Winter Twig Wreath

Winter Twig Wreath


Was Christmas amazing?

Are you resting?

Or returning?

Or digging out from under wrapping paper?

Or already taking down your Christmas decorations?


My Christmas decorations leave slowly.

It’s hard to let them go.  The house always looks so festive and fun and full of joy at Christmastime.

Like a party waiting to happen.

And then…..when the decorations come down… feels so empty.

And sad and generally unfestive.


So I try to console myself with winter projects.

Like this.

A winter twig wreath.

I was crossing my fingers and all 10  toes that it would chase away the unfestiveness from every corner.


And it did.

And I love it.

And I am so hoping that you will pick up a few sticks from the yard and a little hot glue…..and make this to hang on your wall.



Twig Wreath



hot glue

flat circle wreath form

tiny pine cones from craft store



Wood Circle


Step 1:  Spray paint circle

I found this wreath form at Hobby Lobby that measures 14″ across.

Actually….it started out as a peace symbol.

The inside lines were cut out….leaving  the circle.

I also saw several other options for wood circles in the wood department of Hobby Lobby.

You could also purchase foam core and cut out a circle.

I spray painted the circle white.


Step 2:  Cut branches

I found these branches in my back yard.

I cut them (or in most cases just broke them because they were so dry) into 8″-10″ sections.

Step 3:  Add first layer of branches 


It was almost like a giant puzzle.

I found the pieces that were already curved and started laying them clockwise around the inner circle to form the first layer.

Then I hot glued them to the wood form.


Step 4: Add next layer
Repeat step 3.


Step 5:  Continue adding layers

Repeat step 3 again.

Hot glue each stick in a clock-wise pattern.

Continue until the wreath take the shape you want.



 Step 6:  Add pine cones

After you have finished gluing sticks add pine cones to completed wreath.



Step 7:  Spray paint wreath

After you have the added the layers of sticks and pine cones your wreath should look like this.

You could leave it plain wood.

Or….if you have an entire house of white and gray Christmas decorating….you could spray paint it.

Spray paint it white.

Add a couple of layers of spray paint to cover the wood.



I hung mine from a ribbon and added a white bird from the dollar store.

This project is so easy and fun and cheap (because after Christmas my pockets are empty).

It will warm your heart and make you smile from ear to ear.

So may all your days of winter decorating be merry and bright.


Happy New Year. :)


PS  Sharing over at Between Naps On a Porch.

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