Stenciled Concrete Pavers

Stenciled Concrete Pavers


Until about a month ago we were a non-jumping household.

To get from place to place….we walked everywhere.

Well…..most of the time we walked.

Sometimes we walked really fast.

Sometimes we ran.

Sometimes we skipped.

And….truthfully…..there was even the occasional slight hop.

But we never really had a jumper…..

…..until someone turned thirteen.



What is up with thirteen year-old boys and all the leaping and jumping and bouncing like a tightly wound spring?

Do ceilings exist…..just to see if someone can jump and touch them with the tips of their fingers?

And the space above the doorway….why is it such an irresistible target?


The other day I asked my thirteen-year-old-jumper with complete consternation and confusion…“Why????  Why do you have to jump?

Anywhere.  Everywhere.

At church….at school…outside….in Wal-Mart….at Pizza Hut.

Why all this sudden interest in jumping?”

He stared at me.  Then he blinked twice…..leaned back on his heels and soared through the air to touch the molding above the butler’s pantry with a double Pemchanko twist…..landed with a smile….

….and said, “Because I can.”


Good thing we live in the country.

Good thing we have acres and acres and acres of jumping room.

Good thing I’m an incredible mother with a ladder and cleaner to get rid of all the hand prints above the doorways.

Good thing. :)

We worked all weekend outside in the yard and here’s a fun project my “jumper” and I made for the path that goes down to the pond.


Stenciled Concrete Paver Project


Concrete Paver


Concrete Paint


1.  Start with a basic concrete paver

We had these back by the workshop.

But I’ve seen stacks of them at home improvement stores.


2.  Choose your stencil

I used the damask stencil from Hobby Lobby that I used for this project.

You could make a monogram.

Or a stripe….whatever works for your outside space.


Step 3:  Choose your paint color

I used the paint color left over from this project.

Take a stencil brush and dip it in the paint and blot off the excess.


Step 4:  Pounce the brush on the stencil

Go lightly at first.

Then go back over for a second coat to make it a little darker.

Have fun.

It doesn’t matter if you mess up….you’ll be walking on these.


When you’re finished it will look like this.

Or some facsimile thereof.

All four pavers took 30 minutes start to finish.

We let them dry and then my future NBA star hauled them to the side yard and placed them on the path that leads to the pond…..and without missing a beat…..

……turned around and jumped up to touch the top of the arbor.

PS  He wanted to hang off the arbor to impress all of you for the picture…..but I told him just to smile. :)


PS  I’m so excited….not just a little excited….over-the-moon-raising-my-hands-in-the-air-and-dancing-a-jig-excited because……

…..I’m speaking at Haven.

Can you even believe it?

I didn’t say anything about this before….because between you and me…..I kept thinking they were going to change their minds.

 But they just posted my picture on the speakers board….so there’s no going back now.

Are you going?  Please say yes….so we can meet and say hello….I’ll be the one with the red lipstick. :)

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