Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden

I have a truly incredible friend.

Her name is Laura.

And I am as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west….as sure as I know that MaryAnne was always in love with the professor….as sure as The Bachelorette will find true love this season….as sure as I know that this couple has been dressing alike since 1970.


I’m that sure.

I’m sure that Laura knows how to do everything.

Baby Cucumber


She can make entire outfits out of a yard of material and her imagination.

She can make a firepit in her backyard and a twister game in the grass.

She can make t-shirt scarves and hair bows and french braids and create an entirely new hairdo in two minutes flat for 20 third grade girls.


Laura can do anything.

One day when future generations of archeologists finally uncover who built the Egyptian pyramids….I am sure it will say “Laura” in hieroglyphics.


garden from pallets


And when you see all the things she can create or invent or imagine…

…and you ask my incredible friend, Laura, how in the world she knew how to do that?

Her answer is always the same.

You Tube.




Me:   Laura….I can’t believe you single-handedly designed and created costumes for the entire Barnum and Bailey Circus. 

Even the elephants. 

How did you do that?

Laura:  You tube.


Me:  Laura….I can’t believe you just sang all four verses of Silent Night….in the original German translation. 

How did you do that?

Laura:  You tube.


Me:   Laura….I can’t believe that you’ve won the Pilsbury Bake-off….for the fourth year in a row…with your miniature version of Abraham Lincoln’s log-cabin. 

Completely constructed out of homemade cream cheese icing. 

How did you do that?

Laura:  You to the Tube.


pallet garden side view


Me:  Laura….I can’t believe you built an entire structure for a vegetable garden out of pallets and lined it with plastic and grew tomatoes and squash and cucumbers and lettuce….in less than two and a half weeks. 

How did you do that?

Laura:  (taking time out from composing Beethoven’s sixth symphony as she impatiently pauses and rolls her eyes at me)  


You Tube.

Baby tomatoes 


It is pretty incredible.

The pallet garden that You Tube built.

I am really impressed and amazed at how talented my wonderful friend is.

I’m also crossing my fingers and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not toes…..

…..that You Tube brings me some yellow squash, zuchinni and a cucumber or two :)

PS  I am off on the 400 mile-yard sale today.  Don’t be a hater.  I’m posting pictures to my twitter account along the way.  You can follow along here.

PPS  A giant thank you to Sherry from No Minimalist Here for featuring the farmhouse.

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