Good morning rock star.

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are.

Spring has almost sprung and it’s another random Saturday.

Before we start.

Before I discuss all the randomness that was the week of 3-14-14.

Have you seen the new IKEA collection?


Coolest ever……in the history of ever.


I know spring has barely peeked around the corner….

….but I’m already thinking of summer.

Like this.

Key lime.


  thistlekeeping 4

Here’s my new favorite place to be inspired….Farm &  Pretty.

She lives in Australia and her photography is off-the-charts.

I want to learn to take pictures just like her.

Good thing she posted a tutorial with all her tips.



First key lime and now ice cream?

See….I told you…’s the whole summer thing.

Make your own cannoli ice cream…

thistlekeeping5 Silver and gray and white slipcovers?

And that chandelier with stripes inside the shade?

Hello inspiration.

This is what the gatehouse wants to be when it grows up.

Click here to take the tour.

Happy Random Saturday to you.  :)

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