Easter Table Decorating

Easter Table Decorating


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What do you write when you can’t think of anything to say about Easter table decorating?

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Or just me?

You know all about tables and decorating and Easter and daffodils and moss.


You just don’t have the words.


I mean….you have a few tips.

Like digging up these daffodils from the back pasture.

And that you have a love affair with moss.

And that this tablecloth is totally indoor/outdoor and was only $10.00.

And dragonflies look super cute on nests.



So instead of a funny, witty lines….you are left with….

….here is a close-up of a daffodil.

I know.


Way clever, right?

Makes you want to keep reading….right?


If you thought that was amazing prose…..here’s another.

Get ready.

Wait for it…..wait for it.

Ummm…..here is a sliced orange.


I thought for hours on what to write.

I drank water.

I checked my e-mails.

I drank some more water.

If you only knew….I am never at a loss for words.  I talk all day long.  If they handed out college degrees for talking, I would have graduated Summa Cum Laude.  With a PhD.

Not today.

Maybe it’s American Idol?  I totally thought that Charlie Askew was going to make it into the Top 10.  I mean he did go a little dark and unusually dramatic with the whole pony tail jumping around scene…..but he was unique and wonderful and absolutely totally himself.  I think I heard a collective gasp across America when they didn’t call his name.


Writer’s block.

Please tell me this has happened to you.

Please make me feel better today and tell me there was a time you sat down to write a post and….the….words….just….weren’t…..there.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll find my voice and I’ll be talking for days.

You’ll be wishing for the whole lost voice thing again.


I think…..ummm…..I think…..

…..I think another story’s starting now. :)

PS  Okay…..now I have a giant….not just a little….a GIANT favor to ask you.

See I’m in this contest….(don’t you just love sentences that start like that)…..and it’s a competition between 12 bloggers.

I’m paired with a star….or in my case….two stars….the amazing Whitney and Ashley…..to help inspire me with a project.

And my project is up today!

So f you have a second…..go over to the East Coast Creative Blog and vote for your favorite project (which I’m crossing my fingers is mine)!

But it’s anonymous.

You won’t know which one is mine.  And the bottom three go home.


I know….right?

Now do you see why I’m nervous and asking you for giant favors and shaking in my anonymous shoes.

So here goes nothing…..just click here and vote.

Fingers crossed. :)

Easter Tablescapes Series (2) (1)

PPS  I am also participating in a week of Easter table decor over at Uncommon Designs with all of these amazing blogs!

Each day a new display will be featured over at Bonnie and Trish’s!

I can feel Spring!

Isn’t it wonderful!

Have a blessed and amazing day!

sharing this over at Between Naps on a Porch and Kim’s.

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