Easy Last Minute Ornament Gift Idea (and a Fun Video)

Easy Last Minute Ornament Gift Idea (and a Fun Video)

monogram ornament

Remember the time that you created a simple personalized ornament for a segment on television in Nashville?

You were ready.

You had the cutest necklace and spent hours curling your hair and wore the best shade of red lipstick.

You and the project were going to be amazing.

A ratings blockbuster.

All over Nashville people would put down their coffee cups and stop whatever they were doing to watch incredulously as you created a monogrammed ornament project in minutes.Continue reading





 (bird plate wall tutorial if you want to make one of your own)

I spent yesterday afternoon listening to the gossip from sixth grade.

It was a steady stream of conversation.  Like who liked who and what so and so said……and who was going with who.

And that the teacher started at the end of the alphabet for class leader.

And that Monday they were serving chicken nuggets.

Super important life changing information.

Good thing I didn’t miss a word. :)

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The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper

The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper

the best way to remove wallpaper

Before we begin.  Before we discuss the best way to remove wallpaper….I’m adding a disclaimer……

…..I’m not a professional wallpaper remover.

Not even close.

I never went to wallpaper college or studied up or took a class on the ins and outs of pasted on paper.

But what I am…..is so much better.

I’m the girl who bought an old farmhouse in the country that had rooms and rooms and rooms of brightly patterned walls….

…..and I removed that wallpaper from every single one.

I think that qualifies me for a wallpaper Phd. :)Continue reading

Refinishing a Table

Refinishing a Table


I talk to my house.

All the time.

It’s a running conversation.

Sometimes we talk about refinishing a table or new burlap curtains or how the butler’s pantry was acting up last week.

I’m always telling it how cute it is and how skinny it looks in its lace jeans and that I’m so glad it got its roots done and what a perfect shade of lipstick the library is wearing.

And that I’m so happy it loves yard sales as much as I do.

Because there’s nothing like a really good yard sale find.


Well…..except maybe the side of the road.Continue reading

Fold-Up Pallet Desk

Fold-Up Pallet Desk



I can’t help it.

I know you’re here to learn about how to to build a fold-up pallet desk.

After all….that’s what the title says….

….and it is an amazing project that you can build in an afternoon (and you don’t even have to take the pallet apart).

But I need to interrupt this regularly scheduled post…..

…..for this.Continue reading

Burlap Flower

Burlap Flower




Laura Ingalls Wilder is somewhere…..shaking her head.

Or telling Mary and Carrie to save the feed sacks and run for the hills.

When she was saving her pennies for gingham and dimity and calico….never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that burlap would ever become such a highly prized commodity.

I mean….have you tried to buy burlap lately?

It’s tough going.

There’s a burlap waiting list.Continue reading

Personalized All Natural Room Scents

Personalized All Natural Room Scents



 Personalized All Natural Room Scents

I’ve been growing my own herbs in the window.

At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them.  I’ve never really grown herbs before.  They were on an end cap at Lowe’s calling my name with the tiny clip-on chalkboard tags and the little tin buckets….put there for people just like me who go into Lowe’s to buy a light and come out with an herb kit.

I wasn’t sure if they would actually grow.

Well….actually I wasn’t sure if I would remember to water them.

But I did.

And they grew.Continue reading

Carved Rock Necklace

Carved Rock Necklace

Carved Stone Necklace on Brick

Carved Rock Necklace

Where All the Pictures Match the Project

(this one’s for you, Mother)

Cape Cod Coastline


Step 1:  Sit on the beach at Cape Cod.

Let the wind blow through your hair and the sun shine on your face.


Stone from Cape Cod


Step 2:  As you sit there…..look at all the rocks on the beach.

Thousands of rocks.

Spend the next hour with the wind blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your face…..trying to think up rock crafts.


Stone Engraving Tool


Step 3:  Decide you want to carve one of the rocks.

And make a necklace.


Buy an inexpensive rock engraver from a local home improvement store.

I think mine was about $25.


Carbide Tip


Step 4:  Make sure it has a carbide tip.

Hold it just like you would hold a pen.

Plug in and apply a slight pressure to start carving the rock.


Carved Stone Project


Step 5:  Try to engrave several rocks.

Realize it’s not really working.

Here are the epic fails of the rock carving project.

My personal favorite…..the weak attempt at geologic humor.


Polished Stone Pebbles


Step 6:  Realize that your dreams of carving a rock necklace from the stones at Cape Cod are fading quickly.

Go back to the home improvement store and purchase a bag of polished stones.

Polished stones.

Not stones from the beach.

That’s the key to success.


Carving Stone


Step 7:  Using the engraving tool carve a heart and initials into the rock.

Or a monogram.

Or a picture.

Or some scintillating geologic humor.

Like, “You Rock.”


Carved Rock Necklace


Step 8:  Drill a hole in the top of the rock.

Insert a jump ring and hang a chain to finish your own Carved Stone Necklace project.


Geologic humor not included :)


PS  This post has been 100% approved by my mother who feels confident that 97.6% of you will agree with her photographic analysis :)