Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame

Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame


craft room organization

True fact:  I’m not an organizer….

….I just play one on the blog. :)

You see….when you write a blog….your rooms always look tidy and neat and organized and clean.

Not a thing out of place.

Of course they are.

Because they only have to be clean for a moment to take a picture and if you forget to dust or vacuum or wipe away the cobwebs….

….there’s always photo shop.  :)

For example….when I went to photograph the craft room at the gatehouse it looked like this…..Continue reading

How to Make a Peg Board Box

How to Make a Peg Board Box



Every time I wrap a present I spend more time gathering up all the supplies and trying to remember to put them all back where they belong…..

….than time spent actually wrapping the gift.

I track down the scissors and the ribbon and the bags and the card and the tape and cart it to the table.

Then I wrap the gift and run out the door.

Because I’m late.



And in my rush I never return anything where it belongs and the supplies scatter to the four corners of the earth…..never to be found again.

Until now.

All the wrapping supplies have finally found a home.

Here’s how to make a peg board box and a gift wrapping station.Continue reading

Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Organization



Once upon a time there was a craft room.

Don’t you just love stories that start like that….

…..and end with happily ever after?

Stories about a gate house with a tanning bed room that was rescued from a castle tower….after it let down it’s long golden hair.

A tanning bed room transformed with craft room chairs and a craft room desk and a craft room chalk board and plenty of craft room organization.

And a plethora of old tanning bed electrical outlets.


Me, too.Continue reading

Built In Desk For the Craftroom

Built In Desk For the Craftroom



I know you are going to be surprised at this….but I have brilliant ideas every day.


I’m always thinking of them.

The challenge is…..97.25% of them don’t work out.

But every now and then….once in a blue moon….an idea comes along that actually works.

Like this idea for a built in desk.

And then….I totally amaze myself.

I amaze myself with an idea that is easier and simpler and looks better than I ever imagined.

This is the successful story of one of the 2.75% ideas that worked out.Continue reading