create your own word art cloud

Good morning rock star.

I hope you are warm.

Just in case you haven’t noticed…..

…’s cold. :)


But who want to talk about the weather….when we could talk about Valentine ideas.

Like this one from Kris at Driven By Decor.

You can make any shape….like a heart or a snowflake or a shamrock…..with any words….like a blog post or a poem or a quote or a story.

Literally brilliant.

Complete how-to here.

what-to-say Ever stand awkwardly in an elevator without anything to say?

Never again.

Here’s a site totally devoted to random facts to fill the silence.

I laughed out loud.


Best tutorial for a plank wall.

Easy and totally 2014.

Yes please.

joss and main

For anyone who has ever asked me about the chandeliers in my kitchen….here they are.

For under $100.

You can see the chandeliers and everything else I’ve curated over at Joss and Main today.

Sale ends in three days.

fall-decorating-thistlewood_thumb.jpg Randomly found this story on the blog the other day that I had forgotten about.

My heart smiled all over again.

This story….and the ability to write it in a place I can find it again one day….

….is the reason why I sit at my computer and type out all the random words that make up this blog.

Thank you for reading and the encouragement and the joy that you bring to my life every day.

Happy random Saturday to you. :)

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