(this picture is simply to inspire us for spring….ain’t nobody hanging out sheets around here today)

Hello beautiful wonderful incredibly special day.

I’ve been house cleaning.

Taking down all these Christmas decorations and reading this blog…..

…..and discovering six words you should say today.

Six wonderful amazing life changing words.

I’ve been saying them all week….

….and they are  totally working.


Have you ever thought about making a cement stool?

Me, either.

Thank goodness Mariella did.

Coolest project of the week.

(total aside:  do people even say coolest any more)?


Are you watching the super bowl this weekend?

Me, too….but just between us….I’m way more excited about the Olympics….

….and all the super bowl commercials.

I’ll be making this recipe from Uncommon Designs.

They had me at the word easy.

burlapideas Seriously.

I love these burlap heart wreaths.

My front door pinned this on Pinterest for me.

Details and diy instructions from Top This Top That.


And here’s one more love story for the road.

About a boy who fell in love with a girl…..

….even after she made him pancakes.

Happy random Saturday to you. :)

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