Even Chairs Need a Little Confidence Sometimes (And a Giveaway)

Even Chairs Need a Little Confidence Sometimes (And a Giveaway)


Master Bedroom Chair

I spent this last weekend speaking at a blogging conference called Haven.

It was a weekend full of laughs and catching up with old friends and wearing red lipstick and tromping through the halls and dancing on my tiptoes….

….and accidentally walking around with a band-aid in my hair.

But that is a story for another day.

Today we are talking about this chair and voting for our favorite and I’m giving away $100 Amazon gift card to one of you.

Just because I woke up and the sun was shining…..

…..and it’s a wonderful day to be alive.Continue reading

Before and After Bedroom Reveal

Before and After Bedroom Reveal

1-pallet wood organizer

It’s that time of year again.

National Painting Week with Sherwin-Williams.

The week of the year where they select a handful of bloggers to redesign a room and make it their own with a little paint and a lot of imagination.  This year, I completely transformed a room upstairs that you’ve never seen before.

I know.

I get it.

I’m as surprised as you that it has taken this room as long as it has to show up on the blog.

But I think a few stinky socks got in the way. :)Continue reading

Before and After Beach House Bedroom

Before and After Beach House Bedroom


before and after wood wall

I finally finished the beach house bedroom.

And after every board was hung and every piece painted and every curtain sewed and hung and every pillow placed…..

….I took these pictures in the middle of a hurricane.

Hello, Arthur. :)

cape cod bedroom makeover

There’s so much more to the story….but before I begin….

….let take a trip back to remember where we started.

Before Arthur.

Before the winds and the rains and a gloomy horizon……when we started at the very beginning.

We arrived at the Cape two weeks ago to sunny weather and blue skies and a bedroom that looked like this.Continue reading

Beach Inspired Bedroom Makeover

Beach Inspired Bedroom Makeover

beach inspired bedroom

In the words of the incredible talented Julie Andrews….

“Let’s start at the very beginning.  It’s a very good place to start.”

And so…

.…..this is where the beach inspired bedroom makeover started.

This is what the room looked like when I arrived.

beach inspired bedroom makeover

There was a bed and simple white curtains at the windows….a blue accent wall and mis-matched bedding with a beautiful brass gold headboard.

A blank slate waiting for the next chapter to be written.

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That Bird is Not Your Friend

That Bird is Not Your Friend



No one ever said decorating the room of a teenage boy was easy.

But decorating the room of teenage boy with a big opinion…..

…..is even more challenging.

And decorating the room of a teenage boy with a big opinion…..when you only want to play Flappy Bird on your iPhone…..

….is almost impossible. :)Continue reading

Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Tour



Hello friend.

I am so glad you are here.


You….the one drinking the coffee or the hot tea or the diet coke or eating the blueberry muffin.

If you are visiting from Julia’s….nice to meet you.

I’m karianne….the one drinking pumpkin spice coffee with red lipstick on.

Are you ready?

Let’s get this fall tour started!

  budget-fall-decorating-ideas-door-ideas-fall-home-tour Continue reading

A Little Bedroom Decorating Inspiration #ChoiceisYours

A Little Bedroom Decorating Inspiration #ChoiceisYours


Tulips Master Bedroom

As part of the #Choiceisyours contest….Tempur Pedic asked me to put together my own #Choiceisyours Pinterest board full of bedroom decorating ideas and inspiration that represented both my design style…..

…..and my husband’s.

I was excited.

And thrilled.

And overjoyed…..until.

Until…..I realized I had absolutely no idea what my husband’s design style was.

I’ve never asked him.


Ever….in the history of ever.

Spring Master Bedroom

So I embarked on a quest to find out…..

And here’s how the conversation went:Continue reading

Five Before and After Room Makeovers

Five Before and After Room Makeovers


I can’t believe I’m saying this….

….we are starting on round two of the house decorating.

Are you surprised?

Are you rolling your eyes?

Are you sighing?

Are you thinking….I mean…isn’t she decorating the gatehouse and didn’t she just start a burlap blog and isn’t she about to travel to Alabama for a show with her stamped spoons and the entire contents of her attic?Continue reading