The Kitchen:  How to Add Architectural Detail to Your Home

The Kitchen: How to Add Architectural Detail to Your Home


add architectural detail to your home


 Hello rock star.

If you are visiting from White Buffalo Styling Company on the favorite room home tour….my kitchen and I are happy you are here. :)

When we first bought the farmhouse….the kitchen looked absolutely nothing like the picture above.  There were no moldings or khaki walls or faux transom windows or white cabinets…..and the antique pine flooring was buried under four layers of indoor/outdoor carpet and linoleum.

The before needed a makeover.

Like yesterday.Continue reading

How I Transformed This Dresser and a Giant Favor

How I Transformed This Dresser and a Giant Favor


Four days, five hours and thirty-six minutes ago…..

…..I left the Better Homes and Gardens headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.

It was the trip of a lifetime for a girl who lives in the middle of nowhere and drives an hour an a half to shop at Target.

I will never forget a single minute of it.

And the giantest of thank yous to you and your votes that sent me.

This was it.

This was the final round of the make-over madness competition.

102227716 The challenge?

To transform this IKEA dresser into something amazing.

And with a little paint….new knobs….some washers from the home improvement store….a few pieces of wood and glue….Continue reading

Before and After Home Office

Before and After Home Office



Today I am tired.

A wonderful, incredible joyful tired… that comes from a happy heart.

The office at the gatehouse is finally finished.


You understand….right?

Are you ever really finished?

Isn’t there always another project or a yard sale find or a paint treatment or a new fabric or a little trash to treasure….

….just around the corner?

But for today….just for this glorious, wonderful, incredible day… tired, fulfilled, joyous self and I ….

…..we are done. :)Continue reading

Before and After Living Room

Before and After Living Room



I left a little of my heart in North Carolina.


Have you ever been there?

It was a week full of majestic mountains and rolling hills covered with brilliant colored trees and streams of sunlight dancing across the horizon and cool crisp air that smelled like fall…..

….and a decorating challenge.

La-z-boy hosted a group of bloggers and invited them to create a room inspired by a sofa they created.

I designed a neutral sofa (are you surprised) with classic lines and silver nail head trim.  Then I selected SW Mindful Gray for the walls and when I started… room looked like this…..Continue reading

Five Before and After Room Makeovers

Five Before and After Room Makeovers


I can’t believe I’m saying this….

….we are starting on round two of the house decorating.

Are you surprised?

Are you rolling your eyes?

Are you sighing?

Are you thinking….I mean…isn’t she decorating the gatehouse and didn’t she just start a burlap blog and isn’t she about to travel to Alabama for a show with her stamped spoons and the entire contents of her attic?Continue reading

The Little Office That Could

The Little Office That Could


Office Organization ideas


Is this the post you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for?


I mean I know American Idol has started and we are all voting and crossing our fingers that Lazaro makes it through to the next round….but today it is all about the details.

Remember the office make-over?

Remember the before.Continue reading

A Slice of Joy

A Slice of Joy

Upstairs Bathroom Chair

For the last week I have been valiantly fighting a cold. 

And it almost won.

Almost.Continue reading

United We Stand

impossibilities    noun   pl.

1.  the quality or state of being impossible

2.  something impossible 

But then again, everyone has their own definition of “impossibilities.” 

For example, some might consider turning this:

into this….

… “Impossibility.”

Others might define….

….turning this….

…into this as an “Impossibility.”

Still others might define it as….

….turning this….. ….into this.

But not me.


No way.

You see my fine blogging friend…..

I define “Impossibility” as….

photo credit:  cooking for seven

….turning this….

photo credit:  cooking for seven

….into this.

Okay….maybe not grinding the wheat (I got a little carried away)….

….but you get the general idea.

Baking homemade bread…..that is my definition of “Impossibility.”

You see….I have never baked bread before. 

Full disclosure:  And I have never made pork chops or lasagna or chicken and dumplings or coleslaw or ….you get the idea.  I’ll stop while I gather up the few shreds of dignity I have left.

I can paint in my sleep, glitter until the cows come home and build and create with my eyes closed…..

….but the thought of baking or cooking or chopping or dicing or frying usually overwhelms me.

But not today.

Not here.

Not now.


             ….today I scoff at impossibility.

I am really to go forth into this great big wide world of ours and conquer the fear of the unknown.


Because of you.  Because we are all in this together.  United we stand and all that good stuff. 

Oh….and I have a 100% guaranteed successful no-fail bread recipe from Revisionary Life.  It’s actually called “No Fail Bread” recipe.

It’s going to be good.  I’m thinking positively.

I’ve made a little progress…..I mean….I got the recipe, didn’t I.

For a little more progress and inspiration here’s what the blogger support group has been up to:

Karah is making great strides (check out her speck)!

Kelly is in the process of conquering her basement (check out her AWESOME before pictures)!

Linda is choosing her paint color (check out the other updates she posted)!

Stacey has some great fabric selections for her purse!

and Andrea is building her shelves!

Now in the spirit of “united we stand,” here are a few incredible bloggers who have taken the challenge:

Oakview Cottage

Three Sweet Peas

Buffalo Roam

Common Ground

Maxwell House Interiors

Take a moment to stop by and encourage them as they work on their own definition of “Impossibility.”

PS  If this is your first visit and you want to know more about this exciting, scintillating, thrilling challenge click here.

PSS  If you are not sure what scintillating means click here.

PSSS  If you are worn out from hearing about the impossibilities challenge and you just need a good laugh click here.