Birch Bark Wreath

Birch Bark Wreath


birch bark wreath project ideas

I started this birch bark wreath project with grandiose ideas.

I was driving down the road behind an international harvester (where I spend most of my time) and I got the brilliant (or so I thought) idea to make my own wreath.

You see….when I featured the pallet letter…I photographed it with a wreath.

A wreath that I get questions about all the time.  

So why not make it?


Except….see the thing is….this doesn’t exactly look like the wreath I posted.

Not that it’s bad to look at.  I think it’s kind of cute.  It’s just that the other wreath is totally Brad Pit….

….and this wreath is a little like the boy you sat next to in class who spent all that time drumming on his English book with his drum sticks.

It’s trying really hard to impress you….

…but if it asked you to the homecoming dance you’d have to think twice.Continue reading

Halloween Front Door Decor:  Spider Web Door Mat

Halloween Front Door Decor: Spider Web Door Mat


easy diy project spider web door mat

I always wanted to be a hand model.

You know….the ones in the magazines holding dishwashing detergent or nail polish or a silver spoon.  They look so elegant and graceful and look like they spend the entire day playing the piano.

Except my hands are stubby.

And short.

They are always covered in spray paint or paint splatters or glitter.

That’s it.  Maybe I could be a DIY hand model…..

……because I wear Mod Podge really well. :)

(total aside:  please tell me you have been at Wal-Mart waving your hands around over in aisle seven and realized pieces of glitter were still stuck on with glue.  Oh good….let’s be friends.)Continue reading

Four Ideas For Inexpensive Halloween Door Decorations

Four Ideas For Inexpensive Halloween Door Decorations

easy ideas for Halloween door decorations

Just in case you were wondering…..

….I’m not that into scary Halloween door decorations.

Like eyeballs in a punch bowl?  

Or things that pop up from coffins?

Or light-up skulls that talk?

No thanks.  I’ll pass.

I like my pumpkins smiling and my decorations noise and coffin free. :)Continue reading

How to Build a Bench From a Door

How to Build a Bench From a Door


transform door into bench

Remember the time that a friend gave your mother a door?

Not just any door.

A beautiful, chippy, multi-painted layered door with an amazing patina and a story to tell.

And then my brother transformed the door into a bench for my mother’s front porch…..

….in one hour.


Sixty minutes.

Thirty six hundred seconds.

Exactly the time it takes me to curl my hair. Continue reading

How To Build a Spool Bookcase

How To Build a Spool Bookcase



I titled this post…..”How to Build a Spool Bookcase.”

I wanted to call it….How I Found a Spool in the Middle of the Aisle at the Home Improvement Store and Despite the Incredulous Stares of the Surrounding Employees and My Husband I Overcame Disbelief and Dismissiveness to Create a One-of-A-Kind Bookcase For My Front Entry.

But that title seemed just a little long.

Just a little. :)

If you would have been a fly on the wall that day you might have heard a conversation that went a little like this:

Me:  (finding the spool just sitting in the middle of the aisle and running towards it like it was the Hope diamond) :  Excuse me…..excuse me… this for sale?  Seriously? 

Store Employee(turning around to see what I’m talking about)  The spool?Continue reading

Trash to Treasure:  Almost Spring Door Decorating

Trash to Treasure: Almost Spring Door Decorating



The other day I went looking for spring flowers to decorate the front door with.

It looked kind of empty….

….after I took the Christmas wreath off it. :)

I looked everywhere….from home improvement stores to local nursery’s.




Nothing to decorate a spring front door with.

Continue reading

Business In the Front Party in the Back

Business In the Front Party in the Back

 12DaysCOUNTER5 (1)


Do you remember Billy Ray Cyrus?

Remember how he didn’t want us to break his heart….his achy breaky heart…..because he didn’t think it would understand.

A long time ago….he was all that and a bag of chips….

….with a mullet.

You know….the mullet…..the hairstyle with the short hair in the front and the long cascading curls in the back.


Total dual personality hairstyle…..

…..exactly like the gatehouse.

All business in the front…..

….and a party in the back. :)Continue reading

5 Holiday Wreath Projects (and Some Big News)

5 Holiday Wreath Projects (and Some Big News)



I have really really big news.


On the big news scale……if 1 were having an amazing hair day and 100 were winning the lottery and moving to Borneo….

…..this would be a 99.999999.

I think I would love Borneo.

I can’t tell you exactly yet (mostly because I keep thinking they are going to change their mind)…..

…..but it involves a magazine and lots of cameras.Continue reading