Take a Page From My Book

Take a Page From My Book


Do you know what the number one question I get e-mailed about on my blog?

No….it’s not my recipe for hot dog pot pie  (shocking, I know….as appetizing as that sounds).

Or where I got my Ripley’s Believe it Or Not flip-flop disguise.


It’s how to make these book page flowers.

And I when you e-mail me….I seriously wish I could tell you how.

How to make the flowers.

But I can’t.


Now….I could tell you how not to make them.  I could tell you about pinning an entire pinterest page of book page projects .  I could tell you about cutting out leaf after leaf after leaf of book pages.  And buying stems.  And trying to form the leaves and stems into some semblance of a flower.

And failing miserably.

So I did what all creative individuals do when they want a book page flower and they can’t create one.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a dozen.


And while the Hobby Lobby flowers are beautiful and fill up a basket nicely, let’s be honest….it’s just not the same.  There is something about the simple beauty of a hand-crafted book page flower that Hobby Lobby can’t re-create.  So with great sadness and heavy heart…..I thought that we all we were ever destined to be was a Hobby Lobby Flower house….



Until this showed up in the mail yesterday…in a box tied with string and a wonderful tag.

This beautiful handmade book page flower.

With a hand-painted cloche.

And shells.

And corks.

And a tiny nest with tiny eggs.



Creative inspiration wrapped with string and packaged up by the wonderful, incomparable, creative whirlwind that is Betsy.

Just because.

Because maybe she knew we were a Hobby Lobby flower house.

Because maybe she knew that even an entire pinterest project page could not save my vain attempt for the book page floral department.

Because maybe she knew that I truly needed an answer to all those e-mails.



So in the future….if you e-mail wanting to know how to make a book page flower.

I could recommend this tutorial or this tutorial or maybe even this tutorial.


Or we could just ask  Betsy  :)

PS  If book pages aren’t your thing…..check out this flower tutorial using paper bags.


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