The Shops At Thistlewood

The Shops At Thistlewood

The Shops at Thistlewood

Can I ask you a question?

How is the weather where you are?


I know that’s the kind of random question that people ask on elevators when everyone is quiet and awkwardly staring at each other and no one wants to make eye contact and no one can think of anything to say….so someone finally searches for conversation…..and asks about the weather….

….but I really want to know.

Is it me or has the weather stopped making sense?

It’s raining when it should be sunny and then super hot for days and then all of a sudden it’s unseasonably cool.


Is it random where you are, too?


Good thing random weather is perfect for shopping.

Good thing I have amazing sponsors with some fun discounts today.

Happy random weather shopping to you!


You’ve met Barb from Farmhouse Decor before.

Or at least you met her metal numbers.


She had me at farmhouse.

Well….actually….she had me at this and this….oh….and these.

And the best part….everything is 15% off this week for Thistlewood readers in the land of the metal numbers.

Just enter Farmhouse15 at checkout.


Have you ever heard of a FLEXI  from Lilla Rose before?

I adore them…..they’re the perfect hair accessory.

They are sparkly and blingy and make me feel like I’m starring in a Hallmark movie.

And the best part?

They go perfectly with red lipstick. :)

And this week for Thistlewood Farm readers they are buy three get one free!

Just use the contact form on the website to ask Jackie for your free item!

For all the styles and colors be sure to check out the entire collection over at Lilla Rose!


Every time I see the paintings from Redbird Cottage ETSY shop….I smile.

Actually….I smile a little and my heart smiles a lot.

How can a person help it?

Tiny birds and nests and flowers….all painted in bright colors and full of joy.

It’s like a tiny piece of nature coming to life on canvas.

And all that joy is 10% off this week for Thistlewood Readers.

Just enter THISTLEWOODFARM at checkout!


Have you ever seen a conch shell with a succulent like this one from Rosekraft?

It’s the perfect combination….so much better than seaweed.

Rosekraft offers a little bohemian cottage combined with a little vintage bird decor and tops it off with old-fashioned garden gifts.

The shop also has framed 1800’s scrapbook cards and Victorian paper pictures.

Rosekraft is offering free shipping on any framed prints for Thistlewood readers.

Just enter the code:  FREEFARM at checkout.

Thanks for shopping today and I hope the sun is shining for you today!

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