The Best Advice I Never Gave

The Best Advice I Never Gave



Last week we drove into town to get supplies for our outdoor Father’s Day party.

And somewhere between the horse barn and the red building next to the satellite dish used as a garden ornament…..

…..I climbed up onto my soap box.

I have a few soap boxes.

But this one is my favorite.

This is my soapbox where I wax eloquently about the importance of choosing a really good boyfriend.

You know.

A boyfriend who opens the door for you and listens when you talk and takes you to a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive-thru and is nice to your family and respects you and goes to romantic movies if you want to….

….and who is generally wonderful.

Just like  your dad.


Most of the time no one listens when I get on my soapbox.

They’ve heard it all before.

But this time was different.

This time I had two pairs of big blue eyes hanging on my every word.


At first it was quiet….just me rattling off all of my pearls of wisdom.

And then suddenly… of the twins piped up from the back seat,  “Mom….ummm…..excuse me…., Mom.”

I almost didn’t hear her because I was discussing in great detail whether or not a boy should stand up when someone leaves the table at dinner and trying to decide if anyone even did that anymore and maybe that was setting the bar too high for the legions of future boyfriends.


“Mom,” she said again. “I’m just going to worry about all this in the future when I choose my boyfriend.”

I stared at her sternly.

“You don’t ‘choose’ your boyfriends,” I said emphatically.

“You should let the boys call you.

And let the boys ask you out.

And meet your parents before they take you on a date,”  I said….stomping on the soapbox once more for good measure.


“Oh Mom,” she giggled.

“You are so funny.  I didn’t mean it like that.  

What I meant was…..first I’m going to choose the boy I like……

…..and then I’m going to make him think it’s all his idea.”


Then she paused and grinned….blinked twice and added….You know…..

…..”just like you did with Dad.”


And just like that…..somewhere between the field full of goats and the red barn….

….I could feel my soapbox kicked right out from under me.  :)

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