The Best Decorating Tip I Thought I Invented

The Best Decorating Tip I Thought I Invented


butler's pantry

Today my friend Heather from Decor Fix asked me to share one of my simplest decorating tips.

And because I’m a little in awe of Heather.


(I mean wait until you see her style).

And beca
use I have a tip that I totally thought I kind of invented.

I said yes.Continue reading

How to Make Your Hydrangeas Bloom

How to Make Your Hydrangeas Bloom

Hydrangea Mantel


If the Star Trek Enterprise landed nearby and The Federation decided to whisk Kentuckians away to a newly inhabited planet in a nearby solar system.  And they needed only one plant to start the new ecosystem.

And Captain Kirk asked my opinion….I would tell him to bring hydrangea.Continue reading

The New Butler’s Pantry

The New Butler’s Pantry

This butler's pantry is a great change from the tired look it used to have!

In the six months that I have been writing this blog.

I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve learned that I love my eyebrows and grass seed doesn’t really grow in Kentucky in the middle of the summer and that vintage shutters are hard to find even with 400 miles of yard sale and that burlap ribbons on a mantel are an exclamation point project.

And about 5,214 other useful pieces of information.Continue reading