Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal


oversized chalkboard

When you are a true junker or a yard-saler or an auction-goer or a shop-by-the-side-of-the-roader….

….hope springs eternal.

No matter how many broken dishwashers you find at the end of the yard sale rainbow.

No matter how many times you dig through boxes of junk at the auction and find nothing worth anything.

No matter how many times the “GIANT MULTI-FAMILY YARDSALE” sign lets you down.

You know that you know that you know….

….the next great find is just around the bend.Continue reading

Why Everyone Needs a Hand-Drawn Turkey and How to Make a Gold Duck Tape Wreath

Why Everyone Needs a Hand-Drawn Turkey and How to Make a Gold Duck Tape Wreath

I was compensated by Duck Brand Products for this post. But all opinions and statements are completely my own.

duck tape wreath diy

There is a box in our attic full of treasures….

….worth more to me than the finest exhibition on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Stacks of tiny dishes that closely resembles plates painted a brilliant shade of bright pink with initials carved into them.

There are butterflies made out of paper plates and baby food jars full of confetti and a santa with moveable arms and caterpillars painted from thumb prints and a popsicle log cabin.

Masterpieces each and every one.Continue reading

October I Miss You Already

October I Miss You Already


Yesterday I was in the store staring at the Christmas decorations and I rolled my eyes for the millionth time and thought to myself….

….why does everyone have to put up Christmas decorations so early?

After all….it’s not even November.

And then I realized I was wrong and it hit me all of a sudden….



When did that happen?

When did November just show up?

October…I miss you already.

In case you’re like me and you miss October, too….

….here’ are some of October’s finest projects from the blog.

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Birch Bark Wreath

Birch Bark Wreath


birch bark wreath project ideas

I started this birch bark wreath project with grandiose ideas.

I was driving down the road behind an international harvester (where I spend most of my time) and I got the brilliant (or so I thought) idea to make my own wreath.

You see….when I featured the pallet letter…I photographed it with a wreath.

A wreath that I get questions about all the time.  

So why not make it?


Except….see the thing is….this doesn’t exactly look like the wreath I posted.

Not that it’s bad to look at.  I think it’s kind of cute.  It’s just that the other wreath is totally Brad Pit….

….and this wreath is a little like the boy you sat next to in class who spent all that time drumming on his English book with his drum sticks.

It’s trying really hard to impress you….

…but if it asked you to the homecoming dance you’d have to think twice.Continue reading




Yesterday…..all day….

…..my hair looked like an exhibit in a contemporary art museum.

You know.

A little awkward and uncertain of its place in the world.

Just like the paintings that you stand in front of and stare at for the longest time because they are a little odd and a little eccentric and you just can’t decide if you like the art or not.

Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread…..

…or should the artist just have called it a day and started from scratch.

Art and hair can be equally confusing.

So today I’m pulling my contemporary art back in a pony tail….

…..to remove all doubt. :)

Happy random Saturday to you and here’s a fun site where you can transform any quote into a work of art.Continue reading

How To Make a Paper Feather Wreath

How To Make a Paper Feather Wreath



Remember the time that I wanted to make a book page wreath….but I couldn’t bring myself to cut the pages of the book…..

…..so I made it from scrapbook paper instead.


I promise you….not a page of a book was harmed in the making of this wreath.

You see….I had the idea for the wreath and the book open to a page ready to cut the feathers out.  I was cutting them out from top to bottom on the page because I thought it might be fun to read the story as it went around the wreath….

…but something stopped me.

I looked at the book….and the open pages looked right back at me.

As if to say….

….girl.….have mercy….there aren’t too many of us left.Continue reading

5 Holiday Wreath Projects (and Some Big News)

5 Holiday Wreath Projects (and Some Big News)



I have really really big news.


On the big news scale……if 1 were having an amazing hair day and 100 were winning the lottery and moving to Borneo….

…..this would be a 99.999999.

I think I would love Borneo.

I can’t tell you exactly yet (mostly because I keep thinking they are going to change their mind)…..

…..but it involves a magazine and lots of cameras.Continue reading

Be Thankful Wreath (Trash to Treasure)

Be Thankful Wreath (Trash to Treasure)



At our house at dinner time….when we sit down to sweet tea and frozen pizza….

….we have a tradition.

It’s called high/low.

We go around the table and tell the high of the day and then a low of the day.  It’s usually more highs than lows…..told with lots of hand-waving and excited voices describing the ups and downs of school and the stories of all the drama that goes on in fifth grade.

Lows disguised as comments about a sibling are not allowed.

Detailed descriptions of the lunch menu are welcomed.

It’s a melee.

A free-for-all.

A circus.

All set to a low-pitched roar.Continue reading