The Perfect Negotiation

The Perfect Negotiation


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I live in an area where two rivers meet.

And actually if you are a river aficionado, there are two other rivers several miles up the road.

But who’s counting?

Living by that much water can be good and it can be bad.  Good because it’s beautiful and peaceful and full of lush green foliage and picturesque river banks.

Bad because sometimes it floods.

Like four years ago when the river was rising higher than it had in decades and it looked like the 100-year-flood was rearing its ugly head and the water showed no signs of stopping and the entire town built a wall of sandbags higher than my head to prevent the water from flooding the area.

It was stressful.

And overwhelming.

And so I did the only thing that a person can do in the middle of a crisis…..

….I went to a yard sale.Continue reading

Trash to Treasure:  Leather Belt Table Top

Trash to Treasure: Leather Belt Table Top



Maybe it was because it was date day.

Maybe it was because the yellow flowers are blooming all over the meadow on the side of the road before you cross the bridge.

Maybe it was because I was have the best hair day….ever… the history of ever.

Maybe it’s because….if you are watching Mad Men….the old Don Draper finally showed back up.

Whatever the reason.

Whatever the cause.

All the stars aligned and the angels sang the hallelujah chorus in perfect harmony when I entered the thrift store with extraordinarily high hopes…..

….and left with an entire bag of leather belts for $1.



I know.

I’m as amazed as you are.

Who knew there was a place left in the continental United States that sells an entire bag of leather belts for only $1.

That’s cheaper than a diet coke at McDonald’s or tickets to the movies or a seat on the train.


And as the proud owner of a bag of one dollar leather belts….

…..I had to come up with a project.


Those belts couldn’t just sit in the bag after their brief moment of dazzling glory.

So here’s my entry into the if-I-were-a-leather-belt-what-would-I-want-to-become category…..

….a leather belt table top. :)


How to Make a Leather Belt Table Top


leather belts



Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue


Step 1:  Find some belts

Make sure the stars are aligned and you’re having a really amazing hair day.  Then cross your fingers and head for your local thrift store.

Here’s a few belts from my $1 bag.

I chose black….but you could also go with a tan leather as well.


Step 2:  Cut belts to fit

I mixed up the patterns and textures in a row and decided which belts I wanted where.

Then I simply cut the belts with scissors.


Step 3:  Glue in place

Glue the belt strips in place.

I used Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue.

Make sure you lay something heavy on top of the leather as it dries… it will dry completely flat.


Here’s what the table top looks like after I finished.

And can you believe I made it for $1?


Let’s keep it between us.

We don’t want the price to sky-rocket…..

….because then we’ll all have to tighten our belts. :)

Disclosure:  I am a project coordinator for Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue.

However all opinions on glue and leather belts and table tops are 100% mine.  

Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


trash-to-treasure-no-guest-host 2nd friday

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Coffee Table Decorating Ideas:  Numbered Table Top

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas: Numbered Table Top



I love living in the country.


There are acres and acres of rolling hills covered in lush green grass and white fences dotting the country side.  There are cows and sheep and horse barns and fresh eggs and hay bales and wide-open blue skies with fluffy white clouds…..

….and stacks and stacks of junk that no one wants.

Except me.Continue reading

DIY Side Table

DIY Side Table


If you are reading this post today….I’m here at Haven (the blogging conference).

If you are reading this post on Friday at 10:00 am….I’m about to speak.


I think I’m ready.

I mean….I have a kind of funny story to start off with and I brought the most amazing pair of earrings and I bought some new red lipstick and my toes are painted with the cutest pink polish.

Oh….and I figured out what I’m going to say about how to build your blog.


Now….if I could just get my knees to stop shaking….it just might work out.

I’ll keep you posted. :)Continue reading

Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas

Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas



Tablescape Ideas

Summer Tablescape

Do you ever wonder if the table always looks like this?

If the silver is always shined and the glassware always sits immaculately next to the square silver chargers layered with white ware and sparkling silver chandelier plates.



Not even close.Continue reading

Table Decorating Ideas On a Budget

Table Decorating Ideas On a Budget



We just got back from vacation yesterday.

Just our family….the entire first season of Duck Dynasty….and 900 miles of open road.

And somewhere around mile 726….my husband and I started talking about clever ideas to hide the flat screen television.

I told my husband that once on an old episode of Oprah…..she was on this over-the-top liquid diet and pulled in all that fat in a wagon into the studio and totally looked so amazing in these skin-tight blue jeans.

Sometime after that …..she gave a tour of her house.

And in her bedroom there was this cabinet when you pressed a button….the television slowly rose up from the center with a whirring sound that resembled an episode of the Jetson’s.

Seriously.Continue reading

How to Build a Sofa Table:  The Easy Way

How to Build a Sofa Table: The Easy Way




Did you wonder what I found on the 400 mile yard sale?

It wasn’t deer antlers.


I was hoping find some and paint them orange.

Maybe next time.

But I found something I wasn’t even looking for.

A sofa table.

Well… wasn’t a sofa table at first.Continue reading

Easter Table Decorating

Easter Table Decorating


thistlewood collage


What do you write when you can’t think of anything to say about Easter table decorating?

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Or just me?

You know all about tables and decorating and Easter and daffodils and moss.


You just don’t have the words.Continue reading