Before and After Home Office

Before and After Home Office



Today I am tired.

A wonderful, incredible joyful tired… that comes from a happy heart.

The office at the gatehouse is finally finished.


You understand….right?

Are you ever really finished?

Isn’t there always another project or a yard sale find or a paint treatment or a new fabric or a little trash to treasure….

….just around the corner?

But for today….just for this glorious, wonderful, incredible day… tired, fulfilled, joyous self and I ….

…..we are done. :)


When we started the journey…..

….the room looked like this.

A little beauty shop meets ceiling fan from 1970.

And after painting and tweaking and sewing and decorating and dreaming…..


….it looks like this.


I would totally be best friends with her.

She is SUCH a red lipstick wearer.



I had so much fun with every minute.

It’s bright and bold and fun and full of smiles in every corner.

Everything is so different from the farmhouse….

….and yet a little of the same.


I was trying to think of what to call this decorating style so I could impress you with my design knowledge.

Rustic contemporary?

Sleek modern farmhouse?

Shabby chic industrial?


I mean seriously…..what do you call it when you mix vintage tennis score card numbers with a faux zinc top table?

When you combine a diy molding project with a silver plated starburst mirror?

When white tufted chairs meet a polished antique sideboard?


I think I’m going to call it “whatever.”

Whatever I love.

Whatever makes me smile.

Whatever makes a house into a home….that’s how we roll….

….over at the gatehouse.


PS  I “whatever” decorated the living room at the gatehouse, too.

More to come next week….along with a fun giveaway and all the details on the fabric.



PPS  Just in case you stop by to visit… are some rules I found tucked away in the craft room.

I’m not sure of the significance behind the adjustment to rule number three…..

….sometimes it’s better not to ask. :)


To see the before and after of the front of the gatehouse….click here.

To see the before and after of the kitchen at the gatehouse….click here.

To see the before and after of the craft room at the gatehouse….click here.

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