DIY Giant Chalkboard Calendar

DIY Giant Chalkboard Calendar


This post is written in collaboration with Homeright.

chalkboard calendar

Good morning rock star.

Happy almost Thanksgiving.

I know this is the time of year to be defrosting turkeys and baking pies with homemade crusts and soaking beans and adding marshmallows to sweet potatoes.

And that’s kind of what we are doing here.

Kind of.

But we stopped along the Thanksgiving road to pause and take some old, tired, worn out windows and make this.

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Unpacking the Christmas Boundaries

Unpacking the Christmas Boundaries

Red and white Christmas ribbon

Every year I have big plans for the holidays.


Really big.

Like planning to host a cookie party and decorating the front yard with a six foot nativity set that I saw someone build on Pinterest and making my own hot cocoa mix and greeting the kids getting off the bus with a cocoa bar on the back porch and designing my own Christmas cards and mailing out 267 out to some of my closest friends and hanging lighted snowflakes that play carols on the trees.

I usually start off strong.

Really strong.

I send out invitations for four parties and download the plans for the nativity set and try and plan out what we are all going to wear for the Christmas card and then somewhere between the ribbons and the caroling and the decorating….

 …..I lose a little steam.

And I end up wrapping gifts with newspaper at midnight on Christmas Eve.Continue reading




winter farmhouse n snow with a red door

Random Christmas questions (and one breakfast question) on a Saturday morning:

1.  What are your thoughts on antlers on the Christmas tree?

Too much?

Not enough?

2.  What are your thoughts on going all old school with red and green and adding plaid?

3.  What are your thoughts on McDonald’s serving breakfast all day and leaving the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu?

4.  What are your thoughts on Christmas sweaters that blink?

And what if they sing?

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DIY Magnolia Leaf Garland

DIY Magnolia Leaf Garland

diy magnolia leaf garland project

Our family spent yesterday playing “Would You Rather?”

Have you heard of it?

It’s a game (ours was an app on the phone) that asks you to decide between two things.

Like…..would you rather life a life without elbows or a life without knees?

Or would you rather have the flu for two days or a cold for two weeks?

Or would you rather be able to read a book or read a mind?

Or would you rather give up coffee or your phone?

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White Christmas

Random thoughts on a cold Monday morning:

1.  Santa Claus is coming to town.

2.  I adore you.


If you read this blog you have officially made my year.

3.  As part of a fundraiser, I picked up trash after the basketball game last night.  It was disgusting.  If I never see another plate of nachos smeared into the gym floor it will be too soon.

4.  We are renewing our vows at the end of the month.  As exciting as that is….even better is the pair of shoes I found to walk down the aisle.

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Bead and Pom Pom Garland

Bead and Pom Pom Garland


Beaded PomPom Garland

Two random thoughts on a cold, wintry December morning:

1. Have you ever listened to all the verses of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear?

2. How do you decorate your mantel for winter?

I know what you’re thinking.

These are deep, introspective thoughts that make you go hmmmm.

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Decking the Halls

Decking the Halls


Red and white Christmas

When I unpacked the ornaments decorate the tree in the bedroom, there among the fancy velvet ho ho ho and the glitter stars and the monogrammed wood cutouts….

….I found an ornament someone gave us the year we got married.

It’s a simple clear circle without a lot of fanfare.

Just two doves and a heart and the words “Our First Christmas Together.”

Years later 37 boxes of Christmas decorations live in our upstairs attic and I would trade every single one for this ornament.  I can remember when it hung on a tree with only a box of shiny red ornaments and a little ribbon to keep it company.

I’ve never forgotten that tree.

And not just for that beautiful ornament hanging from its branches.

Here’s one of my favorite stories the second time around….

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Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

To quote the famous Barbara Mandrell….

….I was chalkboard when chalkboard wasn’t cool.

Cue the banjos.

I remember eight years ago when I found peel and stick chalkboard vinyl tucked away in the back of a bin.  I’d never seen it before.  I nominated myself town chalkboard crier and called 47 people and informed them that you could officially peel and stick chalkboard.

And then I promptly peeled and stuck everything within a five-mile radius.Continue reading