Where All the Tiny Pieces of Paper Go

Where All the Tiny Pieces of Paper Go

Welcome to Thistlewood Farm.

Our farmhouse.

Our slice of joy in the country.

Full to the brim with projects and Captain Crunch and chalkboards and dust bunnies and plenty of befores that will one day become beautiful afters and a kitchen that specializes in macaroni and cheese.

And in the very back of the back yard (turn right at the turtle….go past two bunnies and a wild turkey….and then turn down a winding path) …..you will find a little house.

A house built just for creativity and the joy of glitter glue and stickers and foam letters and the unrivaled exultation that comes with a new package of construction paper.

Because you see…..this is the house….

….this the house where all the tiny pieces of paper go.

You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve seen them.



The pieces of paper that show up when tiny hands wielding scissors cut and cut (and cut) to create masterpieces of all shapes and sizes..

At first there were just a few pieces of tiny paper.

Then they called their neighbors and they all came to visit.



Soon the pieces of paper were organizing supper clubs and PTO meetings and bridal showers and whatever else they do when they all get together.

It was too much.

They needed their own house.


The house wasn’t always theirs, you know.

The house started out as a beauty shop for the previous owner.


But the only thing we are cutting around here is paper.

So it became an art house.


I love the creativity and incredible genius that little hands can create.

I love the excitement that is produced from a $2.00 bag of stickers from the dollar store.

I love freshly-sharpened crayons and a blank slate.

I love that pipe cleaners become people and glitter makes even the humble construction paper into something special and that playdough comes in 31 flavors.



But most of all….

I am happy that it all has its own residence :)


If you would like to read more stories about the adventures of the tiny pieces of paper….please follow along at www.thistlewoodfarms.com.

Thanks, Cassie for letting me tell my stories on the pages of your incredible blog.

You are a rock star :)


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