The Butlers Pantry:  Flooring For Under $100

The Butlers Pantry: Flooring For Under $100


I’m not really sure what this room in our farmhouse was used for before we moved in.

It had white walls and faux brick floor.

And a deep freezer.

And an electrical panel.

And a hot water heater and some random bits of extraneous sawdust that came with the house.

Completely free of charge.


The room looked something like this.

I know what you’re thinking.  I can hear you.

But in my head….it was perfection.

In my head when I first saw it….I fell in love.


I saw white cabinets with rows of dishes and gray walls and white punch bowls and built-ins and milk glass…..

…..and a refrigerator full of sweet tea and Bok Choy.


So we added built-ins.

And painted everything white.

And moved the chandelier from the hallway.

And bought a bunch of milk glass at yard sales and filled the shelves full.

And hung a ladder.  


I really wanted that ladder to roll itself around the room.

When I first saw this room….I pictured a rolling ladder with casters that I could move from shelf to shelf as I was getting down my white ware collection for all the spring garden parties I was going to have on the back lawn where I would serve punch and trays full of tiny cucumber sandwiches and tomato aspic.

A scene straight out of Steel Magnolias.

Except that around here… one really goes to garden parties and tomato aspic is definitely an acquired taste and the rolling ladder ran right into the refrigerator.


Good thing we have plenty of gas station pizza just minutes away.

White_Open_Shelving2[1] (2)

When we began the renovations we covered up the faux brick floor with peel and stick tile.

Can you even believe it?

Peel and stick tile off the shelf at Lowe’s.

I always planned on going back and replacing it with something much fancier.

And now I think….why?  It’s been there for three years and looks almost new.


Before we installed the tiles….we cleaned and lightly sanded the existing faux brick floor.

Then we primed the existing flooring to give a clean surface for the peel and stick tile to adhere to.  I chose alternating tile colors and we started laying the tiles in a diagonal pattern in the middle of the room.  Well….actually….we started against one wall and realized that the wall wasn’t straight and the tiles were crooked.

So we measured.

And measured again.

And then snapped chalk lines to find the center of the room.

The hardest part was the first row of tiles.  Once they were straight…..the rest was just like a puzzle.


We joined the existing flooring with a stained threshold and trimmed the rest of the tile to fit.

When we were done….we rolled the floor with a roller to make sure that the floor was level and none of the individual tiles were sticking up.

Then we covered the jagged edges of the tile with quarter round to match the built-ins.


At less than $1.00 for each piece of tile….we covered the entire floor for under $100.00.

The tiles are an easy, inexpensive option for flooring for a small space.

And the perfect disguise for a ground in cheerio or two. :)

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