What Happened On the Way To the Books-A-Million Magazine Department

What Happened On the Way To the Books-A-Million Magazine Department

Flea Market Decor Thistlewood Farms


Dear random wonderful, creative, incredible new friends from the Books-A-Million magazine department,

I adore you.


And I just wanted to say thank you.

You are amazing.

Magazine Feature Thistlewood


Thank you for not calling security when I ran up to you in the bookstore with the magazine open to pg. 20…….gesticulating wildly and saying, “This is me!  Can you even believe it?  I’m in a magazine!”  

I know I was a little loud and over-excited and I was kind of stumbling over my words and pointing to the page.

I know there was a lot of pointing and an occasional odd gulp.

But you were wonderful.

I mean….I know we haven’t met before, so I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sweet smiles.

And encouragement.

And joy.


Flea Market Decor Thistlewood Tips


I couldn’t help it.  I mean….I saw the magazine and the article and my heart was singing and joy was bubbling over right there in the middle of Books-A-Million.

And I just had to share.

I had to share it with someone right then.

Someone who looked like they appreciated flea markets and yard sales and a collection of party dishes and the story of how I had been collecting them for years and how we bought this old farmhouse and renovated it and how the butler’s pantry used to have nothing but a red linoleum faux brick floor and a water heater.

And your eyes didn’t even glaze over one time.

You totally understood.

Flea Market Decor Thistlewood


And there in the middle of the bookstore……we laughed and laughed and talked about how you were decorating your rooms and why didn’t everyone just shop at thrift stores and yard sales……and then you inspired me and gave me that cute idea of using old tackle boxes to hold crayons and putting art supplies in fishing buckets.

It was a shining moment of absolute sparkling joy tied up with a bow.

And you shared it with me.

I still can’t even believe it.

Thistlewood Flea Market Style


I’m never going to forget you……or that moment.

And one day….when I’m telling future generations about Thistlewood Farm and blogging and the joy of seeing your name in print…..I will smile to myself.

And think about the moment in time when four strangers in the Books-A-Million magazine department laughed and talked and rejoiced…..

…..over whiteware and a little blog that could. :)

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