Spring Porch Decorating

Spring Porch Decorating

Screen In Back Porch

Yesterday it felt like spring.


I heard birds chirping and the sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing and I could almost hear the collective sigh of joy from the front lawn.

I think the blades of grass were hosting an open house with a limbo contest.


I know it won’t last.

I know that snow is in the forecast for Wednesday and cold temperatures are predicted for the rest of the week…..with a 90% chance of gloomy and dreary.

But for one brief shining moment…..for one sunny, breezy afternoon….I could almost smell spring.

So yesterday….I did what self-respecting person would do on an almost spring day…..

…..I took the Christmas trees down from the back porch.

Back Porch


Of course I did.

I really think it was time.

I know it’s February 11.

I know that December and Deck the Halls and fruit cake and the shepherds and wise men and Santa Claus have all come and gone…..and we are staring Valentine’s Day straight in the face.


I know.

Back Porch Table


Maybe I was waiting for spring.

Or the next full moon.

Or the summer solstice.


Or maybe I was just patiently waiting for the blades of grass to stop all their partying……

……and form a Christmas tree removal committee.  :)

PS  If you need a little porch inspiration…..check out my post over at Lamps Plus with some incredibly beautiful porches and plenty of tips for spring porch decorating.

And I can promise you…..there’s not a Christmas tree in sight. :)

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