Spray Painted Numbered Baskets

Spray Painted Numbered Baskets



The day I decided to make spray painted numbered baskets…..

…..was the day all the turtles in the county decided to cross the road.

I’m still not really sure what prompted the mass exodus to the other side of the street….but they were everywhere.

Little ones and big ones and tiny ones.

All making a trek across the black top.

Have you ever seen a turtle in the middle of the road?

It looks just like a rock.


The whole thing was totally a precarious situation.

The other day, I stopped the car and held up traffic waiting for one..  It inched along….sticking its neck out and laboriously lifting its foot….one after the other.



Putting one turtle foot in front of the other.

People honking.

A line of cars.

Me….silently cheering him on.

All of us waiting for one turtle to cross the road.


But I had to wait….because you see….I completely understand.

I can totally identify.

Some days I have to channel my inner turtle….

….just to make it from one side of the road to the other. :)

In honor of turtle-crossing-the-road-day….

…here’s an easy tutorial on spray-painted numbered baskets!


I started with plain baskets from Wal-Mart.

I spray painted them gray long ago.

Back when it was turkey-crossing-the-road-day.


Here’s what they looked like at Christmas.




But they needed a little something more.


Step 1:  Print number off computer

I printed off numbers on the computer

I used Ariel Bold enlarged to 500.

1-IMG_8958 Step 2:  Cut out number

Using scissors….cut out the center of the letter.

Now you have a customized stencil.

1-IMG_8959 Step 3:  Tape to basket

Decide where you want the numbers to be.

Tape number to basket.

Spray with spray paint.

Spray straight-on to prevent the spray paint from bleeding.


Step 4:  Repeat for second number

Spray paint second number using above steps.

Remove paper.


It was such an easy project!

Each basket took me about 10 minutes…..start to finish.

Much faster than it took the turtle to get across the road. :)

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