Stamped Silver

Stamped Silver

picmonkey collage


Top Five Reasons to Make a Collage at PicMonkey


(5)  It’s free.  

As in nada.


Simply joyfully and wonderfully free.


linen and stamped silver


(4)  You will look like you are all that and a bag of chips.

And not the just the generic kind of chips.

The kind of chips that come in a fancy bag made from recycled materials and call themselves potato thins.


spoon project


(3)  It’s so simple.

All you do is go to PicMonkey.

Choose the collage features button.

Upload your pictures.

Choose from about 20 options of how you want to the boxes arranged in the collage.

Click to put the pictures where you  want them (or click auto fill….if you are feeling bold).

Download your collage as a picture to your computer.


stamped spoon name


(2)  Making a collage with PicMonkey is a great way to feature a project.

Like this silver stamping project that was inspired by this.


silver stamps


A silver stamping project I made using these metal stamps.


craft metal


And this piece of super thin tin sheet metal from Hobby Lobby.

So thin you could cut a rectangle out of it with scissors.


cut out craft metal


Like this.


linen and stamped silver


And then I stamped the rectangular piece of tin and stamped the spoons and hot glued everything to a piece of linen.

And framed it.

And made a collage about it.

And then I was so all about the collage that I started making this list….

…..which leads us to the number one reason that you should make a collage at Pic Monkey.


(1)  Making a collage with PicMonkey is kind of like using the word plethora in a sentence.  

It seems like it might be hard to do, but once you start you will never stop :)


PS  If you have questions about stamping or spoons or rectangular pieces of tin or have a plethora of questions about anything else that was not addressed in this rather random tutorial.  Please e-mail me.  I love random silver questions.

PPS  If you are interested in silver stamping and you need supplies.  Please visit The Bead Box (one of my new sponsors on my sidebar) for a plethora of silver stamping options.

PPPS  I am sharing this over at Between Naps On a Porch and Funky Junk.


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