Summer House Tour and Seven Farmhouse Projects

Summer House Tour and Seven Farmhouse Projects

pergola project

Good morning sunshine.

I’m back.  I’ve flown across the country and saw my reflection in the snow covered hills and glimpsed the moon over Nashville and last night at 12:17am I pulled into my driveway and opened the door and smelled the honeysuckle and saw the stars twinkling overhead.

It’s good to be home.

And it’s the perfect day for a traveling summer home tour organized by my incredibly talented friend Julie Blanner.  If you are visiting from Finding Home Farms, it’s an honor to meet you.

Now let’s get this tour started.Continue reading

How to Fix Sagging Couch Cushions

How to Fix Sagging Couch Cushions


how to fix sagging couch cushions

A while ago I wrote a post entitled “Five Decorating Mistakes I Wish I Hadn’t Made.”

The #2 mistake on the list was that I wish I had purchased sofas with removable back cushions instead of cushions that are attached.


Because cushions that are attached to the back of the sofa sag.

Sag and sag and saaaaaaaaggggggg.

Sag like the Suntan pantyhose my mother used to make me wear in seventh grade.

They don’t tell you about the sagging at the store and you don’t even notice it until you’ve had the sofas about a month and you go to fluff the back cushions and realize saggy cushions are now a thing in your living room.

Until now.

This is the best tip I never thought of.

A reader sent it to me and I thanked her and told her she was brilliant and sent her seventy-two exclamation points and then decided to share it with all of you.

Here’s how to fix sagging couch cushions in the easiest, simplest way you can imagine.Continue reading

As the Window Turns

As the Window Turns


This post is written in collaboration with Window World.

farmhouse style family room

Welcome to “As the Window Turns.”

It’s another exciting episode.

To catch you up to speed, you can read all about where we started here.

Here’s the second chapter about eight mistakes not to make when buying windows.

And in today’s installment, I went all old school and visited the local window store.Continue reading

What Is Farmhouse Style? (and a Giveaway)

What Is Farmhouse Style? (and a Giveaway)


  This giveaway is sponsored by Kirkland’s.

herbs and clock

I’m always talking about farmhouse style on the blog.

You probably noticed.

Maybe because I live in a farmhouse and was farmhouse and galvanized metal and fruit-pickers baskets and white farmhouse platters before they were ever in style.  Back when AquaNet hairspray and shoulder pads that look like they might belong in their own branch of the military were a thing.

To me farmhouse means home.

And kicking off your shoes.

And sweet tea.

And chalkboards and measuring cups and burlap curtains and old chippy signs from the side of the road and mismatched chairs.

That’s what farmhouse means to me.

But what about you?

What does farmhouse style mean to each of us?  Continue reading

Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Buying Windows

Eight Mistakes Not To Make When Buying Windows

mistakes when ordering windows

This is the second installment of the great window adventure.

You can read all about where we started here.

When we left our heroine she was sharing what lurks behind the shades in the family room.

To catch you up to speed, her hair was amazing.

The windows were not.

Enter the hero of our story, Window World.  I’m partnering with them on the adventure to learn all about the window ordering process and what to look for and how to figure it all out and I have to start this episode by saying thank you to all of you.  On the last post you gave me some of the best advice in the comments.  You can read all that advice here.  I was so inspired by you that I put on my investigative hat and took notes and did some research and had lengthy conversations and texts with the owner of my local store and came up with a list of what I’m thinking about for the space.

I started by learning from all the mistakes of those that had gone before.  Sometimes before you know what you want, it’s important to figure out what you don’t want.

So here’s my list.

Here are the eight mistakes not to make when buying windows (accompanied by some pretty pictures to add a little inspiration to the subject).Continue reading

Five Decorating Mistakes I Wish I Hadn’t Made

Five Decorating Mistakes I Wish I Hadn’t Made

front entry wide shot

Don’t get me wrong.

I love the farmhouse.  I love its quirks and its randomness like a door on a set of stairs from almost 100 years ago.

I love its fancy chandeliers and ceiling medallions and floor grates (thanks for all the floor grate love).

We’ve remodeled almost everything from top to bottom and while the house makes my heart beat faster, there’s still a few things I would ask for a do over on.

Because just like my mother said about stirrup pants and legwarmers.

It’s always a good idea to learn from your mistakes.Continue reading

Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

family room pillow

This is my family room.

You might have met before.

I love every nook and cranny of this room.  I love the tufted ottoman and the two love seats and the pom pom pillows and the bookcases that we built in when we remodeled the room and the window seat and the light that dances across the almost 100 year old pine floors.

I love it all.


Except for the one thing I’ve never showed you before.  I am literally biting my lip and wrinkling my forehead with a look of apprehension on my face as I type this.

It is the bane of my existence.Continue reading

Winter Decorating Idea:  DIY Drop Cloth Pom Pom Pillow

Winter Decorating Idea: DIY Drop Cloth Pom Pom Pillow

sewing machine project

Hello friends.

How’s coffee?

Meet my sewing machine.

My mother gave it to me when I graduated high school and she got it from a lady who had sewed for fifty years.

It doesn’t do anything fancy.  It doesn’t sew zigzag stitches or monograms or loop stitches.  It doesn’t let you set a pattern and walk away while it sews it.  It doesn’t double stitch or triple stitch or fancy stitch or have a help center you can connect to on the machine.

But what it does is so much more amazing.

It sews a straight line.

Year after year after year after year it sews straight line after straight line after straight line without ceasing.

And it make the most amazing drop cloth pillows with pom poms.Continue reading