Stamped Spoon Projects:  Picture Frame Holder

Stamped Spoon Projects: Picture Frame Holder



When I think of my wedding day there are so many amazing memories…..

….but one is my favorite.

I remember sitting on the floor of the kitchen in hot rollers and red lipstick and a monogrammed train….refusing to budge…..

….because I had just read Dear Abbey.

I remember the smell of Christmas trees and the flicker of the candlelight and the smile on my mother’s face and the receiving line and the topiary fruit trees that the caterer made because I had seen them in a movie.

I remember the sailor dress I wore when we left the reception and the car we drove away in decorated courtesy of my brothers…..covered with cans and streamers and shoe polished windows and a sign tied to the back.

All that was amazing.


But that wasn’t my favorite part.

Not even close.


I got married in a church with a center aisle covered in a monogrammed white runner.  And right at the entrance to the aisle were a set of double doors.

Everyone in the wedding party walked through those doors.

First the flower girls.

Then the bridesmaids.

Then the maid of honor.

One by one they slowly walked down that monogrammed runner.

Until I was alone at the back of the church….

….arm in arm with my father.


After the bridal party entered…..there was a moment of silence as the congregation stood slowly to their feet.

We stood solemnly….my father and I….simply waiting….

….waiting for it all to begin.

And then the organist started playing “Here Comes the Bride” and the double doors opened and 350 people turned to watch me walk down that monogrammed runner.

I hesitated ever so slightly.

You see….I was worried.

Worried that I’d trip.

Worried that my veil was caught on the earring.

Worried that the train would catch on the runner and I’d carry it down the aisle with me.

Hesitation and worry and nerves all wrapped up into a knot…..

…..wearing bright red lipstick and AquaNet.


And when I hesitated…..

… father took that first step.

Wearing a black tuxedo with a bow tie and a beaming smile….he held my arm proudly and guided me down the center aisle of that Christmas-tree scented, candle-lit church full of people.

I know it seems like such a small, insignificant thing to remember about a wedding day.

But for me… was everything.

And so much more.

Because in that moment…..when I needed him the most….when I faced a monogrammed runner and a center aisle and room full of people and a new life….

….he showed every step of the way. :)


PS  Here’s an easy gift idea for the bride in your life.

Make a stamped spoon picture holder.


All you need is one of these.


And two of these.

Flatten the spoons and stamp them with your bride and groom’s names.

Here’s a quick tutorial on stamping and other stamped spoon projects.

Then glue the spoons to a picture frame holder from the dollar store with a strong craft adhesive.

You might even frame a copy of the wedding invitation and wrap it up with the picture frame holder.

Perfect gift for happily-ever-afters…..

….and the trip down that monogrammed runner. :)


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