The House Where Nobody Lives

The House Where Nobody Lives


This is the farm house we purchased four years, nine months and twenty-five days ago.

We arrived with a moving truck full of furniture…..two boys, two girls and a dog.

It was a little overwhelming.

You see….we jumped from a big city with highways and skyscrapers and stop lights and restaurants and theaters…..

….and drive-through diet cokes.

To the middle of the country.


We jumped from the hustle and bustle of a booming metropolis… the peace and quiet of a winding country road.

We traded shopping malls for cornfields…..

….grocery stores for farmer’s markets and fresh eggs and vegetables…..

….bumper-to-bumper traffic for the occasional 15 mph behind a hay truck…..

….and fancy restaurants for gas station pizza.

And after four years, nine months and twenty-five days I don’t think…..

……I ever want to trade back.


It has been a journey.

A journey full of laughter and joy and challenges and celebrations.

And when we started the journey…..six people lived here at the farm.

Along the way….we’ve collected a few other tenants.

Some rabbits and a few salamanders and a fish and another dog and three cats and a herd of deer.

And a giant tortoise named Fred.


And I thought that was the extent of the farm residents.

Until the other day.

Someone moved in and everyone forgot to tell me.

I guess his name is “nobody.

At least that’s what they say.

You might have heard of him before……

…..I think he’s a cousin of “I don’t know” and “not me.”


And look what nobody did to the rug in the butler’s pantry.


I saw the mud and asked around…..and the answer was always the same.

“I didn’t do it.”

“Not me.”

“I was inside all afternoon.”



By process of elimination….I finally figured out that nobody did it.

He forgot to wipe his feet before tracking all that mud down the hallway….around the corner….and into the room.

You would think that nobody would have more sense than that.

Good thing he was smart enough to take up residence in a house with plenty of carpet cleaner. :)


PS  We are about to get a few new residents here at the farm….one of our cats is about to have kittens!

PPS  Sharing this over at Kim’s.

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