The Language of the Flowers

The Language of the Flowers



When I was younger I read the book “Where the Sidewalk Ends” from cover to cover.

Do you remember that book?

I think my parents rolled their eyes when I read the poem about Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout who would not take the garbage out.

But I didn’t care.

Shel Silverstein was my hero.

He was funny and irreverent and made eating a whale and collecting junk and a crocodile toothache into poems that danced off the pages of a book.

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The Fabric That Calls My Name

The Fabric That Calls My Name



If you had to guess….

….what decorating question do you think I get asked the most?

Where I got my smocked burlap curtains?


How does the house stay so clean with four children, two dogs, two cats, rabbits, deer and a tortoise named Fred?

Ummmm….even closer…..but not quite.

It is…however….a great question with an easy answer……

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Trash to Treasure:  Almost Spring Door Decorating

Trash to Treasure: Almost Spring Door Decorating



The other day I went looking for spring flowers to decorate the front door with.

It looked kind of empty….

….after I took the Christmas wreath off it. :)

I looked everywhere….from home improvement stores to local nursery’s.




Nothing to decorate a spring front door with.

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One Day I’m Going to Live In a Mansion

One Day I’m Going to Live In a Mansion



Yesterday was crazy hair day at school.

Just in case you hadn’t marked your calendar yet…..crazy hair day falls somewhere between crazy-sock day and crazy-dress-up-like-your-favorite-book-character day.

And let me tell you…..

….it can get a little crazy.

I spent all morning trying to create a hairdo for one of the twins that was a cross between a waterfall and a faux hawk…..with a mouth full of bobby pins…..

….wishing I had gone to beauty school.

Twenty minutes….a can of hairspray….a double twist on the hair ribbon and two extra helpings of patience later….

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The Best Part of Waking Up

The Best Part of Waking Up


Can I be totally corny and a little Hallmark….

….just for a moment.

I can’t help it.

This morning I had a revelation that is really not even much of a revelation….more like totally stating the obvious….but it was something that was so brilliant in its simplicity and even a little life changing….

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Get the Look:  Spring Table Decorating Ideas

Get the Look: Spring Table Decorating Ideas

000-p0-Disclosure: I was compensated by eBay and Style Coalition for this post. But all Collections and general opinions are 100% mine.


Yesterday something showed up here that hasn’t been seen in a while.


I know….right?

Grass….you remember it.

It’s green and it grows on the ground and you can sink in it when you walk and feel it between your toes….

…..and when it’s mowed it smells like spring.

I almost didn’t recognize it….it’s been so long.

But yesterday the snow melted and the grass breathed in and if you looked closely you could almost see it grow.

Because even the grass knows…..

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Tea Stained Eggs

Tea Stained Eggs


I think 2013 is the year of the egg.  


Remember when you used to scramble them or fry them or boil them or serve them over easy?

Not anymore.

Have you looked on Pinterest lately?

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Easter Table Decorating

Easter Table Decorating


thistlewood collage


What do you write when you can’t think of anything to say about Easter table decorating?

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Or just me?

You know all about tables and decorating and Easter and daffodils and moss.


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