spoon

Put the handle of the spoon in a vice grip and use a hack saw to saw off the handle.

Use a metal file to file down any rough edges.


Step 2:  Flatten the spoon with a rubber mallet

Hammer the spoon until flat.

You will still have some bumps when you finish.

It’s okay.

They’re called character.


Step 3:  Drill hole for necklace

Clamp flattened spoon down and drill a hole through the silver.

Use a small drill bit.

Don’t drill to close to the edge.

File any sharp edges with a metal file.


Step 4:  Choose the size of stamps you want to use

Here are the three sizes of stamps I have.

1/4 (largest)…..all caps.

5/64 (2mm) (medium)…..all caps.

3/32 (smallest) …..lower case.

I used the 1/4 for the NANA necklace and the 5/64 for the name necklace.


Step 5:  Stamp spoon

Place spoon on the stamping block.

Hold the silver stamp where you want the letter to go and hit hard with a hammer several times.

Sometimes you have to flip the spoon over and flatten it again when the edges curl up slightly.


Step 6:  Fill in letters with a fine tipped sharpie

After you finish stamping….the letters will be a little hard to see.

Just trace each letter with a fine-tip sharpie.

Step 7:  Add the jump ring and chain

I really like the jump rings that resemble key chains.

They are so much easier to use.

I buy the chain in extra long strands from Hobby Lobby and use needle nose pliers to adjust it to fit.

Stamped Spoon Necklace

I love you mother.

I love that you have shown such strength and courage to make it through the last few weeks.

I love that you have pushed me and cheered me and lifted me up and kept me humble.

I love that the claw foot bathtub and the trunk and the trophies and the yellow train track all went to good homes.

And I love…..

…..that you believe in me enough to tell a yard full of cassette tape buyers about Thistlewood.

You are a rock star.

Happy Mother’s Day.

PS  I get asked all the time about silver stamping supplies!  Here’s what I used to get started:

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